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An OnRequestEnd.cfm is found and appended to a page if it is
A. found in any directory that is part of the site.
B. in the same directory as the page that is running.
C. found in a recursive search back to the root directory.
D. in the same directory as the Application.cfm that was used.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 66
What storage method is NOT selectable when choosing a storage location for client variables?
A. Cookie
B. Registry
C. Server memory
D. In a data source

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 67
What happens to the data because the OUTPUT attribute is NOT used? <cfwddx action=”CFML2WDDX” input=”#aCart#”>
A. nothing the page returns a syntax error
B. data is serialized but no data is outputted
C. data is serialized and outputted to the page
D. data is serialized and placed in the special variable wOutput

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 68
ColdFusion functionality that is published as a Web service must be contained in a
A. <cfinvoke> tag set.
B. <cfobject> tag set.
C. <cfservice> tag set.
D. <cfcomponent> tag set.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 69
What is added to publish a Web service?
A. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cffunction>
B. access=”remote” attribute to the <cffunction> tag
C. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag
D. access=”remote” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 70
To publish a function as a Web service from a ColdFusion component, modify the <cffunction> tag by setting the access attribute equal to
A. private.
B. remote.
C. public.
D. service.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 71
What describes the functionality of a web service?

Correct Answer: D
In which order do the exception handling strategies listed provide increasingly more control over the application and code?
A. cferror ; cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template
B. Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror ; cftry
C. cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror
D. Site-Wide Error Template ; cftry ; cferror

Correct Answer: B
What is the <cffunction> tag used for? (Choose two)
A. defining Custom Tags
B. defining component methods
C. defining ActionScript functions
D. defining ColdFusion user-defined functions

Correct Answer: BD
What code allows the opening of a Web connection to the Macromedia Web site from within your ColdFusion template?
A. <cfhttp url=”” method=”get”>
B. <cfwddx input=”” output=”content”>
C. <cfftp action=”open” connection=””>
D. <cffile action=”read” file=”” destination=”local”>
Correct Answer: A
When using the Post method of retrieval, what must you include in an <cfhttp> tag?
A. nested <cfhttp> tags
B. references to CFHTTP.file
C. nested <cfhttpparam> tag
D. references to CFHTTP.FileContent
Correct Answer: C
What is added to a URL to access the WSDL content for a ColdFusion Web service?
A. /wsdl
B. ?wsdl
C. wsdl=yes
D. method=wsdl

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 77
What statement about <cfswitch> is correct?
A. Allows a range of values to be evaluated by a <cfcase>.
B. Only allows equal, less than and greater than conditions to be evaluated.
C. Requires a <cfbreak> tag after each <cfcase> to keep from testing other cases.
D. <cfdefaultcase> can be positioned anyplace inside the start and end tags of <cfswitch> but not within a <cfcase>.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 78
<cfcontent> is used to (Choose two)
A. set up content layout.
B. serve files of different MIME types.
C. manage content changes on a server.
D. serve files outside of the web root directory structure.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 79
What value is returned by the function call #addSomeNumbers(3,6,2)# for the function?
<cffunction name=addSomeNumbers>
<cfargument name=val1>
<cfargument name=val2>
<cfif isNumeric(val1) and isNumeric(val2)>
<cfreturn val1 + val2>


A. 9
B. 11
C. 362
D. Null
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 80
What is the final value of x?
<cfset x=”4″> <cfset y=”3″> <cfset x=x & y> <cfset x=x + y>
A. 7
B. 10
C. 21

D. 46 Correct Answer: D QUESTION 81
How is a new method created inside a ColdFusion component? By using
A. <cfmethod>…</cfmethod>.
B. <cffunction>…</cffunction>.
C. a method declaration inside a <cfscript> block .
D. a <cfscript> tag with the function attribute.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 82
For what purposes can <cftrace> be used? (Choose two)
A. identify the time it took to transmit the page
B. identify the time it took to execute the tag or code section
C. identify the file name for the log file that was created
D. identify the values of internal variables, including data structures
E. reproduce multiple browsers requesting pages from a Web application

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 83
What is wrong with the code?
<cfset X = 5> <cfif X = “5”> X is 5! </cfif>
A. A required <cfelse> tag is missing.
B. The <cfif> tag is using an invalid operator.
C. A pound sign is missing around the variable X in the <cfif> tag.
D. Double quotes should NOT be around the value of 5 in the <cfif> tag.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 84
What can be done to speed up the display of a page that outputs a long query?
A. Use the <cfflush> tag to incrementally display the page as it is assembled.
B. Nest a <cfflush> in a <cfquery> to cause part of the data to be available to be displayed.
C. Use the flush attribute in the <BODY> tag to direct the Web server to incrementally display the page.
D. Use the flush attribute in <cfoutput> to begin the display of output before the whole page is completed.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 85
Given the code.
<cfset inputList=”A,B,,,C,D”> <cfset myArray=ListToArray(inputList)> What is the value at myArray[3]?
A. ,
B. C
C. D
D. An empty string

