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Which physical security feature is built into MacBook and MacBook Pro computers ?
A. Battery cover lock
B. Locking hard drive bay
C. Kensington security slot
D. Radio frequency ID tags (RFID)
E. RAM compartment locked bv torx screw
Correct Answer: C
An index value below 4096 for a NetBoot service image indicates that the image_______.
A. is a NetBoot image
B. is a Net Install image
C. is intended to be hosted on only one NetBoot server
D. is intended to be hosted on multiple NetBoot servers, for load-balancing

Correct Answer: C
Which preparatory step must you complete before you can restore a disk image using asr ?
A. Run asr images can on the image
B. Delete Apple Setup Done from the Image
C. Convert the image to a Red/Write image using Disk Utility.
D. Delete the By Host preferences and VM swap flies from the image.

Correct Answer: A
Using System Image Utility. You are defining a workflow that will be used to create a Net install image. Which Automator action should you add to the workflow if you want to include specific LDAP binding information in the finished image?
A. Define Image Source
B. Filter Computer Models
C. Filter Clients by IP Address
D. Customize Package Selection
E. Filter Clients by MAC Address
F. Apply System Configuration Settings

Correct Answer: F
You want to creates Mac OS X v10.6 ASR deployment image that does NOT contain Computer-special
data or configuration settings, such as cache files and network port settings.
Which disk image creation method does Apple recommend to achieve this goal?

A. Using System Image Utility. Create a disk image of an unconfigured Mac OS X v10.6 computer.
B. Using Disk Utility, create a disk image of an unconfigured Mac Os X v10.6 computer system, then boot the computer from the disk image, configure the computer, and save the changes to the disk image
C. Using Disk Utility, Create a blank disk image, then install onto the Image (in order): 1) Mac OS X v10.6; 2) Operating system updates provided by Apple: 3) essential software installer packages; 4) scripts to configure the system after it has been imaged.
D. Using Disk Utility, make an image. of an external hard disk that has been prepared by following these steps (in order): 1) Install Mac OS X v10.6 onto the external hard disk; 2) boot a Macintosh computer from the external hard disk; 3) install Mac OS X updates; and 4) install additional applications on the hard disk
Correct Answer: C
What is the primary role of shadow files In NetBoot ?
A. Shadow files provide a temporary space for writing files
B. Shadow files store the NetBoot client computers? boot ROM.
C. Shadow files speed up the NetBoot boot process by providing a location to cache, system flies
D. Shadow files store system settings that specify whether the NetBoot client computer will boot from a Read-only NetBoot image.

Correct Answer: A
Review the screenshots of two NetBoot Settings panes in Server Admin, then answer the question An admin user booted a Client computer from the Leopard Boot image, and created a file in/on the client computer. Where is the file stored?
A. In the user’s network home folder
B. On the NetBoot servers Data volume
C. On the NetBoot server’s Macintosh HD volume
D. On the NetBoot client computer’s local hard drive

Correct Answer: D
Which THREE are default reports that Apple Remote Desktop 3 can run?
A. CPU Usage
B. Network Usage
C. Software Version
D. Application Usage
E. Software Difference
F. Software Serial Number

Correct Answer: CDE
Which procedure will modify the login in window on a Mac OS X v10.6 computer so it displays a message ?
A. Add the message text to the login line of/etc/hostconfig.
B. Add the message text to the Ioginwmdow.txt file located in Library/var/.
C. Type your message text in the Login Message field in the Login Options pane of Accounts preferences
D. In Terminal, enter sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.appleloginwindow LoginwindowText.“[message text]”.
Correct Answer: D
What naming convention does Apple recommend for generating a unique installation package identifier ?
A. The company domain name, with the package name at the end (e.g.,
B. The company domain, with the package name at the beginning, (e.g.,
C. The company domain name in reverse, with the package name at the end (e.g. com pretendco mypackage)
D. The company domain name in reverse, with the package name at the beginning (e.g. pretendco)

Correct Answer: C
you are building a school computer lab with 55 computers. if you plan to boot all of the
lab computers from the NetBoot service. What minimum network band width does Apple recommended?

A. 10-Mbit switched Ethernet
B. 100-MBit Ethernet
C. 100-MBit switched Ethernet
D. Gigabit Ethernet

Correct Answer: D
A Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer has the MAC address 0030654dbcef, and the IP address 10.0. 0.4, which resolves to server, Four well-configured auto setup files reside on the server, in the appropriate location, Which file Mac OS X Server use to automatically configure, the computer ?
A. generic.plist
C. 0030664dbcef plist
D. server pretendco com. plist

Correct Answer: C
You are creating the configuration file that the asr command will use to multicast an Image. Which TWO values must be defined in the configuration file ?
A. Port
B. Data Rate
C. Multicast TTL
D. Loop Suspend
E. Client Data Rate
F. Multicast Address
Correct Answer: BF
A sparse disk image is a disk image ________.
A. that contains only file
B. that requires a password to open
C. that does not store metadata for the files contains.
D. whose me size increases as more data is stored in the image.
Correct Answer: D

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