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Which two factors should be considered when calculating the cost of downtime?
(Choose two.)

A. Number of compromised Servers
B. Server downtime (in Hours)
C. Time (in hours ) to rebuild servers
D. Average Revenue per hour
Answer: B,D
QUESTION 2 Once you have concluded the discovery process, you will set up a meeting with the final decision maker and present the value proposition,. Which two items would you include in your value proposition? (Choose Two.)
A. Qualitative information about how Cisco can help to increase revenue and reduce costs
B. A high-level review of the Cisco Security portfolio and how it differs from competitive offerings
C. A detailed review of the proposed technological enhancements that are provided in the security solution design
D. An analysis of the security-market business trends and related Cisco Solution offerings
E. A review of customer security pain points and business needs that you learned about during the discovery process
Answer: A,E
QUESTION 3 In which two ways does a Cisco solution directly reduce the cost of operation?( Choose two.)
A. By Minimizing the number of vendors that supply security
B. By reducing overall management complexity
C. by improving competitive advantage
D. By avoiding information theft
E. By addressing security pain points
Answer: A,B
QUESTION 4 Which government regulation opens up an opportunity to sell a Cisco Security Solution to companies that collect financial information?
A. AS/NZS 4360
B. BS 7799/ISO 17799
D. GLB Act
Answer: D
QUESTION 5 When building a security policy for an organization, which of these steps should you take first?
A. Risk Management
B. Risk Assessment
C. Threat Avoidance
D. End-user Training
E. Threat Identification
Answer: E
QUESTION 6 You are meeting with a customer who is concerned about remote employees connecting to the network with infected systems and spreading infection across the corporate network. How should you position the Cisco SDN with this computer?
A. The Cisco Self-defending Network Includes NAC, which evaluates devices that may not have the latest antivirus software or operating system patch and either denies access to those devices or quarantines them
B. The Cisco Self-defending Network Includes integration, which enables a more proactive response to threats with grater operational efficiency through the consolidation of multiple security services on the devices
C. The Cisco Self-Defending Network is adaptive, distributing security technologies throughout every segment of the network to enable every network element as a point of defense
D. The Cisco Self-Defending Network provides technologies that have intelligent insight into what is running on computers, so there is no possible way for remote employees to connect to the network with infected systems
Answer: A
QUESTION 7 What are three benefits of the Cisco SDN that will be recognized by business decision makers? (Choose three.)
A. Lowers TCO by using the existing infrastructure
B. Helps to meet regulatory requirements
C. Protects against insecure or contaminated devices
D. Helps to manage IT and operational risk
E. Effectively enforces security and confidential policies company-wide
F. Provides network availability and reliability
Answer: A,B,D
You are meeting with an enterprise customer that has a multivendor network.
Which Cisco Security product should you position with this customer?

A. CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution Basic
B. Cisco Security MARS
C. Cisco Router and Security Device Manager
D. Cisco PIX Device Manager
Answer: B
QUESTION 9 In which two ways does application security protect against threats being introduced from within web-enabled applications (Choose two.)
A. Application Security examines message-level information to ascertain the “intent” of the applications
B. Application security provides controls that limit the transmission of confidential data or policies
C. Application Security Intelligently Analyzes network payload
D. Application security stops attacks as far as possible from their intended destination and the core of the network
Answer: A,C
What is one way that Cisco Security can decrease customer implementation costs?

A. through better security management products
B. Through dedicated security appliances
C. By using the existing infrastructure
D. By reducing the number of people to train
Answer: C
QUESTION 11 How does the Cisco Security Agent work in conjunction with third-part antivirus software?
A. Cisco Security Agent checks the status of third-party antivirus software and makes a decision about compliance
B. Cisco Security Agent Checks the status of third-party antivirus software and forward it to the third-party antivirus policy server
C. Cisco Security Agent checks the status of third-part antivirus software and forwards it to the policy server (ACS)
D. Cisco Security Agent enhances the security by sandboxing the applications and the system in addition to the antivirus protection offered by the antivirus software
Answer: D
QUESTION 12 Which government regulation specifies which patient information must be kept private, how companies must secure the information and the standards for electronic communication between medical providers and insurance companies?
A. Basel II
B. GLB Act