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 86
The full code for header.cfm is shown below:
<!— Custom Tag to display page header —> <cfoutput>#ATTRIBUTES.heading#</cfoutput> The custom tag is called by another page with this code: <cf_header heading=”welcome”></cf_header>
What is the resulting output of this call?
A. Welcome
B. WelcomeWelcome
C. #ATTRIBUTES.heading#
D. No output, because the syntax of the custom tag call is incorrect

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 87
How is information passed from a function back to the calling page? (Choose two)
A. use the <cfreturn> tag
B. use the <cfresults> tag
C. use the Return statement
D. use the Results statement
E. set the value in the Caller scope
F. set the value in the Argument scope

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 88
What statement creates an array?
A. <cfset aBeans[1] = “pinky”>
B. <cfset aBeans = NewArray()>
C. <cfset aBeans = ArrayNew(1)>
D. <cfset aBeans = NewArray(1)>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 89
Where is the first place that ColdFusion server looks for the Custom Tag based on the following statement?
<cf_foo attribute1=”value1″ attribute2=”value2″>
A. directory CFusion/CustomTags/
B. current directory of the calling page
C. parent directory of CFusion/CustomTags/
D. subdirectories under the directory CFusion/CustomTags/

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 90
How does ColdFusion MX restrict debugging information?
A. by user name
B. by user group
C. by IP address
D. by server name

Correct Answer: C
What special file can run automatically after the requested page is processed?
A. Index.cfm
B. Default.cfm
C. Application.cfm
D. OnRequestEnd.cfm

Correct Answer: D
What statements are true about <cfcatch>? (Choose two)
A. <cfcatch> is nested inside another <cfcatch>.
B. All of the <cfcatch> statements are tested within each <cftry> block.
C. <cfcatch> statements are positioned at the end of the <cftry> block.
D. <cfcatch> should be positioned in order of most discrete to most general within the <cftry> block.
E. <cfcatchelse> will catch any conditions not explicitly specified in the other <cfcatch> statements in a <cftry> block.

Correct Answer: CD
What does the <cfdirectory action=”List”> return?
A. list of files
B. array of file names and attributes
C. query containing file names and attributes
D. array of structures containing file names and attributes
Correct Answer: C
What is the purpose of the <cfflush> tag?
A. causes custom tag to abort and throw an exception
B. flushes a specific cached query and recovers the memory
C. forces ColdFusion to recache all cached pages and queries
D. incrementally flushes the current ColdFusion buffer to the Web server
Correct Answer: D
What combination of HTML and CFML tags is needed to upload a file from the browser to the server?
A. <input> and <cffile>
B. <cfinput> and <cffile>
C. <select> and <cffile>
D. <input> and <cfupload>

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 96
What is done to cache charts?
A. Configure chart caching in ColdFusion Administrator
B. Use the cachelocation=”diskcache” attribute in the <cfchart> tag
C. Use the cachelocation=”memorycache” attribute in the <cfchart> tag
D. Use the cache=”true” and cachelocation=”diskcache” attributes in the <cfchart> tag

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 97
In what ways is data passed to the <cfchartseries> tag? (Choose two)
A. As a query
B. As a structure
C. As datapoints in the <cfchartdata> tag
D. In the data attribute of the <cfchart> tag
E. In the series attribute of the <cfchart> tag

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 98
Analyze the code:
<cfset stState=StructNew()>
<!— copy existing structure into new structure —>
<cfset stNewState=stState>
<!— set values in the new structure —>

What are the final values for each structure?

A. stState=CO, Denver; stNewState=CO, Denver
B. stState=CO, Denver; stNewState=MA, Boston
C. stState= MA, Boston; stNewState=CO, Denver
D. stState= MA, Boston; stNewState=MA, Boston

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 99
What is the difference between the use of <cfinclude> and calling a custom tag?
A. Attributes can be passed in a <cfinclude>.
B. Included templates can only have the extension .cfm.
C. There is no protection of variable scope in included templates.
D. Included templates have to be stored in the same directory as the page that includes them.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 100
What is the value at myArray[1][3]?
<cfset myArray = ArrayNew(2) > <cfset myArray [1][1] = “testing” > <cfset myArray [1][2]= “2” > <cfset myArray [1][4]= “dimensional” > <cfset myArray [1][5]= “arrays” >
A. 2
B. Dimensional
C. (The empty string)
D. Undefined array element

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 101

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