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Cisco 300-820 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (CLCEI)

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[PDF] Free Cisco 300-820 dumps pdf download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e6Dp8ZcAfiDJrIe9_xHXSKiEOp-hrWOA/view?usp=sharing

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A company has enabled ICE to optimize call flows and improve video quality between their Cisco Collaboration
endpoints internally and externally.
For which reason would you see activity on the TURN server when a call is established between two external
A. The video call is using encryption, which is not supported by ICE with CUCM 12.5
B. ICE cannot reduce the packet loss on the link
C. A STUN cannot punch holes in the firewall
D. The video call is using 4K resolution, which is not supported by ICE with CUCM 12.5
Correct Answer: A

Which role does Call Policy play when preventing toll fraud on Expressways?
A. It controls which calls are allowed, which calls are rejected, and which calls are redirected to a different destination.
B. It changes the calling and called number on a call.
C. It changes the audio protocol used by a call through Expressways.
D. It changes the audio codec used in a call through Expressways.
Correct Answer: A

Where are voice calls handled in a Cisco Jabber hybrid cloud-based deployment with Cisco Webex Platform Service?
A. Voice calls use Webex Calling platform for call control and use hybrid media nodes for local conferencing.
B. Voice calls use local media nodes to keep traffic internal for internal traffic and use Webex Calling for external calls.
C. Voice call use Cisco Unified Communications Manager for local calls and Webex Calling for external calls.
D. Voice calls use local Cisco Unified Communications Manager for all calls.
Correct Answer: D

An Expressway-E is configured using a single NIC with NAT.
How must the Expressway-C traversal client zone be configured to connect to the Expressway-E?
A. TLS verify must be enabled.
B. The zone profile must be set to default.
C. The peer address must be the Expressway-E NAT address.
D. The peer address must be the Expressway-E LAN 1 IP address.
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements about Expressway media traversal are true? (Choose two.)
A. Expressway Control is the traversal server installed in the DMZ.
B. The Expressway Edge must be put in a firewall DMZ segment.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone can be either traversal server or client.
D. The Unified Communications traversal zone can be used for Mobile and Remote Access.
E. Both Expressway Edge interfaces can be NATed.
Correct Answer: BD

A Jabber user is being prompted to trust the Expressway-E certificate when using Mobile and Remote Access. The
administrator has validated that the Expressway-E certificate is being trusted by the machine running the Jabber client.
What else can be done to solve this problem?
A. Create a new CSR with new information on the SAN field.
B. Include Cisco Unified Communications Manager registration domain in the Expressway-E certificate as a SAN.
C. Change the domain name.
D. Change the FQDN of the Expressway.
Correct Answer: B

Which entry in the public (external) DNS is valid to configure DNS SRV records for a Cisco Mobile and Remote Access
A. _cisco-uds._tcp.
B. _cisco-mra._tls.
C. _collab-edge._tls.
D. _cisco-expwy._tls.
Correct Answer: C

300-820 exam questions-q8

Refer to the exhibit. While troubleshooting Cisco Jabber login issues, there are some error messages. Why is the
Jabber client unable to sign in?
A. down Cisco Unified Communications Manager server
B. XMPP bind failures
C. incorrect login credentials
D. service discovery issues
Correct Answer: B


300-820 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. In an environment SIP devices are registered to CUCM and H.323 devices to VCS. What would be
required to enable these calls to setup correctly?
A. Create a presearch transform.
B. Change the domain of SIP endpoint A to cisco.com.
C. Disable SIP in the external zone.
D. Change the interworking mode to On.
Correct Answer: D


300-820 exam questions-q10

Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of a transformation applied to alias 88514?
A. [email protected]
B. [email protected] com
C. [email protected]
D. [email protected]
Correct Answer: C

An engineer wants to configure a zone on the Expressway-E to receive communications from the
Expressway-C in order to allow inbound and outbound calls.
How is the peer address configured on the Expressway-C when Expressway-E has only one NIC enabled
and is using static NAT mode?
A. Expressway-E FQDN
C. Expressway-E DHCP
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about scheduling Expressway backups is true?
A. It is not supported on the application.
B. It is allowed from the application CLI of the Expressway only.
C. It is allowed from the application CLI and GUI of the Expressway.
D. It is allowed from the application GUI of the Expressway only.
Correct Answer: C

What is a key configuration requirement for Hybrid Message Service High Availability deployment with multiple IM and
Presence clusters?
A. You must have the Intercluster Sync Agent working across your IM and Presence clusters.
B. You must have the Intercluster Lookup Service working across all of your IM and Presence clusters.
C. Your IM and Presence Service clusters must have Multiple Device Messaging disabled.
D. AXL service should be activated only on the publisher of each IM and Presence cluster.
Correct Answer: A

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