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Cisco 700-150 Introduction to Cisco Sales exam

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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud software delivers the critical foundational layer for holistically deploying and
managing cloud-based services. This software solution improves agility, flexibility, and speed with all but one of the
A. Physical resources
B. An orchestration engine
C. Self-service portal
D. Advanced cloud management capabilities
Correct Answer: A
The solution includes a self-service portal, orchestration engine, and advanced cloud management capabilities that are
fundamental to delivering the agility, flexibility, and speed desired by today\\’s transformational data centers

Cisco HyperFlex delivers complete hyperconvergence. Which of the following is not a feature of this solution?
A. Portable database applications
B. Flash-optimized system
C. Flexible scaling
D. High data availability
Correct Answer: A

AMP for endpoints decreases time to detection. What is Cisco\\’s security time to detection?
A. 8 hours or less
B. 7 hours or less
C. 10 hours or less
D. 6 hours or less
Correct Answer: D

Cisco Catalyst 9000 is built for SD access. Which of the following are the features?
A. Fixed access, future-proofed and mobility
B. Convergence, fixed core and first in the enterprise
C. Future-proofed, industry\\’s unmatched and first in enterprise
D. Fixed access, industry\\’s unmatched and first in enterprise
Correct Answer: C
Cisco Catalyst 9000 Wireless and Switching Family
It\\’s a new era in intent-based networking. The Catalyst family now extends to wireless, and we\\’re introducing new
switches for midmarket and simple branch deployments.

Which product was first provided commercially by Cisco?
A. fiber-optic networking
B. multiprotocol routers
C. remote access devices
D. wireless networking
Correct Answer: B

In the Cisco DNA 8 framework, which is not a component of the enterprise controller?
A. Automation
B. Analytics
C. Avoidance
D. Assurance
Correct Answer: C

Cisco has long been the world\\’s dominant supplier of computer networking products, systems and services. Which of
the following is not included in Cisco\\’s current product lines?
B. Routers
C. Application Delivery Controllers
D. Switches
Correct Answer: C

Which group represents the Cisco partnership levels?
A. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Select Multinational
B. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Global
C. Affiliate, Associate, Preferred, Select, Global
D. Select, Premier, Gold, Multinational, Global Gold
Correct Answer: D

Which services make up the Cisco Unified Wireless Network\\’s Mobility Services Framework?
A. Guest Access, Security, Data, and Voice
B. Guest Access, Security, Location, and Voice
C. Guest Access, Data, Location, and Voice
D. Guest Access, Security, Data, and Location
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following are the top three protecting capabilities of Cisco Data Center?
A. segment, enforce, and detect
B. enforce, segment, and access
C. detect, authenticate, and replicate
D. detect, replicate, and access
Correct Answer: D

What tool helps the Cisco Business Architect to gain and leverage their knowledge of the customer\\’s business?
A. Solution Architecture Design Map
B. Customer Requirement Map
C. Business Model Canvas
D. Collaborative Business Model
Correct Answer: C

Security attacks are stealthier than ever. Pervasive protection is needed. When should it be implemented?
A. All of the above
B. After the attack
C. During the attack
D. Before the attack
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following are included in Cisco\\’s Collaboration Portfolio?
A. Unified Communications, Unified Management, Customer Care, and Conferencing
B. Unified Communications, Customer Care, Conferencing, and Collaboration Endpoints
C. Unified Management, Unified Communications, Conferencing, and Collaboration Endpoints
D. Unified Management, Customer Care, Conferencing, and Collaboration Endpoints
Correct Answer: B

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