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Cisco 200-201 Threat Hunting and Defending using Cisco Technologies for CyberOps (CBROPS)

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How is NetFlow different than traffic mirroring?
A. NetFlow collects metadata and traffic mirroring clones data
B. Traffic mirroring impacts switch performance and NetFlow does not
C. Traffic mirroring costs less to operate than NetFlow
D. NetFlow generates more data than traffic mirroring
Correct Answer: A

When communicating via TLS, the client initiates the handshake to the server and the server responds back with its
certificate for identification.
Which information is available on the server certificate?
A. server name, trusted subordinate CA, and private key
B. trusted subordinate CA, public key, and cipher suites
C. trusted CA name, cipher suites, and private key
D. server name, trusted CA, and public key
Correct Answer: D

Which regex matches only on all lowercase letters?
A. [a-z]+
B. [^a-z]+
C. a-z+
D. a*z+
Correct Answer: A

Which type of data consists of connection level, application-specific records generated from network traffic?
A. transaction data
B. location data
C. statistical data
D. alert data
Correct Answer: A

Which event artifact is used to identity HTTP GET requests for a specific file?
A. destination IP address
C. HTTP status code
Correct Answer: D

A network engineer discovers that a foreign government hacked one of the defense contractors in their home country
and stole intellectual property. What is the threat agent in this situation?
A. the intellectual property that was stolen
B. the defense contractor who stored the intellectual property
C. the method used to conduct the attack
D. the foreign government that conducted the attack
Correct Answer: D

Which incidence response step includes identifying all hosts affected by an attack?
A. detection and analysis
B. post-incident activity
C. preparation
D. containment, eradication, and recovery
Correct Answer: D

One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems.
What does CIA mean in this context?
A. confidentiality, identity, and authorization
B. confidentiality, integrity, and authorization
C. confidentiality, identity, and availability
D. confidentiality, integrity, and availability
Correct Answer: D

What is a difference between SOAR and SIEM?
A. SOAR platforms are used for threat and vulnerability management, but SIEM applications are not
B. SIEM applications are used for threat and vulnerability management, but SOAR platforms are not
C. SOAR receives information from a single platform and delivers it to a SIEM
D. SIEM receives information from a single platform and delivers it to a SOAR
Correct Answer: A

In a SOC environment, what is a vulnerability management metric?
A. code signing enforcement
B. full assets scan
C. internet exposed devices
D. single factor authentication
Correct Answer: C

At which layer is deep packet inspection investigated on a firewall?
A. internet
B. transport
C. application
D. data link
Correct Answer: C

What are two social engineering techniques? (Choose two.)
A. privilege escalation
B. DDoS attack
C. phishing
D. man-in-the-middle
E. pharming
Correct Answer: CE

What is the virtual address space for a Windows process?
A. physical location of an object in memory
B. set of pages that reside in the physical memory
C. system-level memory protection feature built into the operating system
D. set of virtual memory addresses that can be used
Correct Answer: D


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