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Your department employees all have the same NBX Business telephones on their desktop. As the NBX system administrator for your group, you have been asked to setup the programmable buttons on the phones so they all have the same function.
What is the easiest way to configure the NBX phones for your department?
A. Create a new Telephone Group with the required settings. Assign the users in the department to the new group
B. Program your phone with the button settings. Have the users copy the button settings by entering your extension in the User Device Setup menu
C. Create a new Telephone Group with the required settings. Have the users in the department choose the new Telephone Group in the User Device Setup menu
D. Program your phone using the NBX user configuration software. E-mail the file to the users in your department. The users load the file using the TAPI software
E. Program your phone with the button settings. Forward your user configuration via the phone to all the users in your department. Have them apply the configuration to the phone
Correct Answer: A
Which three are features / uses of a Phantom Mailbox on an NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Can be used to create a greeting-only mailbox where a caller can only hear a message
B. Allows a user to roam from phone to phone without having to create a new profile with each move
C. Can be used to save extension numbers, as Phantom Mailboxes do not use up the pool of telephone extensions
D. Is useful for telecommuters who do not have a desk and/or phone in the office to have a mailbox for incoming calls
E. Can be used to define a set of user permissions/restrictions which are then assigned to a Class of Service (CoS)
F. Can be used as a general mailbox for an Auto Attendant, where a caller can leave a message without specifying a particular recipient

Correct Answer: ADF
Which three are features of the NBX Offsite Notification? (Choose three.)
A. Up to five different call numbers/options can be setup for a user’s offsite notification
B. Offsite notification privileges and options are defined in the User Configuration menu
C. Only messages tagged as “urgent” will be forwarded by the offsite notification feature
D. Offsite Notification must be enabled in the NBX Messaging, as well as, in the Class of Service (CoS)
E. Only the NBX system administrator or users with administrator privileges can use offsite notification
F. Users can be notified of voice messages to another internal extension, an external phone, a pager or via email

Correct Answer: ADF
Which four are characteristics of the NBX phone lock/unlock security feature? (Choose four.)
A. The NBX phone default is “locked”
B. After an NBX system reboot, all phones are unlocked
C. Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA) devices can be locked by feature code
D. Only the NBX Business phones can use the lock/unlock feature
E. To lock/unlock a phone use the designated feature code and the mailbox password
F. A locked phone can call any internal extension, emergency numbers and toll free numbers
G. The NBX phone default is unlocked and a mailbox password must be created before a phone can be locked

Correct Answer: CEFG
Which four are characteristics or requirements for NBX Bridge Station Appearance (BSA) is supported on a 3102 business phone? (Choose four.)
A. Maps a primary phone to a secondary phone
B. Only need to configure the primary phone settings
C. Up to 16 extensions can be mapped to a common secondary phone
D. To configure BSA settings select Device Configuration / Telephones then select Button Mappings
E. Either phone can answer a call, as incoming primary-phone calls appear on primary and secondary phone
F. Incoming calls to primary phone are automatically transferred to secondary phone based on time-of-day settings
Correct Answer: ACDE
Which three are features of the NBX Hunt Groups? (Choose three.)
A. After four rings, a call is automatically sent to the next member in the group
B. Up to 99 Hunt Groups can be assigned on an NBX 100 Communications System
C. Any number of users and hunt groups can be created on the SuperStack 3 NBX Telephony system
D. A hunt group is a collection of telephones that ring in a pre-determined order until the call is answered
E. In a Circular Hunt group, the extension next in line to receive a call becomes first in line to receive a new call
F. A call will ring on the first open line in the Hunt Group. If the call is not answered it is forwarded to voice mail or the Auto Attendant
G. In a Linear Hunt group, the first member listed will always receive the call unless their line is busy and then the call is forwarded to the next member in the group

Correct Answer: DEG
Which three Login/Logout options are available for members of a Hunt Group? (Choose three.)
A. Group members can login and logout as their schedule requires
B. To login/logout a user only needs to pickup their phone and enter their password
C. A forced login member is always logged in whether they are at their phone or not
D. Use optional automatic logout to force a logout if an incoming call is not answered at a phone
E. All members must login only once during the day. They are automatically logged out at the end of the day based on the NBX System Business Time definition
F. A dynamic login member must login at the start of day and will only need to login again if they logout or more than 15 minutes pass between phone calls

