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Why might a library item NOT function correctly if the Copy to Site feature in the Assets panel is used to copy the library item to a new site? (Choose TWO)
A. Template pages cannot be updated using library items.
B. Linked pages defined in the library item may not be valid in the new site.
C. The library item contains links to images that have not been copied to the new site.
D. <body> tag of the library item might conflict with the properties already set for the page.
E. Must first select the Modify > Library > Update command to update the current site with the new library item.

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 58
What activities can be performed while getting and putting files using background file transfers? (Choose TWO)
A. preview in live data view
B. generate site-wide reports
C. delete remote files or folders
D. edit external cascading style sheets
E. preview in Browser on a testing server

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 59
What are patterns that define character combinations within the Find and Replace panel called?
A. ECMAScript
B. Special Characters
C. Search Parameters
D. Keyboard Shortcuts
E. Regular Expressions

Correct Answer: E
What is the purpose of previewing files through a web server?
A. determines the site URL
B. provides full testing of local links
C. enables debugging for JavaScript
D. tests server-side includes and dynamic processing

Correct Answer: D
Using an image editor, what is the common technique used to reduce the file size of a .gif image?
A. use a web safe color table
B. reduce the number of colors
C. use a transparent background
D. smooth out gradients in an image editor

Correct Answer: B
What happens when the dialog box asking to upload the dependent files of a web page is ignored?
A. upload will be cancelled after 60 seconds
B. only the web page is uploaded within 60 seconds
C. web page and dependent files will be uploaded within 60 seconds
D. prompts for each of the dependent files of the page after 60 seconds
E. upload will not take effect until whether to upload dependent files or not is selected

Correct Answer: B
When creating a new site that is similar to another site already managed by Dreamweaver, what feature of site management allows ease of making a copy of the original site?
A. Clone
B. Export
C. Duplicate
D. Copy to New Site

Correct Answer: C
What feature can be used to insert small blocks of code that is updated later without manually editing each instance of the same piece of code?
A. Snippets
B. Templates
C. Library items
D. Assets panel

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 65
Tag libraries allow a user to import tags from what type of file?
A. .cfm
B. .php
C. .txt
D. .xml

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 66
What operation allows the user to change all areas of a document created from a template?
A. make the body tag editable
B. detach the page from the template
C. make a separate template for the page
D. start over and use library items instead

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 67
What is an example of a site root relative path?
A. resources/books.html
B. /resources/books.html
C. ../resources/books.html
D. file:///Macintosh HD/resources/books.html

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 68
What are the four types of template objects?
A. optional, custom, editable, repeating
B. repeating, editable, editable tag attribute, custom
C. editable tag attribute, optional, repeating, editable
D. editable parameter, editable tag attribute, editable, repeating

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 69
Why will a <div> styled with “position:relative” NOT appear in the “Layers Panel” in Dreamweaver?
A. <div> style cannot be used this way
B. position:relative is not a permitted style
C. as a block tag, a <div> cannot be affected by position:relative styles
D. Dreamweaver only regards elements styled with position:absolute as “layers”

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 70
Where is the default images folder specified for a site?
A. Files panel
B. Assets panel, Images category
C. Site Definition dialog box, Basic tab
D. Site Definition dialog box, Advanced tab

Correct Answer: D
What is NOT a function that the tag selector can perform?
A. editing
B. selecting
C. removing
D. duplicating

Correct Answer: D
What is a property of an Image Placeholder?
A. name
B. z-index
C. location
D. visibility

Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of the Frames panel?
A. edit a frame’s properties
B. add, delete, or merge frames
C. view and modify the HTML for the frameset
D. select a frame in the document enabling editing to its properties

Correct Answer: D
A Microsoft Word 2003 document contains headings and body text formatted with these default styles: Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal; as well as individual words and phrases formatted as bold or italic. In order to preserve this formatting in HTML when pasted into Dreamweaver, what option should be selected in the Copy/Paste category of the Preferences dialog?
A. Text Only
B. Text with Structure
C. Text with Structure Plus Full Formatting
D. Text with Structure Plus Basic Formatting

Correct Answer: C
What options are provided in the Table dialog box to make data tables more meaningful to web users with disabilities? (Choose THREE)
A. Label
B. Header
C. Caption
D. Summary
E. Access Key
F. TextVersion

Correct Answer: BCD QUESTION 76
How is it possible to simulate viewing pages at different screen resolutions in Dreamweaver?
A. Go to Edit > Preferences > View and set your screen resolution.
B. Change the window size at the bottom of the document window.
C. Change the resolution of the operating system and then preview web pages.
D. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) on the document and select the Screen Resolution option.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 77
What elements are NOT stored in the Assets panel?
B. colors
C. images
D. reports

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 78
What method is used to open linked documents within Dreamweaver on a local hard drive?
A. Double-click the link.
B. Select the link and select File > Open Linked Page.
C. Press Ctrl (cmd-click Mac) and single-click the link.
D. Select the link and select Modify > Open Linked Page.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 79
What code is added to a web page when Set Color Scheme is invoked from the Commands menu?
A. <link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>
B. <script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/JavaScript”>
C. <body bgcolor=”#FF9900″ text=”#333333″ link=”#FFFF00″ vlink=”#FFCC66″ alink=”#666600″>
D. a { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #07387A; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { color: #990000; }

Correct Answer: C
Where can a list of favorite links be saved?
A. Site Cache
B. Links panel
C. Assets panel
D. Site Definition

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 81
What can Dreamweaver do when synchronizing files?
A. optionally delete orphaned files locally
B. delete a few FrontPage extensions remotely
C. optionally delete local files not present remotely
D. optionally delete remote files not present locally

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 82
What is the primary purpose of a staging server?
A. Design and story board a site.
B. Test a site’s ability to withstand DOS (denial of service) attacks.
C. Test a site in an environment closely resembling the production environment.
D. Test server-side includes and image maps, which cannot be tested using a single machine.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 83
What functions use the site cache to speed up access to updated site information? (Choose TWO)
A. displaying the Site Map
B. managing links to external sites
C. managing the Check-In/Check-Out system
D. managing links to documents within the site
E. verifying connections to ODBC data sources

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 84
A request for the URL: r
esults in a 404 server error. What could cause such an error?

A. no faq.html file in the resources directory
B. web server does not have read permission for the resources directory
C. server cannot process the request because it is temporarily overloaded
D. server took longer than expected to return the faq.html page and timed out

Correct Answer: A

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