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What are two standard fiber-optic connectors? (Choose two.)
A. Lucent
B. rollover
C. subscriber
D. multidimension
E. crossover
Correct Answer: AC

Which layer of the OSI model defines how data is formatted for transmission and how access to the physical media is
A. presentation
B. data link
C. network
D. transport
Correct Answer: B

Which command sends an echo request packet to the target host and then waits for an echo response message?
A. echo
B. access
C. ping
D. connect
Correct Answer: C

What does Cisco use for Return Materials Authorization tracking of field-replaceable parts?
A. product number
B. serial number
C. RMA number
D. FRU number
Correct Answer: C

Which command displays a list of file systems that are available on Cisco devices?
A. show memory
B. show directory
C. show file system
D. show version
Correct Answer: C

Which type of port is used to connect a laptop to an Ethernet port on a Cisco router?
A. rollover
B. fiber
C. straight-through
D. crossover
Correct Answer: C

Which two features are associated with single-mode fiber-optic cable? (Choose two.)
A. consists of a single strand of glass fiber
B. has higher attenuation that multimode fiber
C. carries a higher bandwidth that multimode fiber
D. costs less than multimode fiber
E. operates over less distance than multimode fiber
Correct Answer: AC

What is the primary method for recovering or upgrading a Cisco network device system image?
A. USB storage
C. the tftpdnld command
D. the xmodem command
Correct Answer: C

Which command shows the status of power supplies and sensor temperatures?
A. show hardware
B. show module
C. show environment
D. show diag
Correct Answer: C

What are two purposes of a USB thumb drive? (Choose two.)
A. to save the system log
B. to copy configuration files to and from a PC
C. to save router hardware information
D. to copy IOS images to and from a PC
E. to increase system memory size
Correct Answer: BD

The pins on an RJ-45 cable plug are numbered from 1 through 8. When the metal pins of the plug are facing toward
you, pin 1 is the leftmost pin. Which two sets of pins are looped on an RJ-45 56K loopback plug? (Choose two.)
A. pins 2 and 7
B. pins 2 and 8
C. pins 2 and 5
D. pins 1 and 7
E. pins 1 and 4
Correct Answer: CE

Which type of physical connector does a Gigabit Ethernet port typically use?
A. RJ-9
B. RJ-45
C. DB-25
D. RJ-11
Correct Answer: B

Which two pairs of LAN Ethernet devices use an RJ-45 straight-through cable? (Choose two.)
A. switch-to-switch
B. switch-to-router
C. switch-to-hub
D. router-to-router
E. switch-to-server
Correct Answer: BE

Which two pieces of information about a neighboring device are displayed when you use the CLI command show cdp
neighbor? (Choose two.)
A. platform
B. uptime
C. device ID
D. Cisco IOS Software version
E. IP address
Correct Answer: AC

An Ethernet interface is up and the line protocol is down. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)
A. There is a speed or duplex mismatch with the remote device.
B. There is a Layer 2 mismatch in the encapsulation type.
C. The Ethernet interface has been manually disabled.
D. Keepalives are not being received by the local device.
E. The Ethernet cable might not be attached properly.
Correct Answer: AB

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