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Cisco 300-810 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA)

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Refer to the exhibit.

300-810 exam questions-q1

After configuration of the Cisco IMandP cluster in high-availability mode, both IMandP servers remain in the initializing
state. Which two actions ensure normal operations of this IMandP high-availability cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Clear the Enable High Availability check box in the Presence Redundancy Group configuration.
B. Confirm that Cisco Presence Engine, Cisco XCP Router, and Cisco DB services are up and running on both IMandP
C. Restart the Server Recovery Manager service in Cisco Unified Serviceability ?Network Services on both IMandP
D. Verify that the Cisco XCP SIP Federation Connection Manager service is running.
E. Ensure that an equal number of users are assigned to each IMandP server.
Correct Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit.

300-810 exam questions-q2

The associated directory number is configured with Call Forward All to voicemail in Cisco UCM. When users call the
directory number they hear the opening greeting. Which action should be taken to correct this issue?
A. Modify the rule to a Forward Routing Rule.
B. Modify the Calling Number to 3005.
C. Modify the Dialed Number condition from “Equals” to “In”.
D. Modify the Call Forward All to the voicemail pilot.
Correct Answer: A

Which SIP request type is used by Cisco Unity Connection to inform Cisco Unified Communications manager that the
Message Waiting Indicator must be turned on or off for a specific line?
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco IM and Presence service must be activated and running for IM Presence to successfully integrate with
Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. Cisco DHCP Monitor Service
B. Cisco AXL Web Service
C. Self-Provisioning IVR
D. Cisco XCP Authentication Service
Correct Answer: B

An end user opened a ticket, stating that before logging in to Jabber for Windows, a warning is displayed that a server
certificate has expired. Which two certificates must be verified on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and
IMandP deployment? (Choose two.)
A. capf on Cisco Unified CM
B. cup-xmpp on IMandP
C. callmanager on Cisco Unified CM
D. tomcat on Cisco Unified CM
E. cup on IMandP
Correct Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit.

300-810 exam questions-q6

Which two steps resolve the “Users with Duplicate User IDs” message? (Choose two.)
A. Rename the directory URI value for one of the users to ensure that there is no duplication.
B. Rename the User ID value for one user if different users on different clusters have the same User ID assigned.
C. Unassign a user from one of the clusters when the same user is assigned to two different clusters.
D. Assign the duplicate user to the secondary Cisco IM and Presence node.
E. Delete the user ID for the duplicate user ID.
Correct Answer: BC

Which statement describes a role of AXL communications in the BLF Plug-in Service of the Cisco Unified Attendant
A. The AXL communications allow registered attendants to log in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and
receive calls.
B. The AXL communications enable Device Resolution Manager to resolve the device statuses of operator and system
C. The AXL communications is required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and
Cisco Unified Attendant Console versions match.
D. The AXL communications is required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and
Cisco Unified CM versions.
Correct Answer: D

What is the primary mechanism in Cisco Unity Connection that is used for toll fraud prevention?
A. restriction tables
B. fraud tables
C. transfer rules
D. calling search spaces
Correct Answer: A

Which authentication method allows a user to log in to an SSO-enabled Cisco Unified Communications application by
utilizing a Microsoft Windows login, thereby not requiring any credentials to be entered?
A. Smart Card
B. OAuth
C. form-based
D. Kerberos
Correct Answer: B

What are two Cisco Jabber 12.6 on-premises deployment types that can be run on a Windows- enabled PC? (Choose
A. Contact Center Agent
B. IM-only
C. multicloud-based
D. Full UC
E. cloud-based
Correct Answer: BD

Which component of SAML SSO defines the transport mechanism that is used to deliver the SAML messages between
A. profiles
B. metadata
C. assertions
D. bindings
Correct Answer: D

Users report that they are unable to check voicemail. and an engineer discovers that the voicemail system is not routing
calls between Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco UCM via SCCP Which action should be taken to resolve this issue?
A. Verify registration of the CTI ports.
B. Verify OPTIONS Ping in the SIP trunk profile.
C. Verify voicemail SIP trunk in the route list.
D. Verify Calling Search Space in the Directory Number setting.
Correct Answer: D

When Cisco IM and Presence is configured to use automatic fallback, how long does the Server Recovery Manager
service wait for a failed service/server to remain active before an automatic fallback is initiated?
A. 10 minutes
B. 20 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 1 hour
Correct Answer: C


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