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A security analyst is preparing for the company\\’s upcoming audit. Upon review of the company\\’s latest vulnerability
scan, the security analyst finds the following open issues: Which of the following vulnerabilities should be prioritized for
remediation FIRST?

cs0-001 exam questions-q1

A. ICMP timestamp request remote date disclosure
B. Anonymous FTP enabled
C. Unsupported web server detection
D. Microsoft Windows SMB service enumeration via \srvsvc
Correct Answer: C

A nuclear facility manager determined the need to monitor utilization of water within the facility. A startup company just
announced a state-of-the-art solution to address the need for integrating the business and ICS network. The solution
requires a very small agent to be installed on the ICS equipment. Which of the following is the MOST important security
control for the manager to invest in to protect the facility?
A. Run a penetration test on the installed agent.
B. Require that the solution provider make the agent source code available for analysis.
C. Require through guides for administrator and users.
D. Install the agent for a week on a test system and monitor the activities.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following systems or services is MOST likely to exhibit issues stemming from the Heartbleed vulnerability
(Choose two.)
A. SSH daemons
B. Web servers
C. Modbus devices
D. TLS VPN services
E. IPSec VPN concentrators
F. SMB service
Correct Answer: DE

Organizational policies require vulnerability remediation on severity 7 or greater within one week. Anything with a
severity less than 7 must be remediated within 30 days. The organization also requires security teams to investigate the
details of a vulnerability before performing any remediation. If the investigation determines the finding is a false positive,
no remediation is performed and the vulnerability scanner configuration is updates to omit the false positive from future
The organization has three Apache web servers:

cs0-001 exam questions-q4

Which of the following actions should the security team perform?
A. Ignore the false positive on
B. Remediate within 30 days
C. Remediate within 30 days
D. Investigate the false negative on
Correct Answer: C

After reviewing the following packet, a cybersecurity analyst has discovered an unauthorized service is running on a
company\\’s computer.

cs0-001 exam questions-q5

Which of the following ACLs, if implemented, will prevent further access ONLY to the unauthorized service and will not
impact other services?
C. DENY IP HOST192.168.1.10 HOST EQ 3389
Correct Answer: A

A centralized tool for organizing security events and managing their response and resolution is known as:
C. Syslog
D. Wireshark
Correct Answer: A

An analyst suspects a large database that contains customer information and credit card data was exfiltrated to a known
hacker group in a foreign country. Which of the following incident response steps should the analyst take FIRST?
A. Immediately notify law enforcement, as they may be able to help track down the hacker group before customer
information is disseminated.
B. Draft and publish a notice on the company\\’s website about the incident, as PCI regulations require immediate
disclosure in the case of a breach of PII or card data.
C. Isolate the server, restore the database to a time before the vulnerability occurred, and ensure the database is
D. Document and verify all evidence and immediately notify the company\\’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to
better understand the next steps.
Correct Answer: D

A security analyst received several service tickets reporting that a company storefront website is not accessible by
internal domain users. However, external users are accessing the website without issue. Which of the following is the
MOST likely reason for this behavior?
A. The FQDN is incorrect.
B. The DNS server is corrupted.
C. The time synchronization server is corrupted.
D. The certificate is expired.
Correct Answer: B

The security team has determined that the current incident response resources cannot meet management\\’s objective
to secure a forensic image for all serious security incidents within 24 hours. Which of the following compensating
controls can be used to help meet management\\’s expectations?
A. Separation of duties
B. Scheduled reviews
C. Dual control
D. Outsourcing
Correct Answer: D

A company that is hiring a penetration tester wants to exclude social engineering from the list of authorized activities.
Which of the following documents should include these details?
A. Acceptable use policy
B. Service level agreement
C. Rules of engagement
D. Memorandum of understanding
E. Master service agreement
Correct Answer: C

A threat intelligence feed has posted an alert stating there is a critical vulnerability in the kernel. Unfortunately, the
company\\’s asset inventory is not current. Which of the following techniques would a cybersecurity analyst perform to
find all affected servers within an organization?
A. A manual log review from data sent to syslog
B. An OS fingerprinting scan across all hosts
C. A packet capture of data traversing the server network
D. A service discovery scan on the network
Correct Answer: B

During a routine network scan, a security administrator discovered an unidentified service running on a new embedded
and unmanaged HVAC controller, which is used to monitor the company\\’s datacenter:

cs0-001 exam questions-q12

The enterprise monitoring service requires SNMP and SNMPTRAP connectivity to operate. Which of the following
should the security administrator implement to harden the system?
A. Patch and restart the unknown service.
B. Segment and firewall the controller\\’s network.
C. Disable the unidentified service on the controller.
D. Implement SNMPv3 to secure communication.
E. Disable TCP/UDP ports 161 through 163.
Correct Answer: A

An analyst is observing unusual network traffic from a workstation. The workstation is communicating with a known
malicious site over an encrypted tunnel. A full antivirus scan with an updated antivirus signature file does not show any
sign of infection. Which of the following has occurred on the workstation?
A. Zero-day attack
B. Known malware attack
C. Session hijack
D. Cookie stealing
Correct Answer: A

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