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500-920 Dumps 2023 | Latest 500-920 DCITUC Exam Practice Questions

Successfully passing the Cisco 500-920 exam requires extensive practice with the 500-920 DCITUC exam practice questions. Pass4itSure 500-920 dumps updates you with the latest 500-920 practice questions to help you pass the Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Troubleshooting (DCITUC) exam.

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Yes, offers you free 500-920 practice questions, which you can read below.

500-920 DCITUC Latest Practice Questions | Updated 2023

New Q1

A new UCS dual fabric cluster is being configured with a single chassis. The administrator notices that the cluster is not in High Availability (HA) mode. What is the possible cause?

A. No uplinks are active in the data center.
B. The links to the chassis are not enabled
C. The HA plugin has not been installed in UCS Manager
D. The UCS-FI-HA license has not been activated in UCS Manager

Correct Answer: C

New Q2

What is the next step after performing a UCS firmware upgrade, and downloading the latest drivers both for your RAID Controller and your Fibre Channel HBA? Check the HCL

A. No Drivers are needed in a UCS environment
B. Apply the device driver update to the devices
C. No need to do anything Drivers are automatically installed for you
D. Test device driver compatibility

Correct Answer: D

New Q3

When troubleshooting a LAN connectivity issue, you notice a failed uplink from the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects to the upstream LAN switch. What two could be causing the issue? (Choose two )

A. Misconfigured VLAN on the failed uplink
B. Misconfigured QoS parameters on the failed uplink
C. A port channel mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch
D. A SFP Type mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch
E. A port speed configuration mismatch between the Fabric Interconnects and the upstream LAN switch

Correct Answer: BC

New Q4

Which ethernet port type is used when configuring UCS Fabric Interconnect connections to Cisco UCS C-series servers?

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