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Which do you configure to give remote access VPN users a local IP address?
A. Office mode IP pool
B. NAT pool
C. Encryption domain pool
D. Authentication pool

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 81
You need to plan the company’s new security system. The company needs a very high level of security and also high performance and high through put for their applications. You need to turn on most of the integrated IPS checks while maintain high throughput. What would be the best solution for this scenario?
A. The IPS does not run when Core XL is enabled
B. You need to buy a strong multi-core machine and run R71 or later on Secure Platform with CoreXL technology enabled.
C. The IPS system does not affect the firewall performance and CoreXL is not needed in this scenario.
D. Bad luck, both together can not be achieved.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 82
Which can an administrator configure the notification action of a policy install time change?
A. SmartView Tracker I Audit Log
B. SmartView Monitor/ Gateways I Thresholds Settings
C. SmartDashboard / Security Gateway Object I Advanced Properties Tail
D. SmartDashboard / Policy Package Manager

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 83
You intend to upgrade a Check Point Gateway from R65 to R71. Prior to upgrading, you want to backup the gateway should there be any problems with the upgrade of the following allows for the gateway configuration to be completely backup into a manageable size in the least amount of time?
A. Backup
B. Snapshot
C. Upgrade_export
D. Database_revision

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 84
Which of the following describes the default behavior of an R71 Security Gateway?
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A. Traffic is filtered using controlled port scanning.
B. All traffic is expressly permitted via explicit rules.
C. Traffic not explicitly permitted is dropped.
D. IP protocol types listed as secure are allowed by default, i.e ICMP, TCP, UDP sessions are inspected.

Correct Answer: C
Which R71 GUI would you use to see the number of packets accepted since the last policy install?
A. SmartView Monitor
B. SmartView Status
C. SmartView Tracker
D. SmartDashboard

Correct Answer: C
A digital signature:
A. Provides a secure key exchange mechanism over the Internet
B. Automatically exchanges shared keys.
C. Guarantees the authenticity and integrity of a message.
D. Decrypts data to its original form.

Correct Answer: A

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