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What is done first in order to display the graphical site map?
A. Define a home page.
B. Add a navigation bar on each page.
C. Save a file named index.htm in the root folder.
D. Set the option add to site map in the Page Properties.

Correct Answer: A
What is the most effective method for creating a link that opens a new Browser window without a Status bar?
A. _blank
B. _blank(statusbar=”FALSE”)
C. Set Text of Status Bar behavior
D. Open Browser Window behavior

Correct Answer: D
What are the most useful tips when using FTP without being able to access the remote site? (Choose TWO)
A. Enable passive FTP
B. Use Site > Synchronize
C. Check permissions on the server
D. Uninstall and reinstall Dreamweaver
E. Enable Edit > Preferences > Sites > Compress files before putting

Correct Answer: AC
What files are listed by the Link Checkers Orphaned Files report?
A. broken links
B. external links
C. files not linked from other pages
D. files saved outside the root folder

Correct Answer: C
How are case-sensitive links checked in Dreamweaver?
A. Dreamweaver automatically detects case-sensitive links
B. from the Link Checker tab within the Results panel, choose Settings > Case-Sensitive Links
C. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and check Case-Sensitive Links in the Local Info category
D. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and choose UNIX from the Server Type drop down menu in the Remote Info category

Correct Answer: C
What will NOT show up in the file list in the Files panel?
A. XML files
B. The _notes folder
C. Plain text (.txt) files
D. Excel spreadsheets

Correct Answer: B
A change is made and saved to a style in a linked CSS file. What must be done so that the HTML pages using the CSS show the change?
A. nothing
B. refresh the Site Cache
C. update the pages site-wide
D. open and close Dreamweaver

Correct Answer: A
A Flash source file (FLA) needs to be transferred to the web server, but it is being ignored when the site is synchronized. What is the best explanation?
A. FLA files are cloaked in Dreamweaver
B. FLA files need the flash authoring software installed
C. FLA needs to be set as a MIME type on the web server
D. directory permissions need changing on the web server
E. the user needs the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 55
What CANNOT be controlled in the Site Map Layout?
A. display hidden files
B. display dependent files
C. change number of rows
D. change number of columns

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 56
Several images were added to the website but do not show up in the Assets panel. The Refresh Site List button is clicked in the Assets panel, but the images still do not show up.
What is the next step?
A. Click the Insert button in the Assets panel.
B. Close the Assets panel and then re-open it.
C. Select the Recreate the Site Cache command.
D. Make sure the directory containing the images is cloaked.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
Why might a library item NOT function correctly if the Copy to Site feature in the Assets panel is used to copy the library item to a new site? (Choose TWO)
A. Template pages cannot be updated using library items.
B. Linked pages defined in the library item may not be valid in the new site.
C. The library item contains links to images that have not been copied to the new site.
D. <body> tag of the library item might conflict with the properties already set for the page.
E. Must first select the Modify > Library > Update command to update the current site with the new library item.

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 58

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