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Which three best describe PRI QSIG? (Choose three.)
A. For use on PSTN only
B. Is a proprietary 3Com protocol
C. Designed for IP-PBX to TAPI Server
D. For use on private lines, leased lines or VPN only
E. Optimized for inter-PBX signaling for tie line support
F. Requires clocking (Master mode) by one end station (PBX)

Correct Answer: DEF
Which four are features of the NBX QSIG Basic Service support? (Choose four.)
A. Recommended for use on a PSTN public network
B. Passes Caller ID information across QSIG tie lines
C. NBX system only functions in Slave Mode operation
D. Used to nest traditional PBX systems behind an NBX
E. Supports fractional QSIG on the NBX Digital Line Cards
F. Optimized for inter-PBX signaling, useful for implementing tie trunks
G. Connects 3rd party PBX systems with Master Mode support to an NBX system

Correct Answer: BCFG
The NBX Dial Plan supports Direct Inward Dialing/Dialed Number Identification Service (DID/DNIS).
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
How does the NBX administrator load a local country Dial Plan, for example, Norway or Portugal?
A. Dial Plan / Tables/ User-Defined File ?select country and click Import
B. Dial Plan / Operations/ User-Defined File ?select country and click Import
C. Dial Plan / Tables/ Default File ?select country from drop-down menu and click Import
D. Dial Plan / Operations/ Default File ?select country from drop-down menu and click Import
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following terms are associated with Emergency 911?
A. 911 Database
B. ACT -Automatic Caller Tracking
C. PSAP-Public Safety Access Point
D. ALI -Automatic Location Identification
E. ANI-Automatic Number Identification
F. PEAP -Public Emergency Access Point

Correct Answer: ACDE QUESTION 26
How does the NBX administrator get both internal and external calls to use Timed Routes?
A. The Dial Plan does not support alternate routes for inbound calls
B. Create the necessary entries in both the Internal and External Dial Plan tables
C. Create the necessary entries in both the Internal and Incoming Dial Plan tables
D. The Dial Plan has an inbound and outbound section where the specific Timed Routes are coded
E. Create the necessary entries in the Dial Plan using the keywords “inbound” and ” outbound” to specify call direction

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
Which three are features of the NBX Dial Plan Operation Test function? (Choose three.)
A. Allows a user to verify the speed-dial button setup on their NBX phone
B. Allows the NBX administrator to test the inbound/outbound NBX Dial Plan
C. Displays the line entry of the Dial Plan associated with the extension or number being tested
D. Displays the actual digits that will be sent to the carrier when an extension or number is dialed
E. Displays the user name and privileges that are associated with a user or extension, for example, long distance, trunk-to-trunk, etc.

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 28
IP addresses can be provided to NBX phones by a Windows Server acting as a DHCP server configured with Option 184.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 29
Which three are important considerations when creating a NBX solution where the main site has a NBX system with a Network Call Processor (NCP) and the remote sites has an NBX V5000 Chassis but no NCP? (Choose three.)
A. The PSTN connection at the remote site must be a digital connection via a router
B. Calls made to the main site cannot be internally transferred to a remote site phone
C. Phones at the remote site will not work if the WAN connection between the two sites is lost
D. Supports “Hop Off” where the remote phones may access all PSTN lines from remote locations
E. The WAN link should employ Network Address Translation (NAT) to minimize any security exposure
F. Multicast-dependent features, for example, conference or music-on-hold, may not be available at the remote site

Correct Answer: CDF QUESTION 30
Which of the following must be used to support a multi-user, remote-site connection through a single NBX system at the central office?
A. Use Layer 2 operation over an IP WAN
B. Use Layer 3 operation over an IP WAN
C. Use Layer 4 operation over an TCP/IP WAN
D. Use Layer 3 operation over an IP WAN with Network Address Translation (NAT)

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following are true statements concerning Virtual Tie Lines? (Choose four.)
A. Requires IP Licenses
B. Calls are not tracked by CDR
C. VTL Channels do not count against NBX device limit
D. All communicating NBX systems require VTL licenses
E. Connects multiple NBX systems over WAN connections
F. Uses the same signaling protocol as Connextions H323 Gateways

Correct Answer: ACDE

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