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What describes the functionality of a web service?

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 53
When using the Post method of retrieval, what must you include in an <cfhttp> tag?
A. nested <cfhttp> tags
B. references to CFHTTP.file
C. nested <cfhttpparam> tag
D. references to CFHTTP.FileContent

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
What is NOT a valid data type for a ColdFusion Web service to return?
A. object
B. structure
C. query record set
D. component definition Correct Answer: A
What is the <cffunction> tag used for? (Choose two)
A. defining Custom Tags
B. defining component methods
C. defining ActionScript functions
D. defining ColdFusion user-defined functions

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 56
What code allows the opening of a Web connection to the Macromedia Web site from within your ColdFusion template?
A. <cfhttp url=”” method=”get”>
B. <cfwddx input=”” output=”content”>
C. <cfftp action=”open” connection=””>
D. <cffile action=”read” file=”” destination=”local”>

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 57
How long will a cookie set without an expiration date persist?
A. forever
B. for a single request
C. until session timeout
D. when the last browser window is closed

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 58
If session variables are set to a timeout of 20 minutes maximum in the CF Administrator, but set to timeout in 2 hours in a <cfapplication> tag, what will the maximum timeout value for the session variables be?
A. 2 Hours
B. 20 Minutes
C. 2 Hours and 20 minutes
D. 1 Hour (the maximum value allowed)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 59
How far up the directory tree will ColdFusion search for an Application.cfm file?
A. the web document root
B. only the current directory
C. the root directory of the drive
D. the root directory of the application

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 60
What statements best describe the Application.cfm file? (Choose two)
A. An Application.cfm file must include at least one CFML tag.
B. Only one Application.cfm is ever processed automatically for a page.
C. You cannot stop ColdFusion from including the closest Application.cfm file.
D. You must have an Application.cfm file somewhere in the production servers file system.
E. An Application.cfm file should be used to include a HTML header file to maintain a consistent look and feel across the application

Correct Answer: BC
In what location is The OnRequestEnd.cfm file searched for by ColdFusion?
A. In the web root
B. In the same directory as the base template
C. In the same directory as the Application.cfm
D. ColdFusion looks for OnRequestEnd.cfm following the same rules as it uses looking for Application.cfm

Correct Answer: C
What does the <cfheader> tag NOT do?
A. set a status code for the browser
B. prevent the server from caching a page
C. throw an error if used after the <cfflush> tag
D. set attribute/value pairs in the response header

Correct Answer: B
What variables must be enabled by the <cfapplication> tag? (Choose three)
A. client
B. cookie
C. request
D. session
E. application

Correct Answer: ADE
What value for the type attribute of the <cferror> tag allows use of the full range of CFML tags in handling an error?
A. Browser
B. Request
C. Exception
D. Validation
Correct Answer: C

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