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Cisco 300-715 Dumps Questions Share By Latest Version 300-715 Mar2022

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1. Which scenario does not support Cisco ISE guest services?

A. wired NAD with local WebAuth
B. wireless LAN controller with central WebAuth
C. wireless LAN controller with local WebAuth
D. wired NAD with central WebAuth

Correct Answer: B

2. An engineer is implementing network access control using Cisco ISE and needs to separate the traffic based on the network device ID and use the IOS device sensor capability. Which probe must be used to accomplish this task?

A. HTTP probe
B. NetFlow probe
C. network scan probe
D. RADIUS probe

Correct Answer: A

3. An engineer is configuring Cisco ISE and needs to dynamically identify the network endpoints and ensure that endpoint access is protected. Which service should be used to accomplish this task?

A. Guest access
B. Profiling
C. Posture
D. Client provisioning

Correct Answer: B

4. An administrator is migrating device administration access to Cisco ISE from the legacy TACACS+ solution that used only privilege 1 and 15 access levels. The organization requires more granular controls of the privileges and wants to customize access levels 2-5 to correspond with different roles and access needs. Besides defining a new shell profile in Cisco ISE. what must be done to accomplish this configuration?

A. Enable the privilege levels in Cisco ISE
B. Enable the privilege levels in the IOS devices.
C. Define the command privileges for levels 2-5 in the IOS devices
D. Define the command privileges for levels 2-5 in Cisco ISE

Correct Answer: C

5. An engineer is testing Cisco ISE policies in a lab environment with no support for a deployment server. In order to push supplicant profiles to the workstations for testing, firewall ports will need to be opened. From which Cisco ISE persona should this traffic be originating?

A. monitoring
B. policy service
C. administration
D. authentication

Correct Answer: B

6. A network administrator is configuring authorization policies on Cisco ISE There is a requirement to use the AD group assignments to control access to network resources After a recent power failure and Cisco ISE rebooting itself, the AD group assignments no longer work What is the cause of this issue?

A. The AD join point is no longer connected.
B. The AD DNS response is slow.
C. The certificate checks are not being conducted.
D. The network devices’ ports are shut down.

Correct Answer: A

7. A security engineer must create an Antivirus remediation policy within Cisco ISE. Which two options can the engineer select in the new Antivirus remediation policy? (Choose two.)

A. program installation path
B. Antivirus vendor name
C. uniform resource locator
D. file to upload
E. operating system

Correct Answer: BE

8. Which supplicant(s) and server(s) are capable of supporting EAR-CHAINING?

A. Cisco AnyConnect NAM and Cisco Identity Service Engine
B. Cisco AnyConnect NAM and Cisco Access Control Server
C. Cisco Secure Services Client and Cisco Access Control Server
D. Windows Native Supplicant and Cisco Identity Service Engine

Correct Answer: A

9. A customer wants to set up the Sponsor portal and delegate the authentication flow to a third party for added security while using Kerberos Which database should be used to accomplish this goal?

A. RSA Token Server
B. Active Directory
C. Local Database

Correct Answer: B
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10. An engineer is tasked with placing a guest access anchor controller in the DMZ. Which two ports or port sets must be opened up on the firewall to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. UDP port 1812 RADIUS
B. TCP port 161
C. TCP port 514
D. UDP port 79
E. UDP port 16666

Correct Answer: BC

11. An engineer deploys Cisco ISE and must configure Active Directory to then use information from Active Directory in an authorization policy. Which two components must be configured, in addition to Active Directory groups, to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)

A. Identity Source Sequences
B. LDAP External Identity Sources
C. Active Directory External Identity Sources
D. Library Condition for Identity Group: User Identity Group
E. Library Condition for External Identity: External Groups

Correct Answer: AC

12. An organization wants to improve its BYOD processes to have Cisco ISE issue certificates to the BYOD endpoints. Currently, they have an active certificate authority and do not want to replace it with Cisco ISE. What must be configured within Cisco ISE to accomplish this goal?

A. Create a certificate signing request and have the root certificate authority sign it.
B. Add the root certificate authority to the trust store and enable it for authentication.
C. Create a SCEP profile to link Cisco ISE with the root certificate authority.
D. Add an OCSP profile and configure the root certificate authority as secondary.

Correct Answer: C


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