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In a PIM-SM environment, which mechanism determines the traffic that a receiver receives?
A. The receiver explicitly requests its desired traffic from the RP on the shared tree.
B. The receiver explicitly requests traffic from a single source, which responds by forwarding all traffic.
C. The RP on the shared tree floods traffic out of all PIM configured interfaces.
D. The receiver explicitly requests traffic from each desired source, which responds by sending all traffic.
Correct Answer: D


300-510 exam questions-q2

Refer to the exhibit. Which attribute can router 1 alter so that only other iBGP peers prefer to use as the
next hop for route
B. local preference
C. origin
D. weight
Correct Answer: A


300-510 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. A network operator is working to filter routes from being advertised that are covered under an
aggregate announcement. The receiving router of the aggregate announcement block is still getting some of the more
specific routes plus the aggregate.
Which configuration change ensures that only the aggregate is announced now and in the future if other networks are to
be added?
A. Configure the summary-only keyword on the aggregate command
B. Set each specific route in the AGGRO policy to drop instead of suppress-route
C. Filter the routes on the receiving router
D. Set each specific route in the AGGRO policy to remove instead of suppress-route
Correct Answer: A


300-510 exam questions-q4

Refer to the exhibit. CE1 and CE2 cannot communicate through the service provider BGP peering is established
between PE1 and PE2. IS-IS is the only routing protocol running in the service provider core.
What step can be done to troubleshoot the issue?
A. Switch the IGPs running in the core from IS-IS to OSPF to support a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel from PE1 to PE2.
B. Configure BGP between CE and PE routers.
C. Confirm that IS-IS is running with metric-style narrow.
D. Verify the MPLS LSPs.
Correct Answer: C


300-510 exam questions-q5

Refer to the exhibit. Why is neighbor stuck in “2WAY” state?
A. Router ID is not reachable from R2
B. OSPF authentication has failed between R2 and
C. It is an expected behavior when OSPF network type is broadcast
D. OSPF parameters (Area ID or hello interval) are mismatched between R2 and
Correct Answer: C


300-510 exam questions-q6

Refer to the exhibit. Router 1 is connected to router 2 on interface TenGigE0/1.
Which interface provides the alternate path to when the link between router 1 and router 2 goes down?
A. TenGigE0/1 interface provides the alternate path
B. A backup path must be statically installed
C. TenGigE0/2 interface provides the alternate path
D. A primary path must be manually installed
Correct Answer: C


300-510 exam questions-q7

Refer to the exhibit. Which task must you perform on interface g1/0/0 to complete the SSM implementation?
A. configure OSPFv3
B. enable CDP
C. disable IGMP
D. configure IGMPv3
Correct Answer: D


300-510 exam questions-q8

Refer to the exhibit. A network operator must inject a Level 1 route from XR2 ( into the ISIS topology.
Which configuration allows the injection in a way that XR3 and XR1 have a valid and working route for

300-510 exam questions-q8-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C


300-510 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. Which router does R1 install as an alternate next hop when trying to reach R3 if LFA is enabled?
A. R5
B. R3
C. R4
D. R2
Correct Answer: D

A network consultant is troubleshooting IS-IS instances to identify why a routing domains is having communication
problems between the two instances. Which description of the possible cause of issues in the routing domain is true?
A. The same interface cannot be advertised in two different IS-IS instances
B. The IS-IS “ISP” and “ISP2” instances are unrelated and unable to intercommunicate
C. The configured IS-IS NSEL value is not allowing the routing systems to establish a neighborship
D. The interface mode ip router is-is command was not included in the script
Correct Answer: A

You have configured routing policies on a Cisco IOS XR device with routing policy language.
Which two statements about the routing policies are true? (Choose two.)
A. The routing policies affect BGP-related routes only.
B. If you make edits to an existing routing policy without pasting the full policy into the CLI, the previous policy is
C. You can change an existing routing policy by editing individual statements.
D. The routing policies are implemented in a sequential manner.
E. The routing policies are implemented using route maps.
Correct Answer: CD


300-510 exam questions-q12

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting an OSPF issue. Router 1 has a neighbor relationship with router 2.
Only router 1 classful EIGRP routes can be seen on router 2. In order for all EIGRP routes to be redistributed correctly,
which action should be taken?
A. Router 1 must have the keyword subnets included in the redistribution command for all EIGRP routes to be
B. Router 1 must remove the AS number 1 from the redistribution command for all EIGRP routes to be redistributed.
C. Router 1 must have the keyword ospf-metric included in the redistribution command for all EIGRP routes to be
D. Router 1 must have the keyword metric-type 1 included in the redistribution command for all EIGRP routes to be
Correct Answer: A

Assume that the R1 router is enabled for PIM-SM and receives a multicast packet sourced from, and the
R1 router has multicast receivers on the Gi0/1, Gi0/2, Gi0/3 and Gi0/4 interfaces.

300-510 exam questions-q13

The multicast packet from the source must arrive on which interface on the R1 router for it to be forwarded
out the other interfaces?
A. Gi0/1
B. Gi0/2
C. Gi0/3
D. Gi0/4
E. Gi0/1 or Gi0/2 or Gi0/3 or Gi0/4
F. Gi0/2 or Gi0/3
G. Gi0/1 or Gi0/4
Correct Answer: A


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