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CheckPoint 156-305 Exam Questions, Latest CheckPoint 156-305 Dump UP To 50% Off

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Which of the following modes allows a client in a load-balanced environment to retain its connection with the same server during a session?
A. Persistent Client Mode
B. Persistent Server Mode
C. Persistent Router Mode
D. Active Server Mode
E. Active Client Mode

Correct Answer: B
Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) are maintained on the LDAP Server. You have problems when the Server. Which of the following troubleshooting steps would you perform?
A. Check the connectivity.
B. Check the entrust.ini files.
C. Run “fw authgexport -f -f_” from a command line prompt.
D. Use FireWall-1/VPN-1 Resource Hit’s certlist.exe.
E. Create the text file $FWAUTH/conf/loggers and input the public key.

Correct Answer: C
When configuring MEP, “Enable Backup Gateway for SecuRemote connections” must be selected from what tab of the Properties Setup screen?
A. IP Pool NAT
B. Security Policy
C. Entry Point
D. High Availability
E. Security Servers

Correct Answer: D
What interface should be resolvable to the firewall module’s real host name when dealing with a SEP configuration?
A. DMZ Interface
B. Secure (Control) Interface
C. External Interface
D. Virtual Interface
E. Internal Interface

Correct Answer: B
State synchronization should be used with the _______ High Availability configuration.
A. Single Entry Point
B. Dual Entry Point
C. Tandem Entry
D. Collateral Entry
E. Synchronized Entry

Correct Answer: A
When describing encryption domain, a PROPER SUBSET implies that:
A. Gateway encryption domainsare identical.

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