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Which two statements about Cisco UCS 6454 Fabric Interconnect are true? (Choose two.)
A. 1-RU 10/25/40/100/200/400 Gigabit Ethernet, FCoE, and Fibre Channel switch offers up to 32 ports.
B. It hosts and runs Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC).
C. All Ethernet ports can support FCoE.
D. Provides the management and communication backbone for the Cisco UCS 5108 Server Chassis and Cisco UCS BSeries Blade Servers only.
E. Provides both the LAN and SAN connectivity for all servers within its domain.
Correct Answer: CE

Which statement is true about QSFP?
A. The four 10 Gbit/sec channels that QSFP+ supports can be combined into a single 40 Gigabit Ethernet link.
B. QSFP-DD stands for Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Distance.
C. The QSFP+ offers higher data speed than QSFP28.
D. 100GBASE-SR4 supports a much longer distance than 100GBASE-LR4.
Correct Answer: A

Which three statements about FCoE are true? (Choose three.)
A. Allows Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks to share a single, integrated infrastructure.
B. Encapsulates Fibre Channel frames into Ethernet frames, which allows them to run alongside traditional IP traffic.

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Which two statements about PCIe are true? (Choose two.)
A. The PCIe link is built around dedicated unidirectional couples of serial, point-to-point connections known as lanes.
B. You can install a PCI Express x8 adapter into an x4 slot.
C. The PCIe standard is a bus-based system in which all the devices share the same bidirectional, 32-bit or 64-bit,
parallel signal path.
D. The PCIe 1.0 standard doubles the transfer rate compared to PCIe 2.0.
E. A link that is composed of four lanes is called an x4 link.
Correct Answer: AE


010-151 exam questions-q2

Refer to the exhibit. Which two faults can occur if the System Health LED is in a steady amber state? (Choose two.)
A. At least one DIMM isfaulty.

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Cisco CCT 010-151 Exam Practice Test(Q&As)

Which Cisco Nexus 5000 Series model supports 1/10G BASE-T ports?
A. Cisco Nexus 5548P
B. Cisco Nexus 5548UP
C. Cisco Nexus 5596UP
D. Cisco Nexus 5596T
Correct Answer: D

What is the name of the process to automatically upgrade a new Fabric Interconnect when it is connected to the
functioning Fabric Interconnect?
A. Firmware Policy Process
B. Auto-Negotiate Process
C. Auto-Sync Process
D. Firmware Update Process
Correct Answer: D

To do a password recovery on a Cisco NX-OS Switch, which option shows the correct syntax to display the bootflash
contents at the switch(boot)#?
A. display bootflash:
B. show bootflash:
C. dir bootflash:
D. find bootflash:
Correct Answer: C

Drag the cable or connector on the left to the correct interface on the right.

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