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Better Resources For Training Specifically For Cisco 300-430 Exam: 300-430 ENWLSI Dumps

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Better Resources For Training Specifically For Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Free Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI practice test questions to try your abilities:


An engineer configures a Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP for a user who works remotely. What is configured
on the Cisco, WLC to allow the user to print a printer on his home network?

A. split tunneling
B. SE-connect
C. FlexConnect
D. AP failover priority

Correct Answer: A


A FlexConnect remote office deployment is using five 2702i APs indoors and two 1532i APs outdoors. When a code
the upgrade is performed and FlexConnect Smart AP Image Upgrade is leveraged, but no FlexConnect Master AP has
been configured, how many image transfers between the WLC and APs will occur?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7

Correct Answer: B


What is the difference between PIM sparse mode and PIM dense mode?

A. Sparse mode supports only one switch. The dense mode supports multiswitch networks.
B. Sparse mode floods. The dense mode uses distribution trees.
C. Sparse mode uses distribution trees. Dense mode floods.
D. Sparse mode supports multiswitch networks. The dense mode supports only one switch.

Correct Answer: C imc-techoview.html


CMX Facebook Wi-Fi allows access to the network before authentication. Which two elements are available? (Choose

A. Allow HTTP traffic only before authentication and block all the traffic.
B. Allow all the traffic before authentication and intercept HTTPS only.
C. Allow HTTP traffic only before authentication and block all other traffic.
D. Allow all the traffic before authentication and intercept HTTP only.
E. Allow SNMP traffic only before authentication and block all the traffic.

Correct Answer: CD


A new MSE with wIPS service has been installed and no alarm information appears to be reaching the MSE from
controllers. Which protocol must be allowed to reach the MSE from the controllers?


Correct Answer: B


An engineer must create an account to log in to the CLI of an access point for troubleshooting. Which configuration on
the WLC will accomplish this?

A. ReadWrite User Access Mode
B. Global Configuration Enable Password
C. SNMP V3 User
D. Allow New Telnet Sessions

Correct Answer: B
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An engineer just added a new MSE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and wants to synchronize the MSE with the Cisco 5520
WLC, which is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. It is noticed that NMSP messages are failing between the two
devices. Which traffic must be allowed on the firewall to ensure that the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?

A. TCP 1613
B. UDP 16113
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613

Correct Answer: C

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https:\\’/mrncciewxom/2014/09/25/what-is-nmsp/ https:\\’/mvwxiscoxomx/en\\’us\\’support/docs\\’wireless\\’mo


Which AP model of the Cisco Aironet Active Sensor is used with Cisco DNA Center?

A. 1800s
B. 3600e
C. 3800s
D. 4800i

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is creating an ACL to restrict some traffic to the WLC CPU. Which selection must be made from the
direction drop-down list?

A. It must be Inbound because traffic goes to the WLC.
B. Packet direction has no significance; it is always Any.
C. It must be Outbound because it is traffic that is generated from the WLC.
D. To have the complete list of options, the CPU ACL must be created only by the CLI.

Correct Answer: A


An engineer must configure MSE to provide guests access using social media authentication. Which service does the
engineer configure so that guests use Facebook credentials to authenticate\\’?

A. Visitor Connect
B. Client Connect
C. Social Connect
D. Guest Connect

Correct Answer: C


An IT department receives a report of a stolen laptop and has information on the MAC address of the laptop. Which two settings must be set on the wireless infrastructure to determine its location? (Choose two.)

A. Location History for Visitors must be enabled on the MSE.
B. Location History for Clients must be enabled on the MSE.
C. Location History for Rogue APs and Rogue Clients must be enabled on the MSE.
D. Client location tracking must be enabled on the MSE.
E. Tracking optimization must be enabled on the WLC.

Correct Answer: AB


An engineer is implementing a FlexConnect group for access points at a remote location using local switching but
central DHCP. Which client feature becomes available only if this configuration is changed?

A. multicast
B. static IP
C. fast roaming

Correct Answer: B

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