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500-920 Dumps 2023 | Latest 500-920 DCITUC Exam Practice Questions

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500-920 DCITUC Latest Practice Questions | Updated 2023

New Q1

A new UCS dual fabric cluster is being configured with a single chassis. The administrator notices that the cluster is not in High Availability (HA) mode. What is the possible cause?

A. No uplinks are active in the data center.
B. The links to the chassis are not enabled
C. The HA plugin has not been installed in UCS Manager
D. The UCS-FI-HA license has not been activated in UCS Manager

Correct Answer: C

New Q2

What is the next step after performing a UCS firmware upgrade, and downloading the latest drivers both for your RAID Controller and your Fibre Channel HBA? Check the HCL

A. No Drivers are needed in a UCS environment
B. Apply the device driver update to the devices
C. No need to do anything Drivers are automatically installed for you
D. Test device driver compatibility

Correct Answer: D

New Q3

When troubleshooting a LAN connectivity issue, you notice a failed uplink from the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects to the upstream LAN switch. What two could be causing the issue? (Choose two )

A. Misconfigured VLAN on the failed uplink
B. Misconfigured QoS parameters on the failed uplink
C. A port channel mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch
D. A SFP Type mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch
E. A port speed configuration mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch

Correct Answer: BC

New Q4

Which ethernet port type is used when configuring UCS Fabric Interconnect connections to Cisco UCS C-series servers?

A. Server Port
B. Uplink Port
C. Direct Connect Port
D. Service Profile Port

Correct Answer: B

New Q5

If a Cisco UCS B-Series server fails to initialize, which method of access is required to troubleshoot?

A. Use the direct console access to troubleshoot initialization
B. Use Cisco UCS Manager GUI to troubleshoot initialization
C. Use Cisco UCS Manager API to troubleshoot initialization
D. Use the KVM console to troubleshoot initialization

Correct Answer: D

New Q6

The UCS Chassis Discovery Policy has been set to four and a new chassis is connected with two links What is the resulting chassis recognition action?

A. The chassis will not be recognized
B. The Chassis Discovery Policy will automatically reset to two links, since it always tracks the physical connections
C. The chassis will be recognized and both links will be active
D. The chassis will be recognized but only one of the links will be active.

Correct Answer: A

New Q7

The command show interface veth 705 is telling you that the bound interface is Ethernet 3/1/2
What is the location of the blade that has veth 705 associated with it?

A. Chassis 3, Slot 1
B. Chassis 3. Slot 2
C. There is not enough information
D. Chassis 1. Slot 2

Correct Answer: A

New Q8

In order to create an Inband Profile for Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC) connectivity, what do you need to perform first?

A. Create a Management IP Pool, a MAC Address Pool, and a VLAN Pool
B. Create an IPMI Policy
C. Create a Service Profile
D. Create different VLANs, with different VLAN IDs
E. Create a Management IP Pool, a VLAN. and a VLAN Group

Correct Answer: C

New Q9

Which statement regarding the UCS C-senes connectivity modes best describes connectivity options in a UCS Manager integrated environment?

A. UCS C-series servers must be connected to Fabric Interconnects using Fabric Extenders (FEX)
B. UCS C-series servers may be connected to multiple UCS Manager domains at the same time
C. All UCS C-series servers in a single UCS Manager domain must share the same connectivity model
D. UCS C-series servers may be connected with or without the use of Fabric Extenders (FEX) in environments running UCS Manager Software Release 2 2 or later

Correct Answer: D

New Q10

What three options should be verified, when you are able to connect to Cisco UCS Manager, but unable to open a KVM session to a blade? (Choose three)

A. Verify TCP port 2068 is not blocked by an ACL or Firewall
B. Confirm the IP Address assigned to UCS Manager is the same as the KVM address
C. Verify the KVM IP Address is on the same ip subnet as the virtual machines
D. Confirm the KVM IP Address is added to the routing table in Cisco UCS Manager
E. Confirm the IP Address assigned to the KVM is not a duplicate IP
F. Verify the KVM IP Address is on the same subnet as the Fabric Interconnect management address

Correct Answer: ADE

New Q11

After performing a UCS firmware upgrade, which two UCS components will require updated drivers? (Choose two)

A. VIC Cards and Fiber Channel HBAs
B. Cisco Fabric Interconnects
C. Cisco UCS Manager
D. RAID Controllers

Correct Answer: AB

New Q12

What is the likely cause of an intermittent SAN Boot failure?

A. Misconfigured SAN boot target in the boot policy of the service profile
B. LUN ID Mismatch
C. FCoE used instead of FC
D. Wrong boot order in the service profile

Correct Answer: A

New Q13

You are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues on one specific Cisco UCS server Some applications work, while others do not transfer data You suspect jumbo frames limitations. Which two places do you check the jumbo frame settings? (Choose two)

A. Check server\’s service profile and/or service profile template
B. Check server\’s QoS System Class
C. Check the fiber channel port configuration for the jumbo frame configuration
D. Check upstream switch ports frame size configuration
E. Check server\’s individual vNICs and/or HBAs properties

Correct Answer: BD

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