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How is text rendered inside a <th> tag by most browsers by default? (Choose TWO)
A. Aligned top
B. Italicized
C. Bold
D. Centered
E. Aligned left

Correct Answer: CD
What elements are NOT stored in the Assets panel?
A. reports
B. colors
D. images

Correct Answer: A
A Flash source file (FLA) needs to be transferred to the web server, but it is being ignored when the site is synchronized. What is the best explanation?
A. the user needs the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player
B. FLA needs to be set as a MIME type on the web server
C. FLA files need the flash authoring software installed
D. directory permissions need changing on the web server
E. FLA files are cloaked in Dreamweaver
Correct Answer: E
What tag and attribute is NOT used to create the following table structure? Exhibit:

A. <td colspan=”3″>
B. <td colspan=”2″>
C. <td rowspan=”3″>
D. <td rowspan=”2″>

Correct Answer: C
What text formatting can be applied from the Property inspector?
A. underline
B. font size
C. definition list
D. superscript

Correct Answer: B
In CSS, what is used as a prefix for ID Selectors?
A. ,
B. $
C. %
D. #

Correct Answer: D
What will test to see if the values of x and y are the same in JavaScript?
A. if (x = y)
B. if (x EQ y)
C. IF (x = y)
D. if (x == y)

Correct Answer: D
What is an advantage of using the POST method rather than the GET method for an HTML form?
A. Form data is not exposed to the user.
B. POST method is more efficient.
C. Only PERL scripts can work with the GET method to process forms data.
D. No validation of form data is possible with the GET method.

Correct Answer: A
While in Design view, what methods may be used to attach a hyperlink to highlighted text? (Choose TWO)
A. Property inspector > Browse for File
B. Property inspector > Create Hyperlink
C. Property inspector > Point to File
D. Modify > Text > Hyperlink
E. Code > HTML > Hyperlink
Correct Answer: AC
Which symbols could be used to start a comment in JavaScript? (Choose TWO)
A. //
B. /*
C. */
D. #
E. {

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 95
If a form requires a constant value for a form field each time the form is submitted, what type of field is used to store the data?
A. Concealed
B. Standard
C. Fixedvalue
D. Hidden

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 96
What is the purpose of placing an image at the end of an HTML document and setting height and width attributes to a value of 1?
A. Define table borders.
B. Create a thumbnail image.
C. Create an image map.
D. Cache the image.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 97
What CSS formatting options must be previewed in the browser to see them properly rendered?
A. Letter Spacing
B. A:hover
C. Line Height
D. A:link

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 98
What is the primary purpose of a staging server?
A. Test a site in an environment closely resembling the production environment.
B. Design and story board a site.
C. Test server-side includes and image maps, which cannot be tested using a single machine.
D. Test a site’s ability to withstand DOS (denial of service) attacks.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 99
What Visual Aid displays the margin, border, and padding of CSS elements?
A. CSS Background Layout Background
B. Layer Outline
C. CSS Layout Outlines
D. CSS Layout Box Mode

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 100
When Dreamweaver form validation behavior is attached to a specific form element other than the Submit button, when will the behavior be triggered by default?
A. when the form is reset
B. when the user de-selects the form control to which the behavior is attached
C. when the user selects the form control to which the behavior is attached
D. when the form is submitted

Correct Answer: B

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