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Which action will preview audio in the Work Area?
A. pressing the spacebar on the keyboard
B. pressing Shift + 0 on the numeric keypad
C. pressing the Enter key on the numeric keypad
D. pressing Alt + the period key (Windows) or Option + the period key (Mac OS) on the numeric keypad

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 87
You are using the Motion Tracking feature of After Effects and are setting the search region to track the movement of a specific feature in the footage.
Which should you use to determine the size of the search region?
A. speed of movement in the entire shot
B. changes of direction throughout the entire shot
C. total movement of the feature throughout the entire shot
D. frame to frame movement of the feature throughout the shot

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 88
You have added additional track points to motion footage by using the New Track Point option in the Tracker Controls palette options menu. Which feature or command can make use of the additional Track Point data?
A. expressions
B. Track Type > Stabilize
C. Track Type > Perspective corner pin
D. position keyframes set by the Track Motion button

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 89
Which effects can you apply to a tracked location using the Motion Tracker?
A. keying effects
B. effects with rotation properties
C. effects with position properties
D. effects with text or number properties

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 90
Which defines the area in the footage to be tracked when using the Motion Tracking feature?
A. track point
B. attach point
C. search region
D. feature region

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 91
Which Vector Paint playback mode displays strokes painted at the current frame and surrounding few frames?
A. All Strokes
B. Onion Skin
C. Past Strokes
D. Hold Strokes

Correct Answer: B
Which operation can be streamlined by using Favorite Effects?
A. applying a Motion Blur to each layer in a composition
B. applying time remapping to each layer in a composition
C. applying the same interpretation to each footage in the Project window
D. applying the same compression settings to each QuickTime movie in the render queue

Correct Answer: A
Effects applied to an adjustment layer modify _____.
A. all layers in the composition
B. only the adjustment layer itself
C. all layers below the adjustment layer
D. all layers above the adjustment layer

Correct Answer: C
Which After Effects feature or command moves pixels in one layer based on the brightness values of pixels in another layer?
A. Offset
B. Motion Tracking
C. Time Remapping
D. Displacement Map

Correct Answer: D
Which statement about how Adobe After Effects uses RGB images as layer maps in the Particle Playground is true?
A. Adobe After Effects combines the RGB channels into a grayscale composite channel capable of changing only one particle property.
B. Adobe After Effects allows you to map each channel of an RGB image to a separate particle property. The image can change three particle properties.
C. Adobe After Effects allows you to choose one channel of the RGB image to map to one particle property. The image can change only one particle property.
D. Adobe After Effects can only use grayscale images as Layer Maps in Particle Playground NOT RGB images. The image can change NO particle properties.
Correct Answer: B
You want to create a custom brush. What should you do?
A. create the brush in the Paint palette
B. create the brush in the Brush Tips palette
C. Alt + click (Windows) or Option + click (Mac OS) with the brush tool
D. Alt + click (Windows) or Option + click (Mac OS) with the Clone Stamp tool

Correct Answer: B
After enabling the keyframe stopwatch for rotation, you set several rotation keyframes with different values for a layer. When previewing the animation there is NO rotation occurring in the animation. What should you do?
A. build a RAM preview
B. enable Layer Keyframes from the Composition window menu
C. redo the keyframes moving the time marker for each change in rotation
D. redo the rotation using linear, bezier, auto bezier, or continuous bezier keyframes

Correct Answer: C
You want to apply a filter on a layer that has a mask. You do NOT want the filter to affect the mask. What should you do?
A. precompose the layer and apply the filter and mask to the precomposed layer
B. precompose the layer with the filter and apply the mask to the precomposed layer
C. precompose the layer with the mask and apply the filter to the precomposed layer
D. precompose the layer with the filter and mask applied to the layer choosing the Leave All Attributes In option in the Pre-Compose dialog box

Correct Answer: B
What happens to keyframes when a layer is time-stretched to 200%?
A. The keyframe values are doubled.
B. The keyframes are also time-stretched.
C. The keyframe values are reduced by half.
D. The keyframes maintain their original positions.
Correct Answer: B
Auto-orient rotation is used to _____.
A. constrain the rotation of a layer item to a specified angle
B. allow a layer item to rotate automatically along a motion path
C. make a layer item automatically rotate and point toward another moving item
D. automatically orient the rotation of a layer to a vertical position at all times while in motion

Correct Answer: B
You want to assign the transformation properties of one layer to the transformation properties of other layers. What should you do?
A. use parenting
B. use null objects
C. choose Layer > Auto Trace
D. choose Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Sequence Layers

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 102
You want to change the default formatting of text layers. What should you do?
A. choose Edit > Preferences
B. make changes in the Character palette with no text selected
C. highlight text in another layer while making changes in the Character palette
D. select multiple text layers of text while entering changes in the Character palette

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 103
Which statement about creating masks for text layers is true?
A. They must be created in a pre-composition.
B. You can create them in the Composition window.
C. Only RotoBezier masks can be used with text layers.
D. You must use the command Layer > Create Outlines before masking.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 104
You want to animate the opacity of a text string gradually from the first character to the last character in the text string. Which Timeline window property should you keyframe?
A. End
B. Start
C. Offset
D. Opacity

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 105
You want to animate the space between lines in a text layer. For which text feature should you create keyframes?
A. Leading
B. Vertical Scale
C. Adobe Everyline Composer
D. Adobe Singleline Composer

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 106
Which text feature lets you control the spacing between a range of selected text characters?
A. Kerning
B. Leading
C. Tracking
D. Horizontal Scale Correct Answer: C
Which window should you use to analyze, trim, and insert footage into a composition?
A. Layer
B. Project
C. Footage
D. Timeline

Correct Answer: C
Which statement about frame rates in After Effects is true?
A. Frame rates are set at the project level.
B. Composition frame rates override project frame rates.
C. Compositions in a project can contain different frame rates.
D. Frame rates are set for the project in the render module of the Render Queue.

Correct Answer: C
Which option describes how NTSC video displays fields?
A. 29.97 fps
B. interlaced
C. 3:2 pulldown
D. progressive scan

Correct Answer: B
Which statement about using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop paths as masks in an After Effects composition is true?
A. Paths can be open or closed.
B. Only a single path can be used.
C. Paths must have no fill applied in Illustrator or Photoshop.
D. The paths must be dragged and dropped from Illustrator or Photoshop.
Correct Answer: A

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Adobe 9A0-039 Dumps, Buy Adobe 9A0-039 Exams For Sale