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[July -2021] Latest Cisco 300-615 actual exam questions for free, 300-615 exam discount

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latest Cisco 300-615 exam questions for free

You plan to use OSPFv2 on several Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. Which setting must match on the neighboring
switches to establish adjacency?
A. the LSA arrival time
B. the dead interval
C. the last flood scan time
D. the retransmit interval
Correct Answer: B
An engineer must upgrade all components in a Cisco UCS domain to the same package version, but the upgrade
process fails to complete. Which set of Auto Install actions resolves the problem?
A. Install Infrastructure Firmware, then Install Server Firmware.
B. Install infrastructure Firmware, then Install Hypervisor Firmware.
C. Install Hypervisor Firmware, then Install Infrastructure Firmware
D. Install Server Firmware, then Install Infrastructure Firmware
Correct Answer: A
During a boot process of a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Server, an engineer receives a “No Signal” message from the
vKVM and physical connection. Which set of steps resolves the issue?
A. 1- Disconnect the power cord 2- Confirm that all cards are property seated 3- Connect the power cord and power on
the server
B. 1- Power off the server and disconnect the power cord 2- Confirm that all cards are property seated 3- Connect the
power cord and power on the server
C. 1- Power off the server and disconnect the power cord 2- Confirm that all cards are available 3- Connect the power
cord and power on the server
D. 1- Disconnect the power cord 2- Confirm that all cards are properly seated 3- Connect the power cord
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
300-615 exam question q4
An engineer troubleshoots the HSRP configuration and notes that the remote end uses HSRP version 1. The engineer
sets the local HSRP to version 1, but the problem continues. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Change the local group number to 255 or less and request that the remote data center matches the group member in
its configuration.
B. Set the local group number as 300 in the remote data center configuration
C. Run version 1 and version 2 HSRP on VLAN300 in the local data center.
D. Reduce the priority of the local HSRP to below 100 to force the local HSRP to standby and then change the version
to version 1.
Correct Answer: A
300-615 exam question q5
Refer to the exhibit. The spanning tree is blocking the connection between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1.
All ports are up and configured. Which configuration resolves the issue?
A. Set the pathcost method to long on all three switches
B. Configure a vPC between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
C. Configure LACP between N9K-DC1-Core-1 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
D. Lower the spanning tree cost on the connection between N9K-DC1-Core-2 and N9K-DC1-Access-1
Correct Answer: D
A network administrator attempts to install an application in the Cisco NX-OS Guest shell and receives an error that
there is not enough space on the disk. Which command must the administrator run to increase the disk space available
in the Guest shell?
A. guestshell growdisk rootfs [size-in-MB]
B. guestshell pvextend rootfs [size-in-MB]
C. guestshell resize rootfs [size-in-MB]
D. guestshell resize2fs rootfs [size-in-MB]
Correct Answer: C
Refer to the exhibit.
300-615 exam question q7
A network engineer traces the packet flow from the Veth991 of a blade server toward the core switch. The switch
reports performance issues. What is the role of the interface Eth1/7?
A. IOM network interface
B. fabric interconnect uplink interface
C. IOM host interface
D. server interface
Correct Answer: B
E1/7 is border interface, which is used as uplink. All other veth interfaces are SIF, which stands for Server Interface.
Refer to the exhibit.
300-615 exam question q8
An upgrade operation fails with an error displayed. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Use a different system image
B. Use a different kickstart image
C. Allocate extra space on a flash drive to extract a kickstart image
D. Allocate extra space on a flash drive to extract a system image
Correct Answer: A
Kickstart image verification succeeded. System image has failed.
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/nexus1000/sw/4_2_1_s_v_1_4_a/troubleshooting/configuration/guide/n1000v_trouble/n1000v_trouble_5upgrade.html

Refer to the exhibit.
300-615 exam question q9
A PC belongs to VLAN 68 The user experiences a large amount of packet loss when communicating with hosts that are
outside of VLAN 68. Which action resolves the problem?
A. Replace HSRP with GLBP
B. Enable the peer-gateway feature
C. Remove the HSRP configuration
D. Configure ip arp synchronization on both switches.
Correct Answer: B
I assume that the PC is sending traffic with destination MAC of Nexus physical interfaces. If more snap shots about this
question are available, please share.

A firmware upgrade on a fabric interconnect fails. A bootflash contains a valid image. Drag and drop the recovery steps
from the left onto the correct order on the right.
Select and Place:
300-615 exam question q10
Correct Answer:
300-615 exam question q10-2
A server fails to boot from the operating system after a RAID1 cluster migration. The RAID remains in an inactive state
during and after a service profile association. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Configure the SAN boot target in the service profile.
B. Configure the SAN boot target to any configuration mode.
C. Use a predefined local disk configuration policy.
D. Remove the local disk configuration policy.
Correct Answer: C
After upgrading a client\\’s fabric interconnect to the latest version, an engineer discovers that the appliance has lost its
entire configuration. Which two locations should an engineer check to confirm that the appliance had backed up the
configuration prior to the upgrade in order to retrieve the lost configuration? (Choose two.)
A. Equipment FSM page, InternalBackup stage
B. Service profiles page, InternalBackup stage
C. Admin page, PollInternalBackup stage
D. Equipment FSM page, PollInternalBackup stage
E. Admin page, InternalBackup stage.
Correct Answer: AC
Drag and drop the types of SPANs from the left onto the correct use cases on the right.
300-615 exam question q13

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