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Cisco 700-760 Cisco Security Architecture for Account Managers

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Which two attack vectors are protected by Email Security? (Choose two.)
A. Voicemail
B. Mobile
C. Email
D. Web
E. Cloud
Correct Answer: AC

Which two types of recurring revenue sales does Cisco offer? (Choose two.)
A. Platform subscription sale
B. License sale
C. Portfolio
D. Subscription sale
E. Training
Correct Answer: BD

What are two ways that Cisco helps customers balance protection and accessibility? (Choose two )
A. Leverage integrated tools and dynamic context to enforce policies
B. Reinforce device infrastructure with an extensive security portfolio
C. Provide vital training to ensure a skilled workforce.
D. Analyze user and device vulnerability.
E. Manage risk more effectively across the environment.
Correct Answer: AC

What are two key Cisco loT use cases? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile Utilities
B. Financial Institutions
C. Parks and Recreation
D. Industrial Security
E. Connected Health
Correct Answer: BE

Which two security risks are created by legacy approaches to networking? (Choose two.)
A. network downtime
B. user vulnerability
C. access points
D. slow containment
E. large attack surface
Correct Answer: BC

Which two attack vectors are protected by Web Security? (Choose two.)
A. Email
B. Voicemail
C. Cloud
D. Web
E. Data Center
Correct Answer: DE

Which two security areas are part of Cisco\\’s web solutions? (Choose two.)
A. URL Filtering
B. Web Security
C. Email Security
D. Identity and Access Control
E. Malware Protection
Correct Answer: DE

Which two products are involved in discovering, classifying, and verifying profiles? (Choose two.)
A. Advanced Malware Protection
B. Identity Services Engine
C. Industrial Network Director
D. Cisco Security Connector
E. Duo
Correct Answer: AD

Which option is a challenge that is often faced by small businesses when considering security solutions?
A. Enterprise-level firewalls
B. Limited budget
C. Large numbers of overseas employees
D. Solutions that lack email security
Correct Answer: B

Which three products are used to secure the cloud? (Choose three.)
A. Umbrella
B. Tetration
E. Meraki
F. Cloudlock
Correct Answer: ABF

What are two steps organizations must take to secure loT? (Choose two.)
A. update equipment
B. block contractors
C. remediate malfunctions
D. prevent blackouts
E. acquire subscription solutions
Correct Answer: CE

What are two ways Cisco addresses customers\\’ growing business needs? (Choose two.)
A. Multi/hybrid cloud platforms
B. Highly-scalable DC platforms
C. Bulletproof NGFW appliances
D. Consolidated tracking and reporting
E. Multiple solution deployment choices
Correct Answer: AB

What is an attribute of Cisco Talos?
A. Detection of threats communicated within 48 hours of occurrence
B. Blocks threats in real time
C. Real-time threat information
D. D. 3rd party applications integrated through comprehensive APIs
Correct Answer: C

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