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Newest Cisco Specialist 600-660 Exam Questions Answers

An organization expands a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod from two to six pods and must ensure that the control plane scales.
What should be configured in the IPN to ensure that BUM traffic is forwarded efficiently across the IPN?
A. spine headend replication
Correct Answer: B

Which two actions should be taken to ensure a scalable solution when multiple EPGs in a VRF require unrestricted
communication? (Choose two.)
A. Configure a taboo contract between the EPGs that require unrestricted communication between each other.
B. Enable Preferred Group Member under the EPG Collection for VRF section.
C. Set the VRF policy control enforcement preference to Unenforced.
D. Set the EPGs that require unrestricted communication between each other as preferred group members.
E. Set the EPGs that require policy enforcement between each other as preferred group members.
Correct Answer: CD


braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. How is the ARP request from VM1 forwarded when VM2 is not learned in the Cisco ACI fabric?
A. Leaf 101 forwards the ARP request to one of the proxy VTEP spines.
B. POD1 spine responds to the ARP request after the POD1 COOP is updated with the VM2 location.
C. Leaf 101 encapsulates the ARP request into a multicast packet that is destined to
D. Leaf 101 switch consumers the ARP reply of VM2 to update the local endpoint table.
Correct Answer: A


braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q4

Refer to the exhibits. Which subject must be configured for the All_noSSH contract to allow all IP traffic except SSH
between the two EPGs?
Correct Answer: D

An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and must set up the link between the spine and the IPN device.
Which three actions should be taken to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)
A. Enable MP-BGP routing
B. Enable BIDIR-PIM protocol
C. Enable PIM-SM protocol
D. Enable OSPF routing
E. Enable IS-IS routing
F. Enable DHCP relay
Correct Answer: ABF

What is a design implication for Cisco ACI using an application-centric approach?
A. Multiple VLANs and/or multiple EPGs are under one bridge domain
B. VLAN numbers are in the names of the bridge domain and EPG objects
C. One EPG is mapped to multiple bridge domains
D. One VLAN equals one EPG equals one bridge domain
Correct Answer: C

An engineer must migrate servers from a legacy data center infrastructure to a Cisco ACI fabric. Drag and drop the
steps from the left into the order that they must be completed on the right to ensure the least amount of downtime.
Select and Place:

braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q7

Correct Answer:

braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q7-2

In a Cisco ACI Multi-Site fabric, the Inter-Site BUM Traffic Allow option is enabled in a specific stretched bridge domain.
What is used to forward BUM traffic to all endpoints in the same broadcast domain?
A. ingress replication on the spines in the source site
B. egress replication on the source leaf switches
C. egress replication on the destination leaf switches
D. ingress replication on the spines in the destination site
Correct Answer: D

An organization deploys active-active data centers and active-standby firewalls in each data center. Which action should
be taken in a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod to maintain traffic symmetry through the firewalls?
A. Enable Endpoint Dataplane Learning
B. Disable service node Health Tracking
C. Enable Pod ID Aware Redirection
D. Disable Resilient Hashing
Correct Answer: B

Which approach does Cisco ACI use to achieve multidestination packet forwarding between leaf switches in the same
A. Map VXLAN VTEP to the multicast group
B. Map VXLAN to PIM-SM protocol
C. Map VXLAN VNI to the multicast group
D. Map VXLAN to PIM-DM protocol
Correct Answer: C

What are two characteristics of Cisco ACI and Spanning Tree Protocol interaction? (Choose two.)
A. When a TCN BPDU is received in a VLAN, Cisco ACI flushes the endpoints for the associated encapsulation.
B. STP BPDUs are dropped due to MCP.
C. MST BPDUs are flooded correctly in Cisco ACI fabric without additional configuration.
D. BPDU filter and BPDU guard can be configured on Cisco ACI leaf edge ports.
E. Cisco ACI must be configured as the STP root for all VLANs.
Correct Answer: DE


braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q12

An organization migrates its virtualized servers from a legacy environment to Cisco ACI. VM1 is incorrectly attached to
PortGroup IT|3TierApp|Web. Which action limits IP address learning in BD1?
A. Enable Enforce Subnet Check
B. Enable Rouge Endpoint Control
C. Enable GARP-based EP Move Detection Mode
D. Disable Remote EP Learn
Correct Answer: C


braindumpscity 600-660 exam questions-q13

Refer to the exhibit. Which feature is available across sites if EPGs are stretched?
A. active-active high-availability firewall clustering
B. Layer 3 routing between sites
C. Layer 2 flooding across sites
D. live virtual machine migration
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (6)

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