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300-715 SISE Practice Test Online Q&As


An engineer is implementing network access control using Cisco ISE and needs to separate the traffic based on the
network device ID and use the IOS device sensor capability. Which probe must be used to accomplish this task?

A. HTTP probe
B. NetFlow probe
C. network scan probe
D. RADIUS probe

Correct Answer: A


An engineer is using Cisco ISE and configuring guest services to allow wireless devices to access the network. Which
action should accomplish this task?

A. Create the redirect ACL on the WLC and add it to the WLC policy
B. Create the redirect ACL on the WLC and add it to the Cisco ISE policy.
C. Create the redirect ACL on Cisco ISE and add it to the WLC policy
D. Create the redirect ACL on Cisco ISE and add it to the Cisco ISE Policy

Correct Answer: B


What are two components of the posture requirement when configuring the Cisco ISE posture? (Choose two)

A. updates
B. remediation actions
C. Client Provisioning portal
D. conditions
E. access policy

Correct Answer: BD


There is a need within an organization for a new policy to be created in Cisco ISE. It must validate that a specific antivirus application is not only installed, but running on a machine before it is allowed access to the network. Which
posture condition should the administrator configure in order for this policy to work?

A. file
B. registry
C. application
D. service

Correct Answer: C


Drag the Cisco ISE node types from the left onto the appropriate purposes on the right.

Monitoring = provides advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools that you can use to effectively manage your
network and resources Policy Service = provides network access, posture, guest access, client provisioning, and profiling services.

This persona evaluates the policies and makes all the decisions.
Administration = manages all system-related configuration and configurations that relate to functionality such as
authentication, authorization, auditing, and so on pxGrid = shares context-sensitive information from Cisco ISE to


Which of these is not a method to obtain Cisco ISE profiling data?

C. SNMP query
D. active scans
E. Netflow

Correct Answer: D


A network engineer is configuring guest access and notices that when a guest user registers a second device for
access, the first device loses access What must be done to ensure that both devices for a particular user can
access the guest network simultaneously?

A. Configure the sponsor group to increase the number of logins.
B. Use a custom portal to increase the number of logins
C. Modify the guest type to increase the number of maximum devices
D. Create an Adaptive Network Control policy to increase the number of devices

Correct Answer: C


In a Cisco, ISE split deployment model, which load is split between the nodes?

B. network admission
C. log collection
D. device admission

Correct Answer: A


Which two features must be used on Cisco ISE to enable the TACACS feature? (Choose two)

A. Device Administration License
B. Server Sequence
C. Command Sets
D. Device Admin Service
E. External TACACS Servers

Correct Answer: AD


What is a requirement for Feed Service to work?

A. TCP port 3080 must be opened between Cisco ISE and the feed server
B. Cisco ISE has a base license.
C. Cisco ISE has access to an internal server to download feed update
D. Cisco ISE has Internet access to download feed update

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

An organization recently implemented network device administration using Cisco ISE. Upon testing the ability to access
all of the required devices, a user in the Cisco ISE group IT Admins is attempting to login to a device in their
organization\\’s finance department but is unable to. What is the problem?

A. The IT training rule is taking precedence over the IT Admins rule.
B. The authorization conditions wrongly allow the IT Admins group no access to finance devices.
C. The finance location is not a condition in the policy set.
D. The authorization policy doesn\\’t correctly grant them access to the finance devices.

Correct Answer: D


What is a characteristic of the UDP protocol?

A. UDP can detect when a server is down.
B. UDP offers best-effort delivery
C. UDP can detect when a server is slow
D. UDP offers information about a non-existent server

Correct Answer: B


Which types of design are required in the Cisco ISE ATP program?

A. schematic and detailed
B. preliminary and final
C. high-level and low-level designs
D. top-down and bottom-up

Correct Answer: C

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