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Which application provides the most detail about system process in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Process Viewer
B. System Profiler
C. Activity Monitor
D. CPU Monitor Expanded Window

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 71
Network administrators can create and distribute specific VPN configurations, which users can add to their system by _______________
A. copying and pasting the internet Connect application preferences at User Name>Library>Preferences>com.interconnect.plist
B. choosing import Configurations from the File menu of the internet Connect application
C. choosing Save and Open Configurations from the File menu of the internet Connect application
D. clicking the import button in the internal Modem window of the internet Connect application

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 72
Mac OS X v10.3 administrator user named bob? Can view the details of a kernel panic in _____________
A. /Library/Logs/kp/log
B. /Library/Logs/panic/log
C. /Users/BOB/Library/Logs/kp.log
D. /Users/bob/Library/Logs/panic.log

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 73
You have defined managed preferences for the Guest Computers account in Workgroup Manager. Those preferences apply to________________
A. computers named on the Guest Computers list, only
B. any computer from which a user connects to the server with Guest access
C. any computer that is not a member of a named computer list on the server
D. computers that are members of computer lists that have Guest access to the server

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 74
You are creating an SMB share point on a server with Mac OS X Server v10.3.
Users on client computers will create files and folders on the share point. Which statements are true of newly created files and folders?
A. You can assign permissions on shared files.
B. Share files permissions are defined by the umask.
C. You can set shared files to inherit permissions from the parent folder.
D. Owner and Group always get Read & Write permissions to shared files.
E. The permissions you set for files and folders only apply to Mac OS X client computers.

Correct Answer: AC
What is the MAXIMUM number of computers you can import into a computer list?
A. 3,000
B. 2,000
C. 700
D. 99
E. 10

Correct Answer: B
How do you add password protection to a website?
A. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
B. Define a realm for the website.
C. Ensure that the owner of the website’s Documents folder is the user ww?
D. Select password? In the sites pane of server admin,and enter a password.

Correct Answer: B
When a Mac OS X v10.3 administrator user attempts to drag a file to the Applications folder, a message tells him the item could not be moved because applications? Cannot be modified.? Correct this situation the administrator user should___________
A. reinstall Mac OS X
B. log in with the Master Password
C. restart the computer and log in again
D. click the Repair Permission button in Disk Utility

Correct Answer: D
Which three computers meet Apple’s minimum requirements for installing Mac OS X Serever v10.3? (choose Three)
A. eMac / 128 MB RAM / 6GB available disk space
B. Xserve /1 GB RAM / 12 GB available disk space
C. IBook G4 / 256 MB RAM / 6GB available disk space
D. PowerBook G4 / 256 MB RAM / 2 GB available disk space
E. IMac (Flat Panel) /384 MB RAM /4 GB available disk space
F. IMac (Slot Loading) / 64 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
G. Power Mac G5 / 128 MB RAM /3 GB available disk space
H. Power Mac 8500 with G3 processor upgrade / 256 MB RAM / 5 GB available disk space

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 79
Which can you NOT do using the kerberos application in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. View a ticket
B. Renew a ticket
C. Force a network service to accept a ticket
D. Change the password you use to get a ticket

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 80
You are offering FTP services over the internet to users who may be behind a firewall. You should advise users to enable passive FTP if they are behind a firewall that_______________
A. request SFTP
B. has FTP tunneling disabled
C. does not allow FTP connections
D. does not allow all FTP connection modes

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 81
Using Directory Access, you can configure your computer to __________
A. use a specific WINS server for SMB service discovery
B. be a member of more than one Windows workgroup
C. disable Finder Connect Server feature
D. use Apple Talk to discover SMB services

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 82
In what order does Mac OS X v10.3 search for resources such as fonts?
A. ~/Library, / Library,/System/Library
B. /Library,~/Library,/System/Library
C. /System/Library,~/Library,/Library
D. ~/Library,/System/Library,/Library
E. /Library,/System/Library,~/Library

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 83
Booting Mac OS X v10.3 in verbose mode is most useful as a troubleshooting tool when______________
A. the system repeatedly crashes during startup
B. you repeatedly encounter application crashes
C. the computer cannot communicate with a printer
D. you repeatedly encounter system crashes after logging in

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 84
Using Server Admin in Mac OS X Server v10.3, which three options can you configure for FTP services (choose THREE)
A. Enable anonymous access.
B. Enable Mac Binary and disk image auto-conversion.
C. Specify a maximum number of authenticated users.
D. Specify a maximum number of downloadable files per session.
E. Enable Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism-MDS (CRAM-MDS)

Correct Answer: ABC
Which tool do you use to configure an Open Directory Master?
A. Server Admin
B. Directory Access
C. Workgroup Manager
D. Open Directory Admin

Correct Answer: A
After the mach_init and BSD init processes execute successfully, init runs the rc scripts located in___________to perform basic system initialization tasks.
A. /etc
B. /var
C. /init
D. /Sustem/Library
Correct Answer: A
Which three user actions can be logged and monitored in Apple File Service? (choose THREE)
A. file creation
B. file deletion
C. folder creation
D. CPU utilization
E. Ownership changes
F. Permissions changes
Correct Answer: ABC
Exhibit Study the exhibit, and then answer the question below: In the graphic, the Staff Mac OS X Server hosts a shared directory domain containing account information that is used by the three client computers,A,B,and

