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An application is hosted on Google Kubernetes Engine. A new JavaScript module is created to work with the existing
application. Which task is mandatory to make the code ready to deploy?
A. Create a Dockerfile for the code base.
B. Rewrite the code in Python.
C. Build a wrapper for the code to “containerize” it.
D. Rebase the code from the upstream git repo.
Correct Answer: D

An application uses OAuth to get access to several API resources on behalf of an end user. What are two valid
parameters to send to the authorization server as part of the first step of an authorization code grant flow? (Choose
A. URI to which the authorization server will send the user-agent back when access is granted or denied
B. list of the API resources that the application is requesting to access
C. secret that was generated by the authorization server when the application registered as an OAuth integration
D. list of scopes that correspond to the API resources to which the application is requesting to access
E. name of the application under which the application registered as an OAuth integration
Correct Answer: AC


350-901 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. An Intersight API is being used to query RackUnit resources that have a tag keyword set to “Site”.
What is the expected output of this command?
A. list of all resources that have a tag with the keyword “Site”
B. error message because the Value field was not specified
C. error message because the tag filter should be lowercase
D. list of all sites that contain RackUnit tagged compute resources
Correct Answer: A

A web application is susceptible to cross-site scripting. Which two methods allow this issue to be mitigated? (Choose
A. Use only drop downs.
B. Limit user input to acceptable characters.
C. Encrypt user input on the client side.
D. Use AES encryption to secure the script.
E. Remove all HTML/XML tags from user input.
Correct Answer: BD

A user is receiving a 429 Too Many Requests error. Which scheme is the server employing that causes this error?
A. rate limiting
B. time outs
C. caching
D. redirection
Correct Answer: A

An automated solution is needed to configure VMs in numerous cloud provider environments to connect the
environments to an SDWAN. The SDWAN edge VM is provided as an image in each of the relevant clouds and can be
given an identity and all required configuration via cloud-init without needing to log into the VM once online.
Which configuration management and/or automation tooling is needed for this solution?
A. Ansible
B. Ansible and Terraform
D. Terraform
E. Ansible and NSO
Correct Answer: E

Which two techniques protect against injection attacks? (Choose two.)
A. input validation
B. trim whitespace
C. limit text areas to 255 characters
D. string escaping of user free text and data entry
E. only use dropdown, checkbox, and radio button fields
Correct Answer: AE

Drag and drop the code onto the snippet to update a SSID in Meraki using the Dashboard API. Not all options are used.
Select and Place:

350-901 exam questions-q8

Correct Answer:

350-901 exam questions-q8-2


350-901 exam questions-q9

 Refer to the exhibit. a developer created the code, but it fails to execute. Which code snippet helps to identify the

350-901 exam questions-q9-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C

Which RFC5988 (Web Linking) relation type is used in the Link header to control pagination in APIs?
A. rel=”index”
B. rel=”page”
C. rel=”next”
D. rel=”section”
Correct Answer: C


350-901 exam questions-q11

Refer to the exhibit. Which two functions are performed by the load balancer when it handles traffic originating from the
Internet destined to an application hosted on the file server farm? (Choose two.)
A. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
B. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
C. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
D. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
E. Terminate the TLS over the SCTP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
Correct Answer: DE

An organization manages a large cloud-deployed application that employs a microservices architecture across multiple
data centers. Reports have received about application slowness. The container orchestration logs show that faults have
been raised in a variety of containers that caused them to fail and then spin up brand new instances.
Which two actions can improve the design of the application to identify the faults? (Choose two.)
A. Automatically pull out the container that fails the most over a time period.
B. Implement a tagging methodology that follows the application execution from service to service.
C. Add logging on exception and provide immediate notification.
D. Do a write to the datastore every time there is an application failure.
E. Implement an SNMP logging system with alerts in case a network link is slow.
Correct Answer: BC


350-901 exam questions-q13

Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the steps from the left into the correct order of operation on the right for a successful
OAuth2 three-legged authorization code grant flow.
Select and Place:

350-901 exam questions-q13-2

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