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Exclusive Cisco 500-220 ECMS Exam Study Guide

500-220 ECMS Exam Study Guide

This article starts with the history of the Cisco 500–220 exam, introduces you to the 500–220 ECMS exam and how to pass it, and shares the latest 500–220 study resources, the 500-220 exam study guide.

It’s all about helping you pass your exams and get your job quickly.

History of the Cisco 500–220 (Certified 500–220 ECMS)

Emergence – Cyber threats are becoming more challenging, so effective measures must be taken to expand network security and management. That’s when the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certified (500–220 ECMS) came in.

Development – Cisco Meraki stands out as a reliable brand in the field of cybersecurity and direction. The related certification is the Cisco Meraki Solution Specialist certification, which is earned by passing the Cisco 500-220 ECMS exam.

Pinnacle – In 2024, there will be a growing demand for advanced solutions as the business expands and grows. The importance of technology and networks in an organization’s day-to-day operations is highlighted. More and more people want to earn the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification through the Cisco 500-220 exam.

What is the 500–220 exam?

The 500-220 ECMS Engineering Cisco Meraki Solution is a 90-minute test with 55–65 questions and a variable passing score (about 750-850 / 1000).

Focuses on the knowledge and skills to design Meraki solutions, including cloud management (15%), design (30%), implementation (25%), monitoring and troubleshooting (30%).

Various aspects are also covered, such as cloud networking, security, wireless configuration, and other relevant technologies in the IT environment. To succeed on the exam, you’ll need to complete the Cisco Meraki Engineering Solutions Part 1 and Part 2 courses, as well as a few additional learning materials.

Help you study for the 500-220 exam study guide

There are some guidelines to follow while taking the Cisco 500-220 exam, here are some to help you prepare for the exam:

Study through the 500–220 ECMS exam objectives.Find as many study materials as possible, the more the merrier.Take the Cisco 500–220 exam practice online.It is necessary to have a strong sense of time and a positive attitude.

Official, third-party resources are desirable, and more, more comprehensive resources are the key to success in the Cisco 500-220 exam.

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500-220 Q&As
Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist

Q# 1

Drag and drop the settings from the left into the boxes on the right to indicate if the setting will be cloned or not cloned using the Cisco Meraki MS switch cloning feature.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Q# 2

Refer to the exhibit. This Dashboard organization uses Co-Termination licensing model.
What happens when an additional seven APs are claimed on this network without adding licenses?

A. All APs immediately stop functioning.
B. All network devices stop functioning in 30 days.
C. One AP Immediately stops functioning.
D. All APs stop functioning in 30 days.

Correct Answer: B

Q# 3

In an organization that uses the Co-Termination licensing model, which two operations enable licenses to be applied? (Choose two.)

A. Renew the Dashboard license.
B. License a network.
C. License more devices.
D. Call Meraki support.
E. Wait for the devicesto auto-renew.

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[Updated DEC -2021] Latest Cisco 500-220 actual exam questions for free, 500-220 exam discount

Here you will find the latest Cisco 500-220 actual exam questions for free! Download free 500-220 VCE or PDF for Cisco 500-220 test (From, which helps you prepare for the Cisco 500-220 exam. Get the full Pass4itSure 500-220 dumps to visit (Updated: Jul 25, 2021).

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Free PDF download | Cisco 500-220 exam questions

[Latest 500-220 pdf] Cisco 500-220 PDF free download

Latest Cisco 500-220 exam questions for free

Which design requirement is met by implementing syslog versus SNMP?
A. when automation capabilities are needed
B. when proactive alerts for critical events must be generated
C. when organization-wide information must be collected
D. when information such as flows and client connectivity must be gathered
Correct Answer: D

A new application needs to be pushed to all iOS devices. Some devices report “NotNow” in the event log and do not
install the application. What does the “NotNow” event indicate?
A. The application requires the most recent iOS version.
B. The device is locked with a passcode.
C. The device cannot connect to Apple servers.
D. The device cannot connect to Cisco Meraki servers.
Correct Answer: B

Which two actions can extend the video retention of a Cisco Meraki MV Smart Camera? (Choose two.)
A. enabling audio compression
B. installing an SSD memory extension
C. enabling motion-based retention
D. enabling maximum retention limit
E. configuring a recording schedule
Correct Answer: CE


500-220 exam questions-q4

Refer to the exhibit. During a Meraki AP deployment, the default SSID that the exhibit shows is broadcast. What causes

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