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In order to publish Assessments to AppScan Enterprise Console for the first time, which settings must be configured?
A. In AppScan Source settings, in the Application Server preference page
B. In AppScan Enterprise Server settings, in the Jazz Team Server preference page
C. In AppScan Source settings, in the AppScan Enterprise Console preference page
D. In AppScan Enterprise Server settings, in the Microsoft SQL server preference page
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
When scanning a .NET application, an error is reported. AppScan indicates that source information is not available for a given assembly.
What must be done to fix the error?
A. The .NET application must include manifest data.
B. Visual Studio must be configured for Release Mode.
C. The PDB file for the given assembly must be included in the source directory.
D. AppScan Source for Analysis must be configured to scan assembly project types.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
You are reviewing a cloud storage locker application that is used to store and share user files and backups. You come across Cross-Site Scripting findings with data coming from several different sources. The customer you are working with is just getting started and is looking for highest priority issues only, so you need to focus on those issues that originate from the source that poses the highest risk.
Which source poses the highest risk?
A. SqIDB.getValueO
B. ZipCrypto.extract()
C. ConfigXMLgetConfigValue()
D. FileUpload.getFileContents()
E. TCPNetworkHandler.getByteArray()

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
Which two languages can be scanned by the AppScan Source CLI?
A. C++
B. Java
C. Fortran
D. Haskell
E. ActionScript

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 5
You want to scan and bundle the results for a Java application and only have access to one machine. Which two components must be installed on that machine to execute a scan and bundle the results?
A. AppScan Enterprise Server
B. AppScan Source for Analysis
C. AppScan Source for Automation
D. AppScan Source for Remediation
E. AppScan Source for Development

Correct Answer: BE
When scanning a Java Application, the scan fails with Java errors related to missing components. Which dialog can help fix the compilation issues?
A. Filter Dialog
B. Project Dependencies
C. Scan Rules and Rule Sets
D. JSP Project Dependencies

Correct Answer: D
Which license is required for any AppScan Source deployment?
A. IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Server license
B. IBM Security AppScan Source Core Server license
C. IBM Security AppScan Source for Developer license
D. IBM Security AppScan Source for Automation license

Correct Answer: A
In AppScan Source for Analysis, you are configuring a Java web application that contains JSPs. The following is a directory tree for your application:

On the JSP Project Dependencies tab. which folder should be selected as the ‘Web Context Root’?
A. Java
B. scripts
C. webapp
D. resources

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9
Which two methods can be used to resolve Unresolved Include Expressions?
A. Adding additional Scan Rules

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