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[2020.11] New CompTIA CAS-003 Dumps With VCE And PDF (Practice Questions) From Pass4itsure

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CompTIA CAS-003 Practice Test Questions Answers

A malware infection spread to numerous workstations within the marketing department. The workstations were
quarantined and replaced with machines. Which of the following represents a FINAL step in the prediction of the
A. The workstations should be isolated from the network.
B. The workstations should be donated to refuse.
C. The workstations should be reimaged
D. The workstations should be patched and scanned.
Correct Answer: C

Joe, a penetration tester, is assessing the security of an application binary provided to him by his client. Which of the
The following methods would be the MOST effective in reaching this objective?
A. Employ a fuzzing utility
B. Use a static code analyzer
C. Run the binary in an application sandbox
D. Manually review the binary in a text editor
Correct Answer: C

A systems security engineer is assisting an organization\\’s market survey team in reviewing requirements for an
upcoming acquisition of mobile devices. The engineer expresses concerns to the survey team about a particular class of
devices that uses a separate SoC for baseband radio I/O. For which of the following reasons is the engineer

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