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Which keying effect in After Effects creates a binary key?
A. Color key
B. Inner Outer key
C. Linear Color key
D. Color Difference key

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 56
Click the Exhibit button.
Which icon should you select to allow your working view to match the pixel aspect ratio of your final output?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
F. F

Correct Answer: F
Which setting for Resolution in the Composition Settings dialog box renders one-quarter of the pixels contained in the full resolution footage?
A. Half
B. Full
C. Custom
D. Quarter

Correct Answer: A
What happens when you place 24 fps footage into a composition with a frame rate of 15 fps?
A. The 24 fps footage speeds up.
B. The 24 fps footage slows down.
C. The 24 fps footage skips frames.
D. The 24 fps footage repeats frames.

Correct Answer: C
Which After Effects command lets you isolate a video layer for editing by hiding other video layers in the Composition window?
A. Layer > Switches > Shy
B. Layer > Switches > Solo
C. Layer > Bring Layer to Front
D. Layer > Switches > Collapse

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 60
You want to expand the area previewed to the size of the composition. What should you do?
A. choose View > Resolution > Full
B. Shift-click on the RAM Preview button
C. double-click the center of the Work Area Bar
D. double-click on the Rulers in the Composition window

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 61
Which factor helps determine memory requirements for Adobe After Effects when rendering a composition?
A. the clock speed of the CPU
B. the resolution of the monitor
C. the resolution of the composition frame
D. the throughput rate of the computer’s bus

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 62
You applied a drop shadow to a layer, but when it is in motion, the shadow follows the layer and NOT the light source. What could be wrong?
A. The drop shadow is locked to the wrong layer.
B. The light source needs to be animated over time.
C. The motion was rendered before the drop shadow in the rendering pipeline.
D. The drop shadow was rendered before the motion in the rendering pipeline.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 63
You want to enable a playback device to choose an appropriate stream optimized to the users bandwidth. Which option should you select when exporting to Windows Media or Real Media?
A. Video
B. Metadata
C. Audiences
D. Video Content

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 64
Which field order is required when exporting field-rendered NTSC DV video?
A. lower field
B. upper field
C. upper or lower field
D. none, DV video uses progressive scan

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 65
A user has set the audio preview settings to 44.100 KHz, but after final rendering, the audio quality sounds worse than it did in the preview. What could be the problem?
A. The audio preview is set to 8-bit.
B. The audio preview is set to mono.
C. The output module is set for a lower sample rate.
D. The output module is set for a higher sample rate.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 66
Which statement about using the RotoBezier option when working with paths is true?
A. Only open paths can be converted to RotoBezier paths.
B. Only closed paths can be converted to RotoBezier paths.
C. RotoBezier paths can be edited by adjusting their direction points.
D. You can change RotoBezier smooth corners to sharp corners with the Convert Vertex tool.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 67
You have created a layer and applied a Track Matte. What happens when you choose Edit > Split Layer?
A. After Effects retains the order of Track Mattes above the layer.
B. After Effects warns you to remove the Track Matte and reapply it after the layer is split.
C. After Effects splits the layer and applies the Preserve Underlying Transparency option to the new layers.
D. After Effects creates a precomposition of the two new layers and applies the Track Matte in the current composition.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 68
Which keying effect divides an image into two mattes and then combines them into an alpha matte?
A. Extract Key
B. Linear Color Key
C. Color Difference Key
D. Difference Matte Key

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
Which option controls how closely the created path matches the shape of the alpha channel when you choose Layer > Auto Trace?
A. Blur
B. Threshold
C. Tolerance
D. Current Frame

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 70
Which light has a source constrained by a cone?
A. spot
B. point
C. parallel
D. ambient

Correct Answer: A
Which three properties are added to a 2D layer when it is converted to a 3D layer? (Choose three.)
A. ability to accept lights
B. ability to cast shadows
C. ability to do 3D modeling
D. Z axis transform properties
E. ability to animate 3D objects in ElectricImage files
F. ability to modify 3D information from composited files

Correct Answer: ABD
You are working with a 3D layer and choose Effect > Distort >Transform.
What happens first during rendering?
A. x, y, and z properties are applied in the Timeline window.
B. Orientation properties are applied in the Timeline window.
C. Orientation and x, y, and z properties are applied in the Timeline window.
D. Transformation properties are applied with the Effect > Distort >Transform command.

Correct Answer: D
Which statement about using After Effects OpenGL previewing is true?
A. Layers are limited to 2,000 by 2,000 pixels.
B. OpenGL supports all After Effects blending modes.
C. OpenGL previews are created by using Adaptive Resolution previewing.
D. OpenGL previews are limited only by the amount of installed RAM on the system.

Correct Answer: A
You want to slice an image that contains 3D channel information along its z depth values. Which 3D Channel effect should you use?
A. ID Matte
B. Depth Matte
C. Depth of Field
D. 3D Channel Extract

Correct Answer: B
You want to crossfade between several cameras in a 3D scene while rendering final output. Which feature or command should you use?
A. precomposing
B. Effect > 3D Channel > Depth of Field
C. Timeline camera property Point of Interest
D. Timeline camera property Focus Distance

Correct Answer: A
Which example represents an array for scale in an expression?
A. .scale
B. [xy,xy]
C. Scale = 3
D. xyscale = Math.sqrt

Correct Answer: B
You have created an expression for the scale property of Layer B. You drag the pick whip to the x value for the position property of Layer A. Which expression is written for the scale property of Layer B?
A. thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[x]
B. thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[0]
C. thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[0], thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[0]
D. thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[0], thisComp.layer(“Layer A”).position[1]

Correct Answer: C
You have created the following expression on Layer A: thisComp.layer(“layer D”).scale.valueAtTime(time-2) Which is the global object of this expression?
A. scale
B. thisComp
C. layer(“layer D”)
D. valueAtTime(time-2)

Correct Answer: D
Which After Effects feature enables you to create a relationship from the keyframes of one layer property and dynamically control different layer properties?
A. null objects
B. child layers
C. expressions
D. parent layers

Correct Answer: C
For which option in the Project Settings dialog box can you enter a value for where to start numbering frames?
A. Frames
B. Color Depth
C. Drop-Frame
D. Non-Drop-Frame

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 81
Which is the default setting for levels in the Audio palette?
A. -96 dB
B. 0 dB
C. 100 dB
D. 120 dB

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 82
Which action restores the original settings of all palettes and command settings?
A. rebooting your computer
B. restarting Adobe After Effects
C. opening a new Adobe After Effects project
D. deleting the Adobe After Effects preferences file

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 83
Which option in the Smart Masks palette should you use to match the seventh vertex in the first keyframe to the seventh vertex in the second keyframe?
A. Quality
B. Keyframe Fields
C. Bending Resistance
D. Use Linear Vertex Paths

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 84
Which tool should you use to change the point around which a layer will rotate without changing the position of the layer in the Composition window?
A. Rotation tool
B. Selection tool
C. Pan Behind tool
D. Orbit Camera tool

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 85
Which is an example of a non-drop-frame timecode?
A. 00072
B. 0007+2
C. 4:15:14:07
D. 4;15;14;04

Correct Answer: C

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