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70-243 exam

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The software contained in a software package can be installed by ________ or by ________. (Choose TWO.)
A. using the following syntax on the command line: installer -pkg <package_name> -target <target_volume>
B. opening the package contents and dragging the contents to / (root of the volume)
C. expanding the package and dragging the contents to the applications folder
D. double-clicking on the package to open it in the Installer application
E. expanding the package and running the installer contained inside

Correct Answer: AD
When using Disk Utility to create a disk image from a model system volume, you need free space on your destination volume that is equal to ________.
A. the data size on the source volume
B. at least two times the data size on the source volume
C. at least three times the data size on the source volume
D. at least four times the data size on the source volume

Correct Answer: B
In Mac OS X v10.4, disk images provide ________.
A. extra disk space for running BSD scripts
B. a way to bring systems quickly back to a clean state
C. a means of tracking changes made to startup volumes
D. a means of compressing applications while they are being run
Correct Answer: B
A package receipt ________.
A. stores license information
B. contains information about an installed package
C. stores an archive of the data files received from a package
D. contains a list of packages installed within a set time parameter

Correct Answer: B
When installing a custom installation package, the resource script reflight runs after VolumeCheck and InstallationCheck, and ________.
A. allows the user to select the destination volume
B. verifies that the installation or upgrade can take place
C. determines whether the installation is new or an upgrade
D. runs before all other scripts for new installations and upgrades

Correct Answer: D  cisco 210-260 dumps QUESTION 16
In Mac OS X v10.4, what information about an installed package do the .bom files contain?
A. list of files installed by package, proper permissions for each file, file sizes, and file checksums
B. file source locations, file sizes, target volume(s), and list of frameworks used during installation
C. list of files installed by package, package creation and modification dates, user account authenticated for installation
D. list of files installed by the package, list of resource forks installed by the package, list of source files in the package, list of scripts run by package

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 17
If you know the Open Firmware password for an Apple Macintosh computer, you can reset it by ________.
A. clearing the parameter RAM (Command+Option+p+r at startup)
B. changing the Master Password in the Security pane of System Preferences
C. starting up the computer from the installation disc and using the Reset Password utility in the Installer
D. starting up the computer into Open Firmware (Command+Option+o+f at startup) and using the reset commands

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
You have:
-a FireWire drive with Mac OS X installed that contains a copy of a model disk image -a target computer that is currently started from its hard drive
To deploy the model image to the target computer, plug the FireWire drive into the computer and ________.
A. execute the asr command in Terminal, specifying the model image as the source, and the local hard drive as the target.
B. restart from any external volume. Drag the model image from the FireWire drive to the local hard drive. When prompted, choose Restore.
C. restart from the FireWire drive. Open Terminal and run the asr command, specifying the model image as the source, and the local hard drive as the target.
D. shut down, then startup with the T key pressed. Once started, open Disk Utility and restore the model image as the source and the local hard drive as the target.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 19
You have an application that must be installed to / (the root of the volume).
However, you wish to install the application on a computer that is in Target Disk Mode, and the target volume is in /Volumes. Identify a possible solution in Mac OS X v10.4.
A. Copy the volume from /Volumes to /.
B. Rename the target volume so that it matches the name of the root (/) volume.
C. Identify the files that were installed during testing and create a custom installation package that installs the files in the correct locations.
D. Create a disk image of the target volume, install the application, and restore the disk image to the
target volume without erasing the existing contents. Correct Answer: C QUESTION 20
How can you prevent a user from starting a computer from a DVD, CD-ROM, or FireWire drive?
A. Explicitly select a startup disk in System Preferences.
B. Enable the open firmware password on the computer.
C. Set up Classic to use a System Folder on a disk image.
D. Format your designated startup disk without Mac OS 9 drivers.

Correct Answer: B

70-243 exam

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