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Pass4itsure high success rate Microsoft 70-341 dumps Youtube study material Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. The Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (70-341 Exchange) is a qualifying exam for the MCP, MCSE certifications. The Microsoft 70-341 dumps exam certifies the Microsoft Exchange Server knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified between the Exchange Recipient Administrator and the Exchange Server Administrator that use pass4itsure team Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 course. After taking this course, you will be prepared for certification exam, which is taken at local Pearson Vue or Thompson Prometrix testing center. The user must complete Microsoft MCP, MCSE prior to taking this course. Users will receive certificate of completion upon passing the course with an 80% or better.

Exam Code: 70-341
Exam Name: Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Q&As: 220

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The Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (70-341 Exchange) version is a test with 204 questions that validate Candidates for this exam are senior administrators who act as the technical lead over a team of administrators. Some of the test data on the site is free, but more importantly, is that it provides realistic simulation exercises that can help you to pass the Microsoft https://www.pass4itsure.com/70-341.html dumps practice questions.

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Question No: 18 HOTSPOT – (Topic 2)
You discover that one of the Client Access servers in the New York office does not trust the standalone CA. You need to ensure that all of the users who have Windows Phone devices can connect successfully to their mailbox. In which node should you install the root CA certificate? To answer, select the appropriate node in the answer area.
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70-341 exam Answer:
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Question No: 19 – (Topic 3)
You need to recommend changes to the network to ensure that you can deploy the planned Exchange Server 2013 infrastructure. What should you recommend?
A. Transfer of the FSMO roles to a domain controller in the Chicago office.
B. Change the forest functional level.
C. Change the domain functional level.
D. Change the operating system on one of the domain controllers in the Chicago office
Answer: D
FSMO ( Flexible Single Master Operations )
In a forest, there are five FSMO roles that are assigned to one or more domain controllers.
The five FSMO roles are:
Schema Master:
The schema master domain controller controls all updates and modifications to the schema. Once the Schema update is complete, it is replicated from the schema master to all other DCs in the directory. To update the schema of a forest, you must have access to the schema master. There can be only one schema master in the whole forest.
Domain naming master:
The domain naming master domain controller controls the addition or removal of domains in the forest. This DC is the only one that can add or remove a domain from the directory. It can also add or remove cross-references to domains in external directories. There can be only one domain naming master in the whole forest.
Infrastructure Master:
When an object in one domain is referenced by another object in another domain, it represents the reference by the GUID, the SID (for references to security principals), and the DN of the object being referenced. The infrastructure FSMO role holder is the DC responsible for updating an object’s SID and distinguished name in a cross-domain object reference. At any one time, there can be only one domain controller acting as the infrastructure master in each domain.
Note: The Infrastructure Master (IM) role should be held by a domain controller that is not a Global Catalog server (GC). If the Infrastructure Master runs on a Global Catalog server it will stop updating object information because it does not contain any references to objects that it does not hold. This is because a Global Catalog server holds a partial replica of
every object in the forest. As a result, cross-domain object references in that domain will not be updated and a warning to that effect will be logged on that DC’s event log. If all the domain controllers in a domain also host the global catalog, all the domain controllers have the current data, and it is not important which domain controller holds the infrastructure master role.
Relative ID (RID) Master:
The RID master is responsible for processing RID pool requests from all domain controllers in a particular domain. When a DC creates a security principal object such as a user or group, it attaches a unique Security ID (SID) to the object. This SID consists of a domain SID (the same for all SIDs created in a domain), and a relative ID (RID) that is unique for each security principal SID created in a domain. Each DC in a domain is allocated a pool of RIDs that it is allowed to assign to the security principals it creates. When a DC’s allocated RID pool falls below a threshold, that DC issues a request for additional RIDs to the domain’s RID master. The domain RID master responds to the request by retrieving RIDs from the domain’s unallocated RID pool and assigns them to the pool of the requesting DC. At any one time, there can be only one domain controller acting as the RID master in the domain.
PDC Emulator:
The PDC emulator is necessary to synchronize time in an enterprise.
The PDC emulator of a domain is authoritative for the domain. The PDC emulator at the root of the forest becomes authoritative for the enterprise and should be configured to gather the time from an external source.
All PDC FSMO role holders follow the hierarchy of domains in the selection of their inbound time partner.
All of the FSMO roles are located on a domain controller in the Baltimore Office. All of the domain controllers are configured as a global catalog server
No need to transfer all of these roles to the Chicago domain controller as the question suggests.
Apparently no need to change the forest functional level Forest functional levels enable features across all the domains in your forest. The following table lists the forest functional levels and their corresponding supported domain controllers.
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Apparently no need to change the domain functional level
For all domain controllers to function accordingly in the domain the domain functional level would have to be set to Windows Server 2003
All domain controllers in the Chicago office run Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. (SP1)
All domain controllers in the Los Angeles office run Windows Server 2008 R2.
All domain controllers in the Baltimore office run Windows Server 2012
Domain functional levels
Domain functionality enables features that affect the entire domain and that domain only. The following table lists the domain functional levels and their corresponding supported domain controllers:
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A mixture of exchange 2007,2010 and 2013 environment
Exchange 2007/2010/2013 can operate in a Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 domain
functional level Exchange 2007/2010/2013 can operate in a Windows Server
2003/2008/2012 forest functional level However to operate appropriately the min spec for Exchange 2013 is for an AD environment of Server 2003 SP2
Currently, all of the Chicago domain controllers are 2003 SP1
Need to upgrade a Chicago domain controller which will house Exchange 2013
Exchange 2013 System Requirements: Exchange 2013 Help

