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Hottest Training for Juniper JN0-102 Exam

Today after a long period of study I passed the JN0-102 exam and earned the JNCIA – Junos certification. This is my first Juniper certification and will surely not be my last. The JNCIA – passitexams the first in the passitexams certification track from Juniper. It is the precursor to the JNCIS, JNCIP and JNCIE certifications in the Enterprise, Security and Service Provider certification tracks.

JN0-102 exam

During my preparation for the exam, Juniper updated the JN0-101 exam to the JN0-102, removing some topics and introducing others. I chose to take the JN0-102 dumps, which I shouldn’t have since I hadn’t studied the new topics thoroughly enough. I made the decision to take the c2020-703 exam based on the fact that Juniper had said the study materials for the old and new exams were the same and the exams were very similar. However, once reading the detailed exam topics the night before the exam I learned otherwise.

I managed to pass the exam, but I know I would have done better on the JN0-101 pdf.Some topics the exam covers are routing, passitexams operation, and subnetting. Some of the resources I used for preparation are as follows:

  • JNCIA-passitexams study guides available for free from Juniper’s Learning Portal
  • passitexams OS For Dummies
  • passitexams along with Juniper’s Day One guides
  • The exam was straight forward with no real trick questions.
  • Exam Details:

JN0-102 exam

The passitexams platform is more powerful and flexible to JN0-101 vce in my opinion. Features such as automatic archiving of configurations to a remote server, scheduled committing of configuration and the ability to rollback configurations to prevent locking one’s self out of a device are some key features that I like. The configuration syntax and methodology takes sometime to get used to if you’re coming from a Cisco background and the Juniper equivalent to a Cisco configuration is usually longer. But once you get used to it, you’ll appreciate the power of passitexams.

For those thinking of taking the exam, be sure to take and pass the Pre-Assesment test on Juniper’s

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