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300-070 dumps


Which route pattern wildcard character is used to terminate the interdigit timeout?
A. $
B. !
C. #
D. .

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
When a call is attempted during a particular time of day, what determines the partitions where calling devices search?
A. time schedules
B. calling periods
C. dial schedules
D. time periods

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
When configuring an H.323 gateway, which configuration option can be used to set whether an incoming call is considered off the network (OffNet) or on the network (OnNet)?
A. call classification
B. call location
C. device pool
D. signaling port

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
When local route groups are used and a user dials 918005551212, what component is ultimately used to route the digits to the local gateway?
A. The route list applied to the route pattern
B. The device pool of the calling device
C. The translation pattern
D. The gateway or route list associated with the +.! route pattern

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
You are performing route pattern configuration. You need to ensure that internal extensions are automatically expanded to full external phone numbers for calling line information on outgoing calls. What should you use?
A. calling extension expansion
B. called number expansion
C. external number mask of the called party
D. external phone number mask of the calling party

Correct Answer: D

300-070 dumps

The CSS on a line includes the partitions 911, internal and local. The CSS on the device includes the partitions 911, internal, local and long distance. Which CSS will be used if the phone user dials a local number?
A. The device CSS will be used since the device CSS is always used first on an IP phone.
B. Since the dialed digits are a match to a partition is in both Calling Search Spaces the call will use both matched partitions in both Calling Search Spaces in a round-robin format.
C. If there is both a line and device CSS the line device will only be used.
D. The line and device CSSs will be combined and the device CSS will take precedence.
E. The line and device CSSs will be combined and the line CSS will take precedence.

Correct Answer: E
What are two characteristics of a partition? (Choose two.)
A. Assigned to sources of call routing requests
B. Any group of numbers with the same reachability
C. Used in conjunction with calling search spaces to track calls to certain numbers
D. Used in conjunction with calling search spaces to restrict outgoing calls to certain numbers
E. Contains calling search spaces

Correct Answer: BD
Which two statements about Cisco VCS Addressing Zones are true? (Choose two.)
A. They can be local to the Cisco VCS or can be remote.
B. A zone is a collection of endpoints that share the same dialing behavior and bandwidth settings.
C. They consist of traversal and nontraversal zones.
D. They can only be local.
E. They consist of subzones such as DNS zones.
Correct Answer: AB
Which four call coverage features are used by voice gateways? (Choose four.)
A. call hunt
B. Call Park
C. Call Pickup
D. call redirecting
E. overlaid phone-dn
F. basic automatic call distribution
G. overlaid ephone-dn
H. basic manual call distribution
Correct Answer: ACFG
Refer to the exhibit.

When users call number 00044156789453, they have to wait for several seconds before the call is sent. Which action sends the call immediately?
A. In the translation pattern, change the CSS.
B. In the route pattern, check the Allow Device Override check box.
C. In the route pattern, check the Urgent Priority check box.
D. In the translation pattern, check the Route Next Hop By Calling Party Number check box.

Correct Answer: C
Which three options are valid SIP URI formats? (Choose three.)
A. [email protected]
B. tel:[email protected]
C. phone:[email protected]
D. sip:[email protected]:5060;user=phone
Correct Answer: ABD

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Where to Find the Best C2020-703 Exam Dumps

C2020-703 is IBM certification exam that covers all objectives of (IBM IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator Exam). By passing C2020-703 exam; you will become IBM Cognos certified and can get higher paid jobs in IT market. To help you pass C2020-703 certification; Exampass  introduced C2020-703 Corporate Saving Pack that contain C2020-703 Actual Questions Answers (PDF), C2020-703 Online Testing Engine and C2020-703 Self Exam Application products. All the products contain 60 questions and answers as multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) or single choice questions (SCQ’s). These Q&A’s are with 100% pass and money back guarantee within 60 days from purchase date. Exampass recommends you to prepare C2020-703 exam questions at-least 7 days before you take actual exam.

Question :
You must create a batch file to start a TM1 T1 process using the command line with a defined user and password. What should you do to protect the password?

  1. Create a password with non-printable characters and use it in the command line parameter.
  2. Store the password encrypted in a system cube in TM1 and reference it in the command line to the cube cell.
  3. Encrypt the password with the TM1 Crypt tool and use it in the command line parameter.
  4. Encrypt the password with the TM1 Crypt tool and reference it in the command line to the generated file.

Answer : D

Question 2:
Which two would cause the autogeneration of a rule when it is created in Performance Modeler? (Choose two.)

  1. Process
  2. Dimension Calculations
  3. Link
  4. Application

Answer : B, C

C2020-703 exam

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Pass Latest Updated Cisco 210-065 Exam Answers

A technician has installed and powered on a Cisco TelePresence MCU 5320 and is connected via the console port. The technician needs to determine the IP settings that were automatically assigned via DHCP. Which command should be entered?
A. xstatus
B. show network eth0
C. status
D. help static

Correct Answer: C
The firmware for the primary codec of a Cisco TelePresence System 3010 is being upgraded. Which codec CLI command could be used to check on the progress of the update?
A. utils upgrade display
B. utils system version
C. show upgrade detail
D. show system upgrade

Correct Answer: C
A Cisco TelePresence VCS displays this alarm: “Root password is set to default.” How can this security warning be addressed?
A. Use the Cisco TelePresence VCS web user interface, choose Administration > User Settings, and change the root password.
B. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Administrator and issue the command xconfig root set passwd.
C. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Root, issue the command set password, and enter the new password when prompted.
D. Use SSH to log in to the Cisco TelePresence VCS as Root, issue the command passwd, and enter the new password when prompted.
E. Use the Cisco TelePresence VCS web user interface, choose Administration > System Settings, and change the root password.

Correct Answer: D
A large company wants to procure video conference devices that allow multipoint conferences from C-Series and immersive endpoints that are registered to a Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which two components meet the requirements of this company? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch registered to Cisco VCS
B. Cisco C-Series endpoint with a multisite option key registered to Cisco VCS
C. Cisco TelePresence Server registered to Cisco VCS
D. Cisco C-Series endpoint with a multisite option key registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E. Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch trunked to Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Correct Answer: CE
A video conference user that is connected via a Cisco TelePresence Codec C40 to a conference that is hosted on a Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 would like to switch the local layout view. Which two options describe how to switch the local layout view without affecting the view of remote users? (Choose two.)
A. Use the Administrator settings from the local touch control.
B. Use the Participant settings from the MCU 5300 web interface.
C. Use the Call settings from the remote control.
D. Use the Call Control settings from the codec web interface.
E. Use the Conference settings from the codec web interface.

Correct Answer: BD
Management would like to set up a permanent recurring Cisco TelePresence meeting where the team would dial into to a preconfigured number. Which meeting type should be used?
A. scheduled conference
B. ad hoc conference
C. rendezvous conference

210-065 exam

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