Correct Answer: ACD
Which two are features of an NBX Calling Group? (Choose two.)
A. Member phones ring simultaneously for incoming calls
B. Calling Groups are the same as NBX Key Mode configuration
C. Up to 100 Calling Groups can be configured on an NBX 100 system
D. NBX administrator can define “ring progression” for a Calling Group
E. Member login/logout password is defined by NBX administrator using NetSet
Correct Answer: AE
Which four are features of the NBX Auto Attendant (AA)? (Choose four.)
A. Supports up to 99 AA
B. Can answer with or without a live attendant
C. Only answers when no live attendant is available
D. Any NBX user can create an AA for their extension
E. Can configure different AA based on time of day and day of week
F. Each AA can be configured when to time out and whether to hang up or forward the call
G. AA message can be recorded via an NBX phone or be an imported .wav or an MPEG-2 file

Correct Answer: ABEF
Which four are NBX Auto Attendant (AA) Level 1 pull-down menu actions, set by an NBX administrator, that establish the caller’s AA options? (Choose four.)
A. Name Directory
B. Enter Main Menu
C. Response Repeat
D. Prompted Transfer
E. Return to Operator
F. System Disconnect
G. Transfer to Voice Mail

Correct Answer: ADFG
Which four are attributes of the second generation NBX T1 Digital Line Card (3C10116D) and the E1 Digital Line Card (3C10165D)? (Choose four.)
A. Requires NBX software Release 4.3 or higher
B. Provides both T1 and E1 support on the same card
C. Supports embedded CSU and provides CSU statistics
D. Can be configured with up to 17 different IP addresses for Fractional Channel support
E. Has one POTS port that can be used to make an outbound call in case of a power failure
F. Includes a 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN port for improved packet throughput and reduced latency
G. Can be configured for G.729 audio compression and silence suppression for bandwidth efficiency
H. Has remote Layer 3 support for communicating with a Network Call Processor (NCP) across a routed network

Correct Answer: ACGH
What are the first steps the NBX administrator would take to configure a second generation NBX Digital Line Card (DLC)?
A. Choose Device Configuration/Line card Ports;Select card Device Type list; the new card from the DLC list;click modify
B. Choose Device Configuration/Digital line cards;select the card to be configured from this menu then click Modify
C. Choose Device Configuration/Decive Configuration/TAPI settings; select card type from Decive Type list;select the new card from the DLC list; click Modify
D. Choose Device Configuration/Decive Configuration/Digital line cards;select card type from decive type list;select the new card from the DLC list;click modify
Correct Answer: B
Which four are features of the NBX QSIG Basic Service support? (Choose four.)
A. Recommended for use on a PSTN public network
B. Passes Caller ID information across QSIG tie lines
C. NBX system only functions in Slave Mode operation
D. Used to nest traditional PBX systems behind an NBX
E. Supports fractional QSIG on the NBX Digital Line Cards
F. Optimized for inter-PBX signaling, useful for implementing tie trunks
G. Connects 3rd party PBX systems with Master Mode support to an NBX system
Correct Answer: BCFG
Which four are functions of the NBX Dial Plans? (Choose four.)
A. Dictates how calls are handled
B. Determines the route a call will take to its destination
C. Translates dialed digits into a specific destination
D. Forwards extension and Caller ID information for internal calls
E. Defines a set of destinations that can be reached by the NBX system
F. Verifies if a user has the authorization to make the call, for example, long distance or trunk-to-trunk
G. Translates single digit speed dial codes into full extension or outbound telephone numbers

Correct Answer: ABCE
How does the NBX administrator load a local country Dial Plan, for example, Norway or Portugal?
A. Dial Plan / Tables/ User-Defined File – select country and click Import
B. Dial Plan / Operations/ User-Defined File – select country and click Import
C. Dial Plan / Tables/ Default File – select country from drop-down menu and click Import
D. Dial Plan / Operations/ Default File – select country from drop-down menu and click Import

Correct Answer: D
Which three are features of the NBX Dial Plan Operation Test function? (Choose three.)
A. Allows a user to verify the speed-dial button setup on their NBX phone
B. Allows the NBX administrator to test the inbound/outbound NBX Dial Plan
C. Displays the line entry of the Dial Plan associated with the extension or number being tested
D. Displays the actual digits that will be sent to the carrier when an extension or number is dialed
E. Displays the user name and privileges that are associated with a user or extension, for example, long distance, trunk-to-trunk, etc.

