Latest Release Adobe 9a0-311 Practice Questions Guarantee You 100% Pass

Exam A
What is the best compression format for longer stream sounds?
A. MP3
D. Speech

Correct Answer: A
What publish setting causes the bandwidth profiler to be inaccurate?
A. Gif
B. Compress Movie
C. Protect From Import
D. Generate Size Report
E. Export Device Sounds
F. Flash with SCORM Tracking

Correct Answer: B
What video codec(s) are displayed through the Flash Player and controlled through ActionScript?
A. DivX
B. On2 VP6
C. Sorenson Spark
D. Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6
E. Sorenson Spark, On2 VP6, and DivX

Correct Answer: D
What audio format is NOT supported?
B. .MP3
Correct Answer: D

What is the function of trace()?
A. send string values to the Output Panel
B. discover who has downloaded your movie
C. initiate the automatic debugging procedure
D. determine which function the code will run next
E. automatically output the values of key depressions
F. determine what objects are present on the stage at any one time
G. determine which symbols have been clicked or selected in run mode

Correct Answer: A
What is the advantage of the progressive video download?
A. The frame rate of the video file can be different from the frame rate of the SWF file.
B. It uses less of the client’s memory and disk space than the streaming video download.
C. To play the progressively downloaded video, the entire movie must be downloaded before the video will start to play.
D. Delivery of media is more secure than streaming video, because media does not get saved to the client’s cache when streamed.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 7
What is NOT an advantage of using Publish Profiles?
A. publishes in several media formats
B. ensures file sizes are kept as small as possible
C. ensures a consistent standard that ensures files are published uniformly
D. creates an in-house use that differs from the way files are published for a client

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 8
What is NOT a sound editing feature?
A. changing the sound envelope of a sound
B. modifying the start and end points of a sound
C. changing the beats per minute (BPM) of a sound file
D. switching the sound time units from seconds to frames

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 9
What video format is NOT supported?
B. .DivX

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
What must be done to step through code when Debugging an application in the IDE? (Choose TWO)
A. Use Breakpoints
B. use #include “”
C. press “Ctrl”+”Tab”+”Enter”
D. press “Ctrl”+”Shift”+”Enter”

Correct Answer: AD