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Which three options can you enable on a site by site basis in server Admin?___________(Choose all that apply)
B. CGI execution
C. Performance cache
D. QuickTime streaming
E. Chellenge-response authentication
F. Allow document MIME type change

Correct Answer: ABC
You are currently in the same directory as a file called file 1? To view this file’s contents from the command line you can type_____________. Choose all that apply.
A. Cat file 1
B. Cat file\1
C. Cat file \1
D. Cat file\ 1
E. Cat file 1\
Correct Answer: ABCDE
Web Mail____________-(choose all that apply)
A. is a POP client
B. is an IMAP client
C. is based on SquirrelMail
D. does not have its own SMTP server
E. is configured in the Mail services settings in Server Admin
F. is used to administer the mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.3
Correct Answer: BCD
How do you boot a Mac OS X v10.3 computer in single-user mode?
A. Restart while holding down the S key.
B. Restart while holding down Command-S
C. Restart while holding down command-option-s
D. Choose restart in single-user mode?from the Apple menu.
E. Click the Single User checkbox in the Start Disk pane of System Preferences, and restart.

Correct Answer: B
Mac OS X v10.3 administrator users can enable a personal firewall by clicking the start button in the firewall pane of_________________(choose all that apply)
A. Network Utility
B. Netinfo Manager
C. The Network pane of System Preferences
D. The Sharing pane of System Preferences

Correct Answer: D
You are editing an existing user account with Workgroup Manager in Mac OS X Server v10.3.
You have not enabled the inspector. You can _________________(Choose all that apply.)
A. set a login quota
B. add a Short name
C. modify the user ID
D. set usage logs details
E. modify the Full name
F. modify the first Short name

Correct Answer: BCE
Which one of the these cannot be used as a source when creating a NetBoot image with Network Image Utility in Mac OS X server v10.3?
A. Mac OS 9.2.2 install CD.
B. Mac OS X v10.3 install CD.
C. Power Book G4 with Mac OS X v10.3 installed
D. A disk image created from a hard drive with Mac OS X installed
Correct Answer: A
Which of these statements true of mobile users accounts________
A. A mobile user account works on Ibook and PowerBook computers only.
B. Account information is stored both in a shared domain and locally, on the user’s computer.
C. You create a mobile user by selecting mobile user in the Advanced pane of workgroup Manager.
D. A mobile user has two home folders, a local folder and a network folder, both of which Mac OS X Server v10.3 keeps synchronized, so they contain the same set of data.
E. If not connected to a network, a mobile user logs in to his computer using the local copy of the mobile account information. When connected to the network, however, the operating system authenticates the user using the account information stored on a shared domain.

Correct Answer: BCDE
Which of these computers can startup from a netboot image hosted by Mac OS X v10.3 ________________ (choose all that apply)
A. Power Macintosh G3 (233MHz, beige model)
B. Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White)
C. iMac G3 (Tray Loading)
D. iMac (Slot Loading)
E. Power Mac G4
F. Power Mac G5
G. Xserve
H. iBook

Correct Answer: BCDE
Realm permissions___________(choose all that apply)
A. are used for WebDAV only
B. are enforced by Server Admin
C. are enforced by the web server
D. apply to a folder in a website
E. can be assigned to users but not to groups

Correct Answer: BCDE
To set up PPPoE, which port must you configure?
A. Modem
B. Ethernet
C. FireWire
D. AppleTalk
Correct Answer: B
What are TWO ways to configure Mac OS X v10.3 to get LDAP
information?________Choose all that apply
A. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X v10.3 to get LDAP information from a DNS server.
B. Use the default configuration, which allows Mac OS X v10.3 to use a DHCP- supplied LDAP server.
C. Use Directory Access to configure Mac OS X v10.3 with the IP address, type and search base of a specific LDAP server.
D. Use the Sharing pane of System Preference to configure Mac OS X v10.3 to use an Active Directory server as an LDAP server.

Correct Answer: BC
Which file names would be listed in the output of the command? ________________(Choose all that apply)
A. MyDoc.exe
B. Index.html
C. Myfile
D. Hello
E. X

Correct Answer: AB
Which is the default location of all kernel extensions text file in Mac OS X v10.3
A. /Library/Extensions/
B. /System/Extensions/
C. /System Folder/Extensions/
D. /System/Library/Extensions/

Correct Answer: D
When printing from the classic environment you can use the________
A. Chooser
B. Printer Setup Utility
C. Mac OS 9 Print Tools
D. Printers control panel

Correct Answer: A
The NetBoot Filters feature in Mac OS X v10.3 lets you__________
A. look up the IP address of a computer, based on its host name.
B. Deny NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
C. Allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address
D. Allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address

Correct Answer: D
By default, the Mac OS X v10.3 shell prompt includes the ?? characters after the user name when you______________-
A. are in your home directory
B. have connected to another computer using ssh
C. are logged in as a user who is the Group Admin
D. are running the shell as the System Adminstrator
Correct Answer: D
How does an administrator user delete another user in Mac OS X v10.3
A. Open Terminal and use the du command to delete the selected user.
B. Open the Users control panel, select a user to delete, and click the Delete button.
C. Open the Accounts pane of System Perferences, select a user to delete, and click the Delete(minus sign)button.
D. Open the/Users folder, select a users folder to delete,drag the folder to the Trash, and choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu.

Correct Answer: C
Which statements are true of kerberos? (choose all that apply)
A. kerberos uses tickets.
B. Kerbeos requires LDAP.
C. Kerberos requires service discovery.
D. Kerberos is a way to perform authentication.
E. Your computer presents your user name and password to each server.

Correct Answer: ABCDE
Which is a requirement when initially configuring a Blutooth device, such as a cell
phone, to pair with a computer running Mac OS X v10.3?
A. The computer or the device must be set to be Discoverable.
B. The computer and the device must have the sleep function disabled.
C. The computer and the device must be within line of sight of each other.
D. The computer or the device must be set to Require Network Authentication.

Correct Answer: A
The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended file system is to_______
A. provide support for file forks
B. make the file system case-sensitive
C. make the file system compatible with the windows (MS-DOS) format
D. provide the user with a journal that lists recently created files and directories
E. help protect the file system integrity in the case of power outages or unforeseen system failures

Correct Answer: E
Which command is found on Mac OS X v10.3 as well as on other versions of UNIX?
A. system_profiler
B. ditto
C. open
D. is
Correct Answer: D
The Accounts pane of System Preferences lets you configure an account to________
A. have Read only access
B. use a Simple Finder environment
C. recognize multiple valid passwords
D. log in to the computer only via FTP
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 69
Mac OS X v10.3 supports which kinds of VPN connections? _______(choose all that apply)
E. P2P

Correct Answer: ABCDE QUESTION 70

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Apple 9L0-506 Actual Questions, Help To Pass Apple 9L0-506 Study Guide With 100% Pass Rate