Answer: C
QUESTION 13 The Cisco SDN is a strategy to protect the business processes and the network of an organization by identifying, preventing and adapting to security threats. What are three principal characteristics of the SDN? (Choose three.)
A. Application Security
B. Adaptation
C. Intelligence
D. Collaboration
E. Protection
F. Integration
Answer: B,D,F
.com suffered from a critical security breach and experienced considerable downtime. They decided to reassess the security policy and rebuild the network infrastructure. Which three business problems does the self-defending Network Initiative address? (Choose three.)
A. Asset Exposure
B. Legal liability
C. Suboptimal Product positioning
D. Damage to customer confidence
E. Inadequate time-to-market
F. Lack of robustness
Answer: A,B,D
QUESTION 15 Your Customer wants to ensure business continuity by allowing legitimate transactions to the website while redirecting illegitimate transactions. Which Cisco SDN solution offering would satisfy this requirement?
A. Cisco NAC framework
B. Cisco Secure ACS
C. Cisco Guard DDOS Mitigation Appliances
D. Cisco Security MARS
Answer: C
Which three technologies allow the Cisco SDN to adapt to new threats as they arise?
(Choose three.)

A. Antivirus
B. Application awareness
C. Behavior Recognition
D. Firewalling
E. Network Control
Answer: B,C,E
QUESTION 17 You are meeting with a financial customer who is concerned about Internet worms, viruses and other threats. A worm or virus would cost millions of dollors in lost productivity and malware or spyware could result in information theft. How should you position Anti-X defenses with this customer?
A. Anti-X defenses intelligently analyze network payload so that application security tools can control port 80 misuse by rogue applications
B. Anit-X defense provide broad attack-mitifation capabilities and distribute defenses throughout the network, including to critical system endpoints
C. Anti-X defense enable proactive response to threats by aggregating and correlating security information
D. Anti-X defenses render malware and spyware harmless by managing patches more proactively Answer: B
QUESTION 18 Which security Management offering helps customers to readily and accurately identify, manage and mitigate network attacks and to maintain network security compliance?
A. Cisco Security Manager
B. Cisco Network Assistant
C. Cisco NAC
D. Cisco Security MARS
E. Cisco Security Agent
F. Cisco Trust Agent
Answer: D
QUESTION 19 Which government regulation was implemented to promote world financial stability by coordinating definitions of capital and risk management across countries?
A. BS 7799/IOS 17799
D. Basel II
Answer: D
QUESTION 20 A Cisco Outbreak Prevention Solution provides customers with many benefits. Within this solution, which type of Cisco network security offering acts as the first line of defense to proactively isolate infections by preventing worms or viruses from infiltrating endpoints?

C. Cisco IOS infrastructure security
D. Cisco Antivirus Software
Answer: B
QUESTION 21 Which three of these are key elements of the Adaptive Threat Defense? (Choose three.)
A. Multilayer intelligence
B. A blend of IP and security technologies
C. Active Management and mitigation
D. Dynamic adjustment of risk ratings
E. Feature consistency
F. Intrusion Detection System
Answer: A,C,D
QUESTION 22 Which two threat-defense features allow a network to correlate events, mitigate events and audit policies? (Choose two.)
A. Proactive threat response
B. Control of data transmission
C. Application Security
D. Network Containment and Control
E. Anti-X denfeses
Answer: A,D
QUESTION 23 Which business enables provides a defense against damages and losses (Such as financial, legal, commercial, image, branding, property and people), which directly affect the ability of .com to do business?
A. Government Regulations
B. Protection
C. Ubiquitous access
D. Contribution to profitability
Answer: B
QUESTION 24 In terms of the network life-cycle, what should you consider when evaluating the TCO of a security solution?
A. Planning and design phase
B. Implementation and operation phases
C. The Entire network life-cycle
D. Operation Phase
E. Planning Phase
Answer: C
Which statement best describes the functionality of the Cisco Security Agent?

A. It enforces authorization policies and privileges
B. It isolates noncompliant machines
C. It prevents malicious behavior before damage can occur
D. It performs vulnerability testing and threat remediation
Answer: C
Which feature of Cisco Security MARS uses NetFlow Data?

A. Hostpot identification
B. Anomaly detection
C. Automated mitigation capabilities
D. Context Correlation
Answer: B
Which three elements should an enterprise security policy specify? (Choose three.)

A. Risk and how to manage the risks
B. Network Inventory
C. User roles and responsibilities
D. Software versions of the security products
E. Contingency plan in case of compromise
F. Funds allocated to security projects
Answer: A,C,E
Why do end users need to be aware of the security policy?

A. Some security decision are usually in their hands
B. They should understand the probability of every risk
C. They need to be aware of every threat
D. They should avoid responsibility for their actions
Answer: A
QUESTION 29 Which principal Characteristic of the Cisco SDN incorporates technologies that re inherent in the secure operation of network devices, including control plane policing and CPU/Memory thresholding?

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IIA IIA-CFSA Exam Test Questions, Free Download Real IIA IIA-CFSA Exam Practice PDF Covers All Key Points