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Cisco 700-751 Cisco SMB Product and Positioning Technical Overview

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What are two main reasons for deploying small-medium Wi-Fi solutions? (Choose two.)
A. Obtain enterprise-class solution features at the SMB price
B. Simplify deployment for organizations with limited IT staff
C. Need to identify potentially malicious rogue devices or users
D. Provide a single pane of glass for routing and switching
E. Separate guest traffic from production traffic at reasonable OpEx.
Correct Answer: AE

Which are the two advantages of having Direct Internet Access? (Choose two.)
A. Limits guest Wi-Fi at the branch
B. Secure WAN transport
C. Protects remote employees
D. Threat mitigation techniques
E. Leverage local internet path
Correct Answer: BE

Which two functions are provided by Scale-out / compute-intensive applications C4200 and C125 M5? (Choose two.)
A. Distributed databases
B. Microprocessor design
C. Cloud computing
D. AI/ML with dense GPUs
E. Low-frequency trading transactions
Correct Answer: AB

What are Meraki\\’s core vision and value proposition?
A. To operate in increasingly mobile, modern networks by delivering preventative protection without compromising
B. To provide a complete cloud-managed IT solution through simplifying powerful technology
C. To lead in the invention and development of the industry\\’s most advanced information technologies
D. To shape the future of the internet by creating opportunities for the investors and ecosystem partners
Correct Answer: A

Which are two advantages of the Umbrella branch package? (Choose two.)
A. No client-side configuration required
B. Umbrella connector easy to install in Cisco ISR 4K routers
C. All policy management and reporting at ISR
D. Prevent already-infected devices from connecting to command and control
E. Prevent guest or corporate users from connecting to malicious domains and IP addresses
Correct Answer: BE

Which three statements describe Cisco Aironet 1815 Series Access Points? (Choose three.)
A. The most cost-efficient offering designed for SMB in the Cisco Wireless AP portfolio (less than $5/AP/month)
B. An ideal solution for large organizations
C. Offers next-generation 3×3 MIMO with Wave 2 802.11ac
D. Easy to deploy and manage with Cisco Mobility Express
E. Increases total cost of ownership while delivering advanced features like 802.11ac Wave 2
F. Ideal for organizations looking to address growth but have budget restrictions
Correct Answer: CDF

Which statement is true regarding cloud, mobile, and big-data disruption of existing business models?
A. 100% of the business networks analyzed by Cisco teams have traffic going to websites that most malware.
B. 84% of enterprises are experiencing endpoint device growth in remote sites.
C. The branch is seeing a 73% growth in mobile devices and a 20 to 50% increase in bandwidth per year.
D. 78% of executives state that achieving digital transformation to meet customer demand in the next two years in
Correct Answer: C

What are two ways that MX security appliances achieve automatic failover and high availability? (Choose two.)
A. Always on (availability groups)
B. Survivable Remote Site Technology (SRST)
C. Warm spare (using VRRP)
D. Redundant gateways (using HSRP)
E. Dual redundant uplink support (multiple ISPs)
Correct Answer: CE

Which statement represents increasing sophistication in the security threat landscape?
A. 25% of users spent their work time off the network
B. 85% of intrusions are not discovered for weeks
C. 28% of top security constraints is product compatibility
D. 50B devices connected by 2020 (66% mobile)
Correct Answer: D

What is the right approach to achieve secure infrastructure against attack requirements of WAN connectivity?
A. Monitoring application performance
B. Operational simplicity for server infrastructure
C. Simple and agile service deployment model
D. Introduce Advanced Threat Defense solution
Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco security solutions provide customers with reliable visibility and control to facility management of their
entire environment? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco offers controls for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with more than 100 predefined policies covering government,
private sector regulations, and custom specific regulations
B. Cisco allows customers to pick the solutions that are right for their business to address threats specific to their
C. Cisco provides enhanced threat awareness by compiling billions of worldwide daily transactions through cloud-based
threat intelligence
D. Cisco Talos is the industry-leading threat intelligence organization
E. Cisco Security Manager and Firepower Management Center provide centralized management options for NGFW,
Correct Answer: CE

Which two are Cisco recommended controller options for the deployment of up to 150 AP\\’s? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco 8540 WLC
B. Cisco 3504 WLC
C. Cisco 5508 WLC
D. Cisco 5520 WLC
E. Cisco mobility Express
Correct Answer: BE

Which two features of the Cisco catalyst 1100 ISR router deliver high performance and high-quality experience?
(Choose two.)
A. Mobility express to simplify wireless deployment and operation
B. Application hosting
C. 802.11ac Wi-Fi support
D. WAN and application optimization with WAAS
E. Unified communications with series build apps for Cisco TDM
Correct Answer: AC

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