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How did you prepare for this exam? (Choose all that apply.)
A. none of the above
B. Apple leader-led technician training course
C. self-study AppleCare Technician Training purchased from Apple
D. on-the-job training / apprenticeship
E. self-taught
F. Apple Mac OS X Server Essentials leader-led course
G. other Apple materials or courses
H. non-Apple courses or books
I. Apple Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials leader-led course

Correct Answer: G
In Mac OS X v10.3, you CANNOT use the Finder’s onnect to Server?command to select ________.
A. your iDisk
B. AFP servers
C. WebDAV servers
D. SSH servers

Correct Answer: D
The NetBoot Filters feature in Mac OS X Server v10.3 lets you ________.
A. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address
B. deny NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
C. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
D. look up the IP address of a computer, based on its host name

Correct Answer: A
Which command is included with the Mac OS X Developer Tools, but NOT with a default installation of Mac OS X v10.3?
A. ditto
B. CpMac
C. du
D. pwd
E. open
Correct Answer: B
Which can you NOT do using the Kerberos application in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Change the password you use to get a ticket.
B. Renew a ticket.
C. Force a network service to accept a ticket.
D. View a ticket.

Correct Answer: C
To find out which firmware version a Macintosh with Mac OS X v10.3 has, you can ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. use System Profiler
B. choose About This Mac
C. start up in verbose mode
D. start up in Open Firmware
E. use the Open Firmware utility

Correct Answer: AD
In Mac OS X Server v10.3, what tool lets you share print queues?
A. Printer Setup Utility
B. Print & Fax preference pane
C. Server Admin
D. Workgroup Manager

Correct Answer: C
The Lookup pane in Network Utility is used to ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. find the complete route between your computer and another computer on an IP network
B. determine which ports on a computer are closed
C. determine which ports on a computer are open
D. resolve domain names to IP addresses
E. resolve IP addresses to domain names
F. display routing table information

Correct Answer: DE
Which statements are true about Open Directory? (Choose all that apply.)
A. An Open Directory server can function as a Windows Primary Domain Controller.
B. Open Directory does NOT provide load balancing.
C. You manage Open Directory using Open Directory Assistant.
D. Open Directory runs on Mac OS X Server only.
E. Open Directory is extensible via plug-ins.

Correct Answer: AE
In Mac OS X Server v10.3, you can configure Open Directory to be an Open Directory ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. proxy server
B. master server
C. replica server
D. relay server
E. shadow server

Correct Answer: BC
Which three options can you enable on a site-by-site basis in Server Admin? (Choose THREE.)
A. challenge-response authentication
B. QuickTime streaming
C. allow document MIME type changes
D. CGI execution
E. performance cache

Correct Answer: DEF
Which of these computers can start up from a NetBoot image hosted by Mac OS X Server v10.3? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White)
B. iMac G3 (Tray Loading)
C. iBook
D. iMac (Slot Loading)
E. Power Mac G5
F. Power Mac G4
G. Xserve
H. Power Macintosh G3 (233 MHz, beige model)

Correct Answer: CDEFG
What is the MAXIMUM number of computers you can import into a computer list?
A. 3,000
B. 10
C. 700
D. 99
E. 2,000
Correct Answer: E
WebMail ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. is a POP client
B. is configured in the Mail services settings in Server Admin
C. does not have its own SMTP server
D. is based on SquirrelMail
E. is an IMAP client
F. is used to administer the mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.3
Correct Answer: CDE
What is one reason to prefer an AFP share point over an NFS share point for storing home directories?
A. NFS volumes must be mounted manually.
B. NFS share points do not support group-level Read & Write permissions.
C. AFP volumes are easier to search than NFS volumes.
D. AFP provides user-level authentication access security.

Correct Answer: D
Using Server Admin in Mac OS X Server v10.3, which three options can you configure for FTP services? (Choose THREE.)
A. Enable Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism-MD5 (CRAM-MD5).
B. Specify a maximum number of downloadable files per session.
C. Enable anonymous access.
D. Specify a maximum number of authenticated users.
E. Enable MacBinary and disk image auto-conversion.

Correct Answer: CDE
Which method below will NOT help you confirm that you have set up TCP/IP correctly?
A. Verify that you can successfully send mail from a configured mail account.
B. Open Internet Explorer and view an external webpage.
C. Use the Ping feature in Network Utility.
D. Transfer a file using Bluetooth File Exchange.

Correct Answer: D
You have defined managed preferences for the Guest Computers account in Workgroup Manager. Those preferences apply to ________.
A. computers that are members of computer lists that have Guest access to the server
B. any computer from which a user connects to the server with Guest access
C. any computer that is not a member of a named computer list on the server
D. computers named on the Guest Computers list, only

Correct Answer: C
When a Mac OS X v10.3 administrator user attempts to drag a file to the Applications folder, a message tells him, he item not be moved because pplications?cannot be modified.?To correct this situation the administrator user should ________.
A. log in with the Master Password
B. reinstall Mac OS X
C. click the Repair Permissions button in Disk Utility
D. restart the computer and log in again
Correct Answer: C
Open Directory is compatible with ________. (Choose all that apply.)
A. LDS on a UNIX server
B. NetInfo running on Windows 2000
C. Samba running on Windows
D. Active Directory service on a Microsoft Windows server
E. locally stored BSD configuration files
F. OpenLDAP or other LDAP service on third-party servers

Correct Answer: DEF
Which command is found on Mac OS X v10.3, as well as on other versions of UNIX?
A. ditto
B. ls
C. system_profiler
D. open

Correct Answer: B
Which statements are true of Kerberos? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Kerberos uses tickets.
B. Kerberos requires LDAP.
C. Kerberos requires service discovery.
D. Kerberos is a way to perform authentication.
E. Your computer presents your user name and password to each server.

Correct Answer: ABCDE
What does the Console utility do?
A. Displays log files.
B. Enables the root user to access hidden files.
C. Controls monitor setup.
D. Allows any user to access the command line.
Correct Answer: A
The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended file system is to ________.
A. provide the user with a journal that lists recently created files and directories
B. make the file system case-sensitive
C. provide support for file forks
D. make the file system compatible with the Windows (MS-DOS) format
E. help protect the file system integrity in the case of power outages or unforeseen system failures

Correct Answer: E
Click the Exhibit button and examine the graphic, then answer the question below. In the graphic, the Staff Mac OS X Server hosts a shared directory domain containing account information that is used by the three client computers, A, B, and C. Which statements are true of this network? (Choose all that apply.)
A. The Server Assistant application was used on the Staff Mac OS X Server to bind computer B to its parent domain.
B. The Directory Access application was used on the Staff Mac OS X Server to bind computer A to its Apple 9L0-506 practice tests hold the key importance and provide a considerable gain for your knowledge base. You can rely on our products with unwavering confidence; Get the profound knowledge and become a pro with assistance.

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