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To make room on the boot drive of your QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS), you move the QTSS media directory to a separate volume. In Server Admin you confirm that the path to the new directory is correct. You can play media from this directory locally on the server, but you are unable to stream the media in this directory from your server. What is the most likely cause?
A. The qtaccess file has been deleted.
B. The owner of the new directory is not system user “qtss”.
C. The server was not rebooted after the media directory was moved.
D. QuickTime does not recognize the format of the drive where the new directory is stored.

Correct Answer: B
Where are QuickTime Streaming Server group accounts stored by default?
A. /var/db/netinfo/Iocal.nidb
B. /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/qtgroups
C. /System/Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/qtgroups
D. /Library/Application Support/Apple/QuickTime/Streaming/Groups/qtgroups

Correct Answer: B
Users have subscribed to your podcast. What element will you need to update so that users can receive new episodes?
A. The URL associated with the enhanced podcast
B. The html web page associated with the podcast
C. The rss.xml feed file associated with the podcast
D. The metadata associated with previous podcast episodes

Correct Answer: C
Which procedure will let you access an on-demand stream from a webpage?
A. Change the mime-type of the stream to “.mov” and enter the stream’s URL in the web browser, beginning with “rtsp://”.
B. Create a reference movie that redirects QuickTime Player to the streaming URL and embed the reference movie in your webpage.
C. Create a playlist in the default media directory on your web server and enter the stream’s URL in the web browser, beginning with “rtsp://”.
D. Embed a hinted version of your stream in a webpage and configure the QuickTime plug-in to autoplay the stream when the webpage loads.
Correct Answer: B
Which is a characteristic of real-time streaming?
A. The media plays in real-time over the network.
B. The media is delivered using the HTTP protocol.
C. The media is downloaded to the viewer’s hard disk.
D. The request for the stream is handled using the UDP protocol.

Correct Answer: A
On a clean installation of Mac OS X Server you have enabled weblog service and created a weblog entry for user jsmith. Who can ADD COMMENTS to this jsmith web log entry?
A. Anyone
B. Any user who has authenticated via qtuser files
C. Any user who has authenticated via Open Directory
D. Any user who has authenticated as jsmith via qtuser files
E. Any user who has authenticated as jsmith via Open Directory

Correct Answer: A
Which strategy lets users post media to your streaming server without requiring the users to supply an administrator password?
A. Add the users’ names to the qtusers file in the main media directory.
B. Create an alias to the main media directory and copy this alias to the users’ desktops.
C. Enable home directory support and have users post media to the folder created in their home directories.
D. Copy the qtaccess file for the main media directory into each user’s local streaming folder at:/Users/ <username>/Sites/Streaming.

Correct Answer: C
Fast Start is a form of _________.
A. live broadcasting
B. real-time streaming
C. Instant-On streaming
D. progressive download

Correct Answer: D
Which application includes a Podcast Track user interface element that simplifies the creation of enhanced audio podcasts?
A. Logic Pro
B. GarageBand
C. QuickTime Pro
D. Soundtrack Pro

Correct Answer: B
You want to distribute a video podcast using Mac OS X Server’s Web server. In addition to the video file, which item(s) must you create to enable users to subscribe to your podcast?
A. Just an html file
B. An html file and an rss file
C. An rss file and a java script file
D. An html file and a Java script file
E. An rss file and a css style sheet
F. An html file, an rss file, and a css style sheet

Correct Answer: B
Which utility can create user accounts and passwords for access to protected media served by QuickTime Streaming Server?
A. dscl
B. passwd
C. qtpasswd
D. serveradmin

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 31
To get the best performance from an RTSP stream delivered over a 512 kbps LAN connection, the stream’s data rate should not exceed _________ kbps.
A. 256
B. 384
C. 512
D. 1024

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
You have encoded a 30-minute media stream at 512 kbps. For optimum viewing in real-time, clients must have a network connection speed of AT LEAST ___________.
A. 6 kbps
B. 17.1 kbps
C. 512 kbps
D. 768 kbps
E. 1.5 Mbps

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 33
Which application includes user interface elements that simplify creation of enhanced video podcasts?
A. iMovie
B. Motion
C. Keynote
D. QuickTime Pro

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 34
What is the earliest version of QuickTime that you can use to view streaming media?
A. QuickTime 4
B. QuickTime 5
C. QuickTime 6
D. QuickTime 7

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 35
Which file encoding format does Apple recommend for iPod and iTunes audio content?
C. MP3

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
You are configuring weblogs on your Mac OS X Server, using Server Admin. Which service listed under Computers and Services lets you enable weblogs?
A. Web
B. Weblog
C. Podcast
D. QuickTime Streaming

Correct Answer: A

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