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[2021.3] Prep Actual Cisco 300-720 Exam Questions For Free Share

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Cisco 300-720 Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA)

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When email authentication is configured on Cisco ESA, which two key types should be selected on the signing profile?
(Choose two.)
B. Public Keys
C. Domain Keys
D. Symmetric Keys
E. Private Keys
Correct Answer: AC

Which global setting is configured under Cisco ESA Scan Behavior?
A. minimum attachment size to scan
B. attachment scanning timeout
C. actions for unscannable messages due to attachment type
D. minimum depth of attachment recursion to scan
Correct Answer: B

Which two features of Cisco Email Security are added to a Sender Group to protect an organization against email
threats? (Choose two.)
A. NetFlow
B. geolocation-based filtering
C. heuristic-based filtering
D. senderbase reputation filtering
E. content disarm and reconstruction
Correct Answer: CD

What is the default HTTPS port when configuring spam quarantine on Cisco ESA?

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