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300-420 ENSLD Dumps Updated With Free Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks Exam Practice Questions

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Free Cisco 300-420 dumps exam questions (1-13)

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1. An architect is working on a design to connect a company\\’s main site to several small to medium- sized remote
branches. The solution must include redundant WAN links, but the customer has a limited budget and wants the ability
to increase the link speed easily in the future. QoS will not on the branch routers so there is no need for consistent endto-end QoS. Which solution does the architect propose?

A. dual-homed WAN MPLS with single edge router
B. dual-homed Internet with a single edge router running a site-to-site VPN topology
C. dual-homed WAN MPLS and Internet links via dual edge routers
D. dual-homed Internet with dual edge routers running a hub-and-spoke VPN topology

Correct Answer: B

2. Which feature must be incorporated into the campus LAN design to enable Wake on LAN?

A. dynamic ARP Inspection Snooping on layer 2 devices
B. directed broadcasts on layer 3 devices
C. proxy ARP on layer 3 devices
D. DHCP Snooping on layer 2 devices

Correct Answer: B

3. When a first hop redundancy solution is designed, which protocol ensures that load balancing occurs over multiple routers using a single virtual IP address and multiple virtual MAC addresses?


Correct Answer: A

4. Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS number? (Choose two.)

A. advertise-best-external
B. bestpath as-path ignore
C. client-to-client reflection
D. as-override
E. allow-as-in

Correct Answer: DE

5. A customer\’s current Layer 2 infrastructure is running Spanning Tree 802.1d, and all configuration changes are manually implemented on each switch. An architect must redesign the Layer 2 domain to achieve these goals:

1. reduce the impact of topology changes
2. reduce the time spent on network administration
3. reduce manual configuration errors

Which two solutions should the architect include in the new design? (Choose two.)

A. Implement Rapid PVST+ instead of STP.
B. Implement MST instead of STP.
C. Use VTP to propagate VLAN information and to prune unused VLANs.
D. Configure broadcast and multicast storm control on all switches.
E. Configure dynamic trunking protocol to propagate VLAN information.

Correct Answer: CD

6. Which component is part of the Cisco SD-Access overlay architecture?

A. border node
B. spine node
C. leaf node
D. Cisco DNA Center

Correct Answer: D

7. What is the purpose of a Cisco SD-Access underlay network?

A. to abstract IP-based connectivity from physical connectivity
B. to emulate LAN segments to transport Layer 2 frames over a Layer 3 network
C. to establish physical connectivity between switches and routers
D. to provide virtualization by encapsulating network traffic over IP tunnels

Correct Answer: C

8. Which topology within a network underlay eliminates the need for first hop redundancy protocols while improving fault tolerance, increasing resiliency, and simplifying the network?

A. virtualized topology
B. routed access topology
C. Layer 2 topology
D. logical fabric topology

Correct Answer: D

9. Which design element should an engineer consider when multicast is included in a Cisco SD-Access architecture?

A. PIM SSM must run in the underlay.
B. Multicast clients reside in the underlay, and the multicast source is outside the fabric or in the overlay.
C. Rendezvous points must be used in a PIM SSM deployment.
D. Multicast traffic is transported in the overlay and the EID space for wired and wireless clients.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: AWS LINKS/ SDA Fabric Multicast.pdf slide 3

10. An organization plans to deploy multicast across two different autonomous systems. Their solution must allow RPs to: discover active sources outside their domain use the underlying routing information for connectivity with other RPs announce sources joining the group
Which solution supports these requirements?


Correct Answer: B


11. A customer\’s environment includes hosts that support IPv6-only. Several of these hosts must communicate with a public web server that has only IPv4 domain name resolution. Which solution should the customer use in this environment?

A. utilize NAT64 to translate the addresses
B. Implement NAT44 at the edge of the customer network
C. use 6to4 and a tunnel to translate the addresses
D. implement 6PE to resolve hostname resolution

Correct Answer: A

12. A company is using OSPF between its HQ location and a branch office. HQ is assigned area 0 and the branch office is assigned area 1. The company purchases a second branch office, but due to circuit delays to HQ, it decides to connect the new branch office to the creating branch office as a temporary measure. The new branch office is assigned area 2.
Which OSPF configuration enables all three locations to exchange routes?

A. The existing branch office must be configured as a stub area
B. A virtual link must be configured between the new branch office and HQ
C. A sham link must be configured between the new branch office and HQ
D. The new branch office must be configured as a stub area

Correct Answer: B

13. An engineer uses Postman and YANG to configure a router with: OSPF process ID 200 network enabled for Area 0
Which get-config reply verifies that the model set was designed correctly?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: A

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