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Cisco 300-615 Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT)

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300-615 exam questions-q1

Refer to the exhibit. The EEM script fails to send an SNMP trap when a user attempts to enter configuration mode.
Which configuration is missing from the script?
A. event statement
B. event-default action statement
C. policy-default action statement
D. IP address of the SNMP server
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

300-615 exam questions-q2

A PC belongs to VLAN 68 The user experiences a large amount of packet loss when communicating with hosts that are
outside of VLAN 68. Which action resolves the problem?
A. Replace HSRP with GLBP
B. Enable the peer-gateway feature
C. Remove the HSRP configuration
D. Configure ip arp synchronization on both switches.
Correct Answer: B
I assume that the PC is sending traffic with destination MAC of Nexus physical interfaces. If more snap shots about this
question are available, please share.

Refer to the exhibit.

300-615 exam questions-q3

A Cisco UCS Director appliance that has the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent installed fails to boot from the PXE.
TFTP and the Bare Metal Agents are running. Which action do you take to resolve the issue?
A. Restart the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent services.
B. Restart the TFTP service.
C. Reinstall the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent.
D. Reinstall TFTP.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer must replace a failed memory on a Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server. After the replacement was done, the
server has a “resolve slot” warning. Which server maintenance action resolves the issue?
A. Perform diagnostic interrupt on the server.
B. Re-acknowlegement the server.
C. Reset the server.
D. Decomission the server.
Correct Answer: B

A server fails to boot from the operating system after a RAID1 cluster migration. The RAID remains in an inactive state during and after a service profile association. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Configure the SAN boot target in the service profile.
B. Configure the SAN boot target to any configuration mode.
C. Use a predefined local disk configuration policy.
D. Remove the local disk configuration policy.
Correct Answer: C

A customer configures HSRP between two data centers that are interconnected with OTV. The configuration succeeds,
but traffic between two ESXi virtual hosts on the same site is routed suboptimally through the OTV overlay. Which two
actions optimize the traffic? (Choose two.)
A. Disable first-hop redundancy.
B. Filter HSRP traffic by using a Layer 3 VACL on the OTV edge devices.
C. Filter HSRP by using a Layer 2 MAC-list on the ESXi vSwitch.
D. Filter HSRP traffic by using a Layer 3 VACL on the ESXi vSwitch.
E. Filter HSRP by using a Layer 2 MAC-list on the OTV edge devices.
Correct Answer: AB


300-615 exam questions-q7

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco UCS Manager is being upgraded using the Auto Install feature, but the FSM fails. Which
action resolves the issue?
A. Acknowledge the primary fabric interconnect.
B. Remove the service pack from the subordinate fabric interconnect.
C. Clear the startup version of the default infrastructure pack.
D. Upgrade the firmware of the infrastructure firmware by using the force option.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

300-615 exam questions-q8\

vPC between switch1 and switch2 is not working. Which two actions are needed to fix the problem? (Choose two.)
A. Match vPC domain ID between the two devices.
B. Configure IP address on the interface.
C. Activate VLANs on the vPC.
D. Configure vPC peer link and vPC peer keepalive correctly.

E. Configure one of the switches as primary for the vPC.
Correct Answer: AC


300-615 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. A switch is being downgraded to an earlier release because of a problem with the current release.
After the switch is downgraded, it can no longer forward traffic. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Enable ISSD after the downgrade is complete.
B. Roll back to the original image.
C. Reload the switch.
D. Shut and no shut the interfaces to the FEX.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A remote device connected to fc 1/2 fails to come online. Which do you configure to resolve the

300-615 exam questions-q10

A. remote and local ports to be in the correct VSAN
B. local switch for NPV
C. remote device for NPIV
D. port on remote device as an f-port-channel
Correct Answer: A

In Cisco UCS Central you have a certificate that has the status set to Not Yet Valid. Which scenario could cause the
A. The certificate field is empty.
B. The time is incorrectly synchronized.
C. The trusted point uses a bundled certificate that has a minimum depth of 10.
D. The certificate is issued by a different trusted point.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is implementing a storage VDC, but fails. Which two prerequisites must be in place before a storage VDC is
implemented? (Choose two.)
A. M-Series module
C. STORAGE-ENT license
D. FCoE license
E. F-Series module
Correct Answer: DE


300-615 exam questions-q13

Refer to the exhibit. Partial configuration from N9K-1 and N9K-2 is included. The client has two WANs connected.
WAN-1 is for normal business-day activities.
WAN-2 is for server backups during nonworking hours of 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. daily.
The client says that at the scheduled time for backup, the data center server failed to use the WAN-2 link to back up the
servers to the cloud backup system. What is the solution to this problem?
A. The event timer must be written in epoch time format.
B. The Cisco Nexus switch must be configured with one applet because a configuration with two applets will fail.
C. The Cron entry must be configured without double quotes.
D. The applet called “Backup” must include an action to remove the current static route.
Correct Answer: D


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