Correct Answer: BCD
The NBX Dial Plan can be configured to route calls to an alternate carrier or to replace an internal extension number with an external number, for example, a cell phone.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
Which three are features of the NBX Dial Plan timed routes? (Choose three.)
A. Can designate a specific destination route for each time period
B. Can group time periods and point them to a specific route destination
C. Can create route plans based on specific time-of-day or day-of-week
D. Can disable specific routes for any time period, for example, holiday, night, etc.
E. Can create route plans based on a specific date, for example, business, state or country holiday
F. Can create route plans based on pre-configured business hours – open, closed, lunch etc.
Correct Answer: ACF
How does the NBX administrator get both internal and external calls to use Timed Routes?
A. The Dial Plan does not support alternate routes for inbound calls
B. Create the necessary entries in both the Internal and External Dial Plan tables
C. Create the necessary entries in both the Internal and Incoming Dial Plan tables
D. The Dial Plan has an inbound and outbound section where the specific Timed Routes are coded
E. Create the necessary entries in the Dial Plan using the keywords “inbound” and “outbound” to specify call direction

Correct Answer: C
Which three should the NBX administrator do when configuring an NBX Digital Line Card for ISDN PRI? (Choose three.)
A. Create the incoming Pretranslators, as it is always required to map the DID numbers to the NBX internal extensions
B. Determine how many digits are forwarded to the NBX from the local exchange Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service
C. Have the local exchange assign a block of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers that match the NBX internal phone extensions
D. Determine if the local exchange block of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) assigned numbers matches the NBX internal phone extensions
E. Decide if an incoming Pretranslator is required to map the block of DID assigned numbers and/or the number of digits forwarded
F. Choose Dial Plan / DID / Reverse so the NBX system will strip off the correct number of digits to match the internal extensions starting with the last digit

Correct Answer: BDE
Which three are features of the NBX Pretranslator function? (Choose three.)
A. Pretranslation is not available on Analog Line Cards
B. Each Pretranslation is used for either incoming or outgoing traffic
C. Each Pretranslation is used for both incoming and outgoing traffic
D. Outbound Pretranslation is associated with the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) supported by the Digital Line Card
E. A single outbound or inbound Pretranslation definition contains all the required translations defined in order from lowest-to-highest extension
F. Inbound Pretranslation is associated with the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) or Direct Inward Dial (DID) supported by the Digital Line Card
Correct Answer: ABF
How does the NBX administrator turn off/on Caller Line ID Restriction (CLIR) for the entire NBX system?
A. Turn CLIR off/on in the NBX User Configuration menu
B. Restrict or allow CLIR through the Dial Plan route codes
C. Turn CLIR off/on in the NBX User Configuration Class of Service menu
D. Turn CLIR off/on with the System-wide CLIR settings in the NBX System Configuration / System Settings / System Wide menu

Correct Answer: D
Which NBX operation must be used to support a multi-user, remote-site connection through a single NBX system at the central office?
A. Use Layer 2 operation over an IP WAN
B. Use Layer 3 operation over an IP WAN
C. Use Layer 4 operation over an TCP/IP WAN
D. Use Layer 3 operation over an IP WAN with Network Address Translation (NAT)

Correct Answer: B
Which three are important considerations when creating an NBX solution where the main site has an NBX system with a Network Call Processor (NCP) and the remote sites has an NBX V5000 Chassis but no NCP? (Choose three.)
A. The PSTN connection at the remote site must be a digital connection via a router
B. Calls made to the main site cannot be internally transferred to a remote site phone
C. Phones at the remote site will not work if the WAN connection between the two sites is lost
D. The WAN link should employ Network Address Translation (NAT) to minimize any security exposure
E. Multicast-dependent features, for example, conference or music-on-hold, may not be available at the remote site
F. Supports “Hop Off” where the remote phones may access all PSTN lines from remote locations

Correct Answer: CEF
What does the term “Hop On” refer to concerning an NBX system?
A. Ability of a user to switch between calls using the flash key
B. Ability of multiple users to join a conference call between NBX users
C. Ability to transfer incoming callers from one NBX site to another NBX site, as long as a WAN link exists between the two locations
D. Ability to use existing PSTN lines attached to one NBX from a remote NBX user, as long as a WAN link exists between the two locations

Correct Answer: C
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