Question No: 20 HOTSPOT – (Topic 3)
You need to identify which names must be used as the URLs of each virtual directory on the planned Exchange Server 2013 servers. Which names should you identify? To answer, configure the appropriate name for each server in the answer area.
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70-341 dumps Answer:
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Question No: 21 – (Topic 3)
You need to recommend which tasks must be performed to deliver email messages to the Internet if CH-EX2 and CH-EX3 fail to connect to the Internet. The solution must ensure that all queued email is sent. Which two tasks should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)
A. Run the retry-queue ch-to-internet command.
B. Create a new Send connector on a server in the Baltimore office.
C. Modify the cost of the CH-to-Internet Send connector.
D. Run the set-send connector -identity ch-to-internet -frontend-proxy enabled Strue command.
E. Disable the CH-to-Internet Send connector.
Answer: B, E
The Baltimore and Chicago offices have independent Internet connections. Internet connectivity for the Los Angeles office is provided through Chicago. Currently no mail servers in Chicago. Only in Baltimore and Los Angeles. Once the transition to Exchange Server 2013 in the Chicago office is complete, all mail flow to and from the Internet will be managed centrally through that office by using a Send connector that has the following configurations:
When you deploy Exchange 2013, outbound mail flow cannot occur until you configure a Send connector to route outbound mail to the Internet.
Will not resolve the issue. Use the Retry-Queue cmdlet to force a connection attempt for a queue on a Mailbox server
or an Edge Transport server.
This example forces a connection attempt for all queues that meet the following criteria:
The queues are holding messages for the domain contoso.com.
The queues have a status of Retry.
The queues are located on the server on which the command is executed.
Retry-Queue -Filter {NextHopDomain -eq “contoso.com” -and Status -eq “Retry”}
Modifying the cost will not fix the issue of CH-EX2 and CH-EX3 failing to connect to the Internet.
Cost is used to set the priority of this connector, used when two or more connectors are configured for the same address space. The lower the cost higher the priority.
Modifying the send connector will not fix the internet connection from Chicago mail server to the internet.
Use the Set-SendConnector cmdlet to modify a Send connector.
This example makes the following configuration changes to the Send connector named
Contoso.com Send Connector:
Sets the maximum message size limit to 10 MB.
Changes the connection inactivity time-out to 15 minutes.
Set-SendConnector “Contoso.com Send Connector” -MaxMessageSize 10MB – ConnectionInactivityTimeOut 00:15:00
The FrontendProxyEnabled parameter routes outbound messages through the CAS server, where destination specific routing, such as DNS or IP address, is set when the parameter is set to $true.
Need to disable the send connector from Chicago to the internet so that when a new send connector on the Baltimore server is created, email can be sent to the internet. Send Connectors: Exchange 2013 Help

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