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SY0-401 exam

Four weeks ago, a network administrator applied a new IDS and allowed it to gather baseline data. As rumors of a layoff began to spread, the IDS alerted the network administrator that access to sensitive client files had risen far above normal. Which of the following kind of IDS is in use?
A. Protocol based
B. Heuristic based
C. Signature based
D. Anomaly based
Correct Answer: D Explanation  c2020-703 exam
An organization recently switched from a cloud-based email solution to an in-house email server. The firewall needs to be modified to allow for sending and receiving email. Which of the following ports should be open on the firewall to allow for email traffic? (Select THREE).
A. TCP 22
B. TCP 23
C. TCP 25

D. TCP 53
E. TCP 110
F. TCP 143
G. TCP 445
Correct Answer: CEF Explanation
A new web server has been provisioned at a third party hosting provider for processing credit card transactions. The security administrator runs the netstat command on the server and notices that ports 80, 443, and 3389 are in a ‘listening’ state. No other ports are open. Which of the following services should be disabled to ensure secure communications?
Correct Answer: B Explanation https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/security
A company hosts its public websites internally. The administrator would like to make some changes to the
The three goals are:

reduce the number of public IP addresses in use by the web servers

drive all the web traffic through a central point of control

mitigate automated attacks that are based on IP address scanning


Load balancer

URL filter

Reverse proxy
Which of the following would meet all three goals?
Correct Answer: D Explanation

SY0-401 exam
Ann is the data owner of financial records for a company. She has requested that she have the ability to assign read and write privileges to her folders. The network administrator is tasked with setting up the initial access control system and handing Ann’s administrative capabilities. Which of the following systems should be deployed?
A. Role-based
B. Mandatory
C. Discretionary
D. Rule-based
Correct Answer: C Explanation
The IT department noticed that there was a significant decrease in network performance during the afternoon hours. The IT department performed analysis of the network and discovered this was due to users accessing and downloading music and video streaming from social sites. The IT department notified corporate of their findings and a memo was sent to all employees addressing the misuse of company resources and requesting adherence to company policy. Which of the following policies is being enforced?
A. Acceptable use policy
B. Telecommuting policy
C. Data ownership policy
D. Non disclosure policy
Correct Answer: A Explanation https://www.exampass.net/pass-latest-updated-210-065-exam-answers.html
A computer security officer has investigated a possible data breach and has found it credible. The officer notifies the data center manager and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This is an example of:
A. escalation and notification.
B. first responder.
C. incident identification.
D. incident mitigation.
Correct Answer: A Explanation
A small company wants to employ PKI. The company wants a cost effective solution that must be simple and trusted. They are considering two options: X.509 and PGP. Which of the following would be the BEST option?
A. PGP, because it employs a web-of-trust that is the most trusted form of PKI.
B. PGP, because it is simple to incorporate into a small environment.
C. X.509, because it uses a hierarchical design that is the most trusted form of PKI.
D. X.509, because it is simple to incorporate into a small environment.
Correct Answer: B Explanation
Ann was reviewing her company’s event logs and observed several instances of GUEST accessing the company print server, file server, and archive database. As she continued to investigate, Ann noticed that it seemed to happen at random intervals throughout the day, but mostly after the weekly automated patching and often logging in at the same time. Which of the following would BEST mitigate this issue?
A. Enabling time of day restrictions
B. Disabling unnecessary services
C. Disabling unnecessary accounts
D. Rogue machine detection
Correct Answer: C Explanation
A new application needs to be deployed on a virtual server. The virtual server hosts a SQL server that is used by several employees. Which of the following is the BEST approach for implementation of the new application on the virtual server?
A. Take a snapshot of the virtual server after installing the new application and store the snapshot in a secure location.
B. Generate a baseline report detailing all installed applications on the virtualized server after installing the new application.
C. Take a snapshot of the virtual server before installing the new application and store the snapshot in a secure location.
D. Create an exact copy of the virtual server and store the copy on an external hard drive after installing the new application.
Correct Answer: C Explanation  https://www.exampass.net/download-latest-cisco-210-260-dumps.html
A security administrator is notified that users attached to a particular switch are having intermittent connectivity issues. Upon further research, the administrator finds evidence of an ARP spoofing attack. Which of the following could be utilized to provide protection from this type of attack?
A. Configure MAC filtering on the switch.
B. Configure loop protection on the switch.
C. Configure flood guards on the switch.
D. Configure 802.1x authentication on the switch.
Correct Answer: C Explanation

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