100% Valid Apple 9L0-007 Pdf Exam Free Practice Test

Which of the following is a valid precaution you should take when replacing a processor in a Mac Pro (8x)?
A. Avoid touching the silver coating on the underside of the heat sink and the top of the processor.
B. Leave the heat sinks removed for atleast thirty minutes before replacing the processor.
C. Remove both heat sinks before replacing either processor.
D. Avoid touching the cables near the processor.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
You are troubleshooting an eMac that has no image on its built in display. You have already checked user controls and reset PRAM, but the issue persists. When you connect external display to the eMac’s VGA output port and restart the eMac, you see a proper image on the external display. Which of the following service modules would mostly likely be the cause of symptoms?
A. Display Analog Assembly
B. Power Supply Assembly
C. Logic Board
D. Hard Drive

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
When discharging a CTR, what part do you touch with the tip of the discharge tool?
A. anode aperture
B. high voltage cable
C. Flyback transformer
D. yoke connector/cable

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 4
You are attempting to power a Mac mini (original) with 85 Watt power adapter. Will this work?
A. Yes
B. No

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
Which part or parts of a CRT should NOT be touched until after the display is disconnected from its power source and the CRT is properly discharged?( SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
A. Yoke assembly
B. Anode aperture
C. Flyback transformer
D. Front of CRT display
E. Outer plastic housing
F. Yoke cable/connector

Correct Answer: ABCF QUESTION 6
What is the first step to take if you have a Mac that constantly ejects any CD/DVD that is inserted?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Replace the optical drive.
C. Replace the optical drive cable
D. Disconnect all peripheral devices, especially the mouse

Correct Answer: C
Which three of the following probing questions are most appropriate to ask the customer when troubleshooting Airport issues? ( Select three )
A. Are just wireless computers affected.
B. What is the computer’s processor speed.
C. Can the customer print to a networked printer
D. Are both wired and wireless computers affected
E. Are any hubs, routers, or other computers connected to the network
F. What is the URL of the website the customer is attempting to access

Correct Answer: ADE
Which of the following Apple diagnostic utilities is the most appropriate for a service technician to test a Mac mini after it is reparied?
A. Mac Test Pro
B. Tech Tool Deluxe
C. Apple Hardware Test
D. Apple Service Diagnostic
Correct Answer: D

Examine the exhibit. Which of these is a valid memory configuration for a Mac Pro?
A. Configuration A: Two DIMMs on top riser card, four DIMMS on bottom riser card.
B. Configuration B: Four DIMMs on top riser card, two DIMMs on bottom riser card.

Correct Answer: B
To ensure proper fan and temperature control in the Power Mac G5 you must run the thermal calibration routine found on the __________ disc whenever you replace a processor or logic board with a new processor or logic board.?
A. Apple Service Diagnostic
B. Apple Hardware Test
C. Fan Control Installer
D. Mac OS X Installer

Correct Answer: D