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Cisco Collaboration SaaS Authorization (CSaaS) Exam

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Which two endpoints allow for whiteboarding and annotating on the screen? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Meeting Server 2000
B. Cisco IP Phone
C. DX 80
D. Cisco IP Conference Phone
E. Webex Board
Correct Answer: CE

Which two services are delivered in Webex Edge? (Choose two.)
A. Webex Edge Management
B. Cisco dCloud
C. Webex Edge Audio
D. Webex Edge Touch Ten
E. Webex Edge Connect
Correct Answer: CE

Which Webex Try and Buy Program benefit is included in the purchase?
A. one (1) year of Webex conferencing at no cost
B. Webex conferencing only
C. Webex conferencing, Webex Teams and Devices
D. Unlimited Webex licenses
Correct Answer: C

Which statement for Webex Teams End to End Encryption is valid?
A. End to End Encryption uses TLS 1.1 and 1.2 only.
B. Files are not encrypted.
C. Messages and files are encrypted by the Webex Teams application before they are sent to the Webex Cloud and
other Webex Teams clients.
D. End to End Encryption can only be used if Hybrid Data Security nodes have been deployed.
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about Webex Teams message encryption is valid?
A. Messages are encrypted using the AES-512-GCM cipher
B. Messages are encrypted using the AES-256-GCM cipher
C. Messages are encrypted using the AES-128-GCM cipher D. Messages are encrypted ONLY if they include data
classified as “confidential”
Correct Answer: B

Which key benefit of Webex Teams collaboration is valid?
A. Only the moderator of a space is able to use important meeting features
B. Replaces the need for a firewall appliance
C. Webex Teams does not support API\\’s or SDK\\’s
D. Integrates persistent context chats, file sharing, and whiteboarding
Correct Answer: D

Can the Webex Administrator restrict external communications including sending messages?
A. Yes, the Webex Administrator can set policy restricting users from sending messages to external organizations.
B. No, the Webex Administrator is unable to restrict any communications.
C. Yes, only if everyone agrees.
D. No, this configuration is not yet available and needs to be developed.
Correct Answer: A

Which two primary types of Smart Accounts are valid?
A. Holding Smart Accounts and Customer Smart Accounts
B. Holding Smart Accounts and Try and Buy licenses
C. Webex Teams and Webex Licenses
D. Device licenses and resale agreements
Correct Answer: A

Does compliance guarantee security?
A. No, compliance has no effect on security
B. Yes, compliance guarantees security
C. No, but compliance is a key factor to consider
D. No, compliance is only important for IT administrators
Correct Answer: C

Which platform is Cisco Webex Calling based upon?
A. Broadcloud platform from the recent Cisco acquisition of Broadsoft
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
C. Spark Calling platform
D. Business Edition 4000
Correct Answer: A

Which two features are available in the Cisco Webex Web App? (Choose two.)
A. Webex App only works on desktop devices
B. Has to be redownloaded every time you attend a meeting
C. Available to Chrome Browsers Only
D. Ability to share screens or specific applications
E. Centralized meeting controls like chat and QandA
Correct Answer: DE

What tools help Partners determine the best Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan for customers?
A. Salesforce and Sales Connect
B. App Hub and Integrations Playbook
C. the Flip 2 Flex Discovery Tool and Flip2Flex Portal
D. SWSS Help Desk and Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)
Correct Answer: C

Which two features are included in Cisco video room systems? (Choose two.)
A. Surround sound audio
B. only register to on premises call controller
C. 3D astral projection
D. Intelligent View
E. Speaker Tracking
Correct Answer: DE

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