C. Which statements are true of this network? (choose all that apply)
A. The Directory Access application was used on the Staff Mac OS X Server to bind computer A to its parent domain.
B. The Server Assistant application was used on the Staff Mac OS X Server to bind computer B to its parent domain.
C. Users defined only in the Local domain of computer C can log in to the Staff Mac OS X Server.
D. Users defined in the Shared domain of the Satff Mac OS X Server can log in to computer A.
E. Users defined only in the Local domain of the Staff Mac OS X Server cannot log in to computer C.

Correct Answer: BE
In Mac OS X v10.3 you CANNOT use the Finder’s connect to Server? Command to select_______________
A. WebDAV servers
B. SSH servers
C. AFP servers
D. Your iDisk

Correct Answer: B
By default in Mac OS X v10.3 you can use the Finder to___________(choose all that apply)
A. burn a CD
C. See every file in your home directory
D. To archive multiple items simultaneously using the Archive menu item
E. Empty the trash security, so that data-recovery software cannot restore the files

Correct Answer: ADE
The Repair Disk Permissions feature of Disk Utility can ONLY repair permissions__________(choose all that apply)
A. on a volume with Mac OS X system software installed
B. If the computer is booted from the Mac OS X install disc
C. Of top-level directories, such as /System and/Users only
D. Of user-created files, by restoring them to a previously saved state
E. Of system files, by restoring their permissions to the default configuration

Correct Answer: ABCDE
If a user or a service that uses kerberos experiences authentication failures, which of these steps should you try to solve the problem?
A. Change the IP address of the users computer.
B. View the users kerberos ticket using Console
C. Make sure that KDC is running on the users system
D. Make sure that the clocks for all computers are synchronized using a network time server.

Correct Answer: D
What is the MAXIMUM number of users you can import at one time, using the import command in Workgroup Manager?
A. 2,000
B. 3,000
C. 10,000
D. 20,000
E. 99,999

Correct Answer: C
Which statement is true of mailing lists?
A. Mailing lists are a feature of WebMail
B. You can administer mailing lists remotely by email.
C. You can use Workgroup Manager to create mailing lists.
D. Mailing list subscribers must have local accounts on the server
Correct Answer: B
Which method below will NOT help you confirm that you have set up TCP/IP correctly?
A. Use the Ping feature in Network Utility
B. Transfer a file using Bluetooth File Exchange.
C. Open internet Explorer and view an external webpage.
D. Verify that you can successfully send mail from a configured mail account

Correct Answer: B
Which THREE are useful steps in troubleshooting an issue where a webpage won’t load? (choose THREE)
A. Use Network Utility DNS Scan command to locate DNS servers on the network.
B. Verify the network settings in the Network pane of System Preferences.
C. Use Network Utility Ping command to test direct IP connectivity.
D. Use Network Utility Lookup tool to test known DNS servers.
E. Use System Profiler to review the Network Activity report.
F. Use Network Monitor to review the Activity Report.

Correct Answer: BCD
Using Open Directory you can___________________
A. enable virtual hosting
B. only authenticate kerberozied services
C. manage access to domain name services
D. set up multiple LDAP domains on your network
E. configuration Mac OS X Server v10.3 to provide group directory services

Correct Answer: D
On your server that has Mac OS X Server v10.3, you configure a firewall that allows web service for the IP address range only. Which of these
addresses will be DENIED access to the web server? (choose all that apply)

Correct Answer: ABCDE
In Mac OS X Server v10.3 you can configure Open Directory to be an Open Directory_______________ (choose all that apply)
A. relay server
B. proxy server
C. master server
D. replica server
E. shadow server

Correct Answer: ABCDE
After enabling the web proxy server in Mac OS X Server v10.3, you can____________(choose all that apply)
A. block user access to specific external sites
B. specific a maximum proxy cache size in MB
C. specify which sites to keep cached for faster access
D. specify the folder location for the web service’s proxy cache
E. no longer change the performance caching settings
F. no longer add realms to restrict access to internal sites
Correct Answer: ABD QUESTION 101
To set up your computer that has Mac OS X v10.3 to receive faxes, in the print & Fax pane of System preferences__________________
A. click the Start Faxing button
B. click the Faxing button, then click the receive faxes on this computer’s checkbox
C. click the Faxing button, then select your fax modem from the list of available fax modems
D. click the Set Up printing and Faxing button, click the Add button, then select your fax modem from the list of available fax modems

Correct Answer: B
In Mac OS X Server v10.3 print quotas __________(choose TWO)
A. can be configured for computer accounts in Workgroup Manager
B. can be configured for group accounts in Workgroup Manager
C. can be configured for user accounts in Workgroup Manager
D. can be enabled for a print queue in Server Admin
E. cannot be enforced on printers shared over LPR.
Correct Answer: CD

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