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300-425 exam

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How should the concept of mobility domains and mobility groups be explained to a customer?

A. A mobility group does not constrain the distribution of security context of a client and also does not constrain AP failover between controllers when the WLC is in the same mobility domain.
B. If WLCs are in the same mobility domain, they communicate with each other but, if an anchor WLC is present, it must
be in the same mobility domain for communication to be possible.
C. If WLCs are in the same mobility domain, they communicate with each other. Mobility groups constrain the
distribution of security context of a client and also constrain AP fail-over between controllers.
D. WLCs do not need to be in the same mobility domain to communicate with each other. Mobility groups constrain the distribution of the security context of a client and also constrain AP fail-over between controllers.
Correct Answer: C


A customer has restricted the AP and antenna combinations for a design to be limited to one model integrated antenna AP for carpeted spaces and one more external antenna AP, with high gain antennas for industrial, maintenance, or storage areas. When moving between a carpeted area to an industrial area, the engineer forgets to change survey devices and surveys several APs. Which strategy will reduce the negative impact of the design?

A. Deploy unsurveyed access points to the design.
B. Increase the Tx power on incorrectly surveyed access points.
C. Deploy the specified access points per area type.
D. Resurvey and adjust the design.
Correct Answer: D


An engineer changed the TCP Power Threshold for a wireless deployment from the default value to – 65 dBm. The
engineer conducts a new post-deployment survey to validate the results. What is the expected outcome?

A. decreased channel overlap
B. increased cell size
C. increased received sensitivity
D. decreased client signal strength
Correct Answer: B


A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple buildings with multiple types of construction and user
density. Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)

A. Configure FlexConnect groups for each building.
B. Configure WMM profiles for each building.
C. Configure AP groups for each area type.
D. Configure RF profiles for each area type.
E. Enable DTPC on the network.
Correct Answer: CD


A company has 10 access point licenses available on their backup Cisco WLC, and their primary Cisco WLC is at full
capacity. 5 access points are set to high failover priority and 7 access points are set to critical failover priority. During a
failure, not all critical access points failed over to the backup Cisco WLC.
Which configuration is the cause of this issue?

A. The high-priority access point is oversubscribed.
B. network ap-priority is set to enable.
C. The critical priority access point count is oversubscribed.
D. network ap-priority is set to disable.
Correct Answer: A


What is the attenuation value of a human body on a wireless signal?

A. 3 dB
B. 4 dB
C. 6 dB
D. 12 dB
Correct Answer: B


A customer has noticed that Client Band Select is enabled and no clients are utilizing the 5 GHz band. Which three
parameters must be met to ensure that wireless clients use the 5 GHz band? (Choose three.)

A. Ensure that channel bonding is enabled on the WLAN.
B. Ensure that the co-channel interference has not exceeded -85 dBm.
C. Ensure that the UNII-2 extended channels are enabled on the 802.11a radios.
D. Ensure that the client is receiving RSSI above the minimum band select RSSI threshold.
E. Ensure that the client is dual-band capable.
F. Ensure that the WLAN has 802.11a enabled.
Correct Answer: CDE


Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about Cisco Prime Infrastructure are true? (Choose two.)

A. It presents the recommended number of APs for the selected coverage area based on the selections made.
B. Planning mode requires a special license in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
C. It shows the map editor feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
D. Controllers must be synchronized with Cisco Prime Infrastructure for planning mode to work.
E. It shows the planning mode feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
Correct Answer: DE


A wireless engineer is utilizing the voice readiness tool in Cisco Prime for a customer that wants to deploy Cisco IP
phones. Which dBm range is the network inspected against?

A. -78 to -65 dBm
B. -72 to -67 dBm
C. -85 to -65 dBm
D. -85 to -67 dBm
Correct Answer: D


An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and
voice services. What is the minimum requirement for the design?

A. overlapping -72 dBm coverage from two access points
B. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point
C. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point
D. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points
Correct Answer: B


A wireless engineer is using Ekahau Site Survey to validate that an existing wireless network is operating as expected.
Which type of survey should be used to identify the end-to-end network performance?

A. GPS assisted
B. spectrum analysis
C. passive
D. active ping
Correct Answer: B


During a post-deployment site survey, issues are found with non-Wi-Fi interference. What should the engineer use to
identify the source of the interference?
A. wireless intrusion prevention
B. Cisco Spectrum Expert
C. Wireshark
D. network analysis module
Correct Answer: B


Where must the APs be mounted when used in a high-density wireless network to provide 6 dB to 20 dB of attenuation to a cell?

A. in the aisle
B. under the seat
C. above the stage
D. under the stage
Correct Answer: B


Which UDP port numbers are used for exchange mobility packets in an AireOS wireless deployment?

A. UDP 16666 for the control plane, EoIP (IP protocol 97) for data plane
B. UDP 16668 for control plane, UDP 16667 for data plane
C. UDP 16667 for control plane, UDP 16666 for data plane
D. UDP 16666 for control plane, UDP 16667 for data plane
Correct Answer: D


Which three pieces of equipment are needed to conduct a fully measured wireless survey? (Choose three.)

A. PoE battery
B. spirit level
C. access point
D. tall tripod
E. goggles
F. ladder
Correct Answer: